Summary of June 2016

Welcome to Summary of June 2016, my first ever Summary post!

I’ve decided to start this series as an overview of my travel blog, my life in travel & my life in general. The purpose is mainly for my own record and reflection. As we know, life passes so quickly, thus a summary will help us to remember encounters and happenings in our daily life.

For the first series, I will introduce 4 categories. Scroll down and enjoy the ride.

Where I’ve Been in June 2016:

I had a short trip, and a long trip. The short trip was a weekend getaway to visit my friend in Kulai, Malaysia. The long trip was a week getaway to Bali, which is my 3rd visit to Bali but I’m still excited for because the trip is sort of reunion with my university friends. I’m looking forward to share my Bali stories in this blog.

Grilled corn, jagung bakar, at Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia
Grilled corn, or Jagung Bakar as locals call it. An absolutely must try in Indonesia.

Where I’m Going to in July 2016:

No plan yet at the moment. May or may not go anywhere next month. Perhaps I will stay put in Singapore for the whole month.

My Posts in June 2016:

My Life in June 2016:

I finally took the plunge to leave my full-time job. June 1st was my independence day. My main motivation is to take a break and enjoy a slowly paced life, before I enter the next stage of life in 2017, which I will share more in the future. This month when I’m not traveling or socialising, I’m basically focusing on this blog: writing stories, planning for my social media, learning about writing, tweaking my site design, exploring wordpress, reading stories from other sites.

Another highlight is that, in the final week of June, I campaigned in my personal FB and IG page to get my friends to like my photos so that I can win a free entry to Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore  2016 (SCMS). If I do get a ticket, this will be my 5th time running a marathon. I’m so excited! Running has been one of the thing that I keep going back to, year after year.

That’s my first Monthly Summary, guys! Wish you an exciting month ahead.

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