Summary of July 2016

Hi there! Welcome again to my monthly summary post. Gosh, time passes so quickly. I really feel that July is exceptionally fast. There are quite many things happening in my life in July, even though I stay put in Singapore for the whole month. I’ll get into those shortly. I hope your July has been fulfilling. We are 1 month into the second half of the year now. If you have anything you’ve wished to do, please do it soon! At least plan for it! Planning starts with baby steps, you do not need to jump in head first if you can’t afford yet. I just hope that we make best use of our time 🙂

Where I’ve Been in July 2016:

Yup, I’ve said it. I didn’t travel overseas, just staying in Singapore for the whole month.

Where I’m Going to in August 2016:

Well, I don’t have plan yet. We’ll see how August treat me.

My Posts in July 2016:

July 2: Guides on How To Maximise Your Visit to Universal Studios Singapore
July 4: List of Attractions in Universal Studios Singapore and My Recommendations
July 6: 6 Days Hong Kong Trip Overview (10-15 May 2016) – Itinerary & Cost
July 8: 7 Essential Guides to Arriving in Hong Kong International Airport
July 10: Hong Kong: Airport to Hotel, Check in Best Western Harbour View Hotel, Dinner McDonald’s
July 12: Hong Kong: Lantau Island The Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Wisdom Path; Tai O, Symphony of Lights
July 14: Hong Kong: Lamma Island, Flower Market, Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, Ladies’ Market, Temple Street Night Market
July 16: Hong Kong: The Peak by Bus, Peak Circle Walk, Bubba Gump, Dorsett Tsuen Wan
July 18: Hong Kong: Kadoorie Farm, McDonald’s Next, Food Hunting, Garden of Stars
July 20: Hong Kong: Garden of Stars Instead of Avenue of Stars, Australia Dairy Co, Departure from Hong Kong International Airport
July 22: 5 Easily Accessible Michelin Street Foods To Try in Hong Kong
July 24: Geek’s Alert – Civil Engineering Practices in Hong Kong
July 26: 7 Days Bali Trip Overview (15-21 June 2016) – Itinerary & Cost
July 28: My Frustration Finding Taxi in Bali Ngurah Rai Airport, And How You Can Avoid It
July 30: Exploring St Regis in Bali: Gourmand Deli and Remede Spa

Wow, that’s a lot of posts!

My Life in July 2016:

There has been some new things happening in my life in July. First, I won a free entry to Singapore Marathon, so I’ve been putting in some training lately! Perhaps that’s why my days pass so fast, because everyday I’m basically just doing this: Eat, Blog, Run, Sleep, Repeat. I really enjoy this routine. But in 3rd week of July, I just had a wake up call. I need to do real work and earn money. I’ve then started applying to online jobs and real jobs. Eventually I decided that real job is more sustainable to make ends meet, so yeah I’m returning to work force, but only as a part-timer. I prefer flexibility even with lower pay, rather than high-pay-but-boring-and-rigid-and-soul-sucking jobs. Because I want to do things that matter to me. This blog, is one of the things that matter a lot to me.

So my new routine is: Eat, Blog, Work, Run, Sleep, Repeat. It’s kind of hard to juggle these things now, it’s so easy to come up with excuses not to run or blog due to fatigue from work. But I will do my best, because they all matter to me. I’ve been following before5am for my daily dose of inspiration & push, it’s been great.

Here’s to a month of working hard and playing hard!

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