Camping in Huai Nam Dang Chiang Mai

My original plan for Chiang Mai was straight up: temples and old town. However I was so blessed to have met my friend and to have them accompanied me in Chiang Mai because I get to visit places I never thought I would have visited otherwise. Read More

Chiang Mai For The First Time

I’ve known about Chiang Mai from a tv series that I watched when I was in high school. So I decided I have to visit this city this time.

The passenger next to me told me that the bus will stop at 2 places: Arcade bus station and bus office. It reached Arcade at 6am. I saw a taxi counter at the terminal, so I decided to drop at terminal and took taxi because I don’t have Chiangmai maps and I don’t know how public transport works in Chiang Mai. The taxi ride was about 150 baht for less than 10 minutes! Read More

Shopping in Chatuchak and Going to Chiang Mai

What’s the best thing to do in Bangkok on weekend? Shopping.

Chatuchak market is only open on weekend and it’s very popular for tourist. I decided to pay a visit. I checked out around 11am, stored my luggage with the bellboy and took MRT to Chatuchak. Chatuchak park was very beautiful on a sunny day. I wanted to make it my phone’s background picture. I had lunch at the exit gate of the park. One thing I learn from the lunch: Thai fried rice is awful, and Thai friend chicken is incredible. The market is a few metres from the park. It was a huge market, with people selling so many things. From clothes, accessories, food, beers, drinks, antiques, live pets, fresh vegetable and meats, etc. Read More

The Day The World Predicted to End – Bangkok Chinatown and Sukhumvit

The world was predicted to end on this day. If it did, I would be proud to blow my last breath on the land of Buddha. But thankfully, it didn’t!

I started my day late. After showering, I did my research on where I should have my lunch and what I should do on that day. About 11am, I took MRT from Petchaburi to Sukhumvit. Based on recommendation by Lonely Planet travel book that I brought with me, I decided to look for Bharani restaurant at Sukhumvit soi 23 for authentic Thai food. It took me more than an hour to find the place!! It was no more than 500m from MRT. Along the way, I stopped by 7-11 to buy Thai simcard. Also I saw a travel agent, so I went in to ask about bus to Chiang Mai. They quoted me 1000 baht (including pick up from hotel). I knew that buses cost 600-800 baht from bus terminal, and I knew that transport from hotel to terminal might be 100-200 baht, so I decided to buy the bus ticket after ensuring that it’s VIP with aircond. The bus journey will be overnight journey on 22 Dec.

After finding Bharani restaurant (Address: 96/14 Soi Sukhumvit 23, Sukhumvit Rd), I ordered dishes that I’m most familiar with. I had 1 Thai iced tea, 1 Thai iced tea with milk, 1 minced pork with basil leave, 1 red creamy tomyum soup, 1 jasmine rice. That’s a huge lunch for a lady huh. Anyway I had been so hungry and haven’t eaten any real meal since I arrived at Bangkok. And the food tasted so great. It costs me 310 baht (about 12sgd, good value for money).

Food for one hungry lady

After lunch, I took MRT to Hua Lamphong. I intended to walk to Chinatown. I managed to find Wat Traimit on the way. After that I got lost and couldn’t find other wat in Chinatown. The maps from lonely planet and the maps given by airport officer wasn’t very helpful. And the signage on the roads are not helpful either. At 3.30pm, I decided to give up. I walked back to MRT and went to Hua Lamphong station to check out the place. I asked the ticket counter about availability of train ticket (sleeper class) from Chiangmai to Bangkok and they told me it’s still available and it cost about 800 baht. So I booked an upper berth second class sleeper for 25 Dec.

Wat Traimit
Wat Traimit
School beside Wat Traimit
Street Snacks at Chinatown
Streets at Chinatown
Temple at Chinatown
Streets at Chinatown
Temple at Chinatown
Streets at Chinatown

I took MRT back to hotel. I rested for a while before going out to meet my friend. After having enough rest, I took MRT to Sukhumvit again. Spent some time at Terminal 21 mall. Eventually met my friend at the mall and together we took BTS to Ekkamai station, then walked a few distance to a family-operated japanese buffet restaurant called Kuroda. The restaurant was very crowded. We had nice salmon and tuna. After sushi, we went to Swensen’s and had ice cream. It was great to hear stories about Thai country and its people. After the meal, on the way to Airport Link, they told me they’d accompany me during my stay in Chiang Mai. I was very surprised and happy. But we would make our own ways to Chiang Mai. I’ll take overnight bus on 22nd while they drive on 23rd. It was a great day.

Bangkok Chinatown

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Date visited: 21 Dec 2012

First Time in Bangkok – From Don Muang Airport to City

Bangkok is only 2 hour flights away from Singapore but I’ve never been to the city until now. I didn’t plan to visit it either. Until my sisters told me that both of them, together with my uncle’s family, want to go there on a tour at the end of year 2012, I thought “Why not? It’s not like I have better plan for new year anyway” And since I wasn’t employed full time at that moment, I decided to go to Bangkok 1 week earlier than the scheduled tour.
Fast forward, I traveled to Bangkok alone. My master plan was something like: 2 days in Bangkok, 3 days in Chiang Mai, 2 days again in Bangkok, then followed by 6 days Bangkok&Pattaya tour. And since I had a cyber friend whom I’ve been emailing with more than 10 years ago, and whom I’ve never met before because she’s never traveled to Indo or Singapore and I’ve never visited Bangkok, we planned to meet each other in Bangkok.
View from my window
Sea of clouds

I flew from Singapore (Changi Airport) to Bangkok (Don Muang Airport) with Air Asia on 5pm flight. Upon reaching airport and clearing immigration, I went to information counter and asked for information. I couldn’t decide whether to take cab or bus to the city, both will take 30-45mins. When I saw the long queue of taxi, I decided to take bus instead. The bus stop was right outside the terminal (no need to cross the bridge). Some roads in Bangkok are not well lit and it scares me a lot. Bus 29 and 510 both goes to Mo Chit BTS station. I took bus 29. After properly seated, the bus officer came to me to collect 18 baht. After paying, I asked her where I must stop if I wanted to take train, but she didn’t understand english. At that point, I was panic and frustrated. All passengers were staring at me like I’m alien. I decided to shut up and acted like I know where I’m going while inside I’m scared to death. Then a blonde guy boarded the bus and sat beside me (across the aisle). I asked him where I need to stop and he told me he’ll point to me and that the station is easy to spot. Suddenly it feels like a good day and I could put on a smile. He told me it’s been raining frequently recently and he related it to the possibility of world going to end on the next day, 21st Dec 2012.

Eventually I dropped off at Mo Chit station, took the train to Phaya Thai and change to Airport Link to Makkasan station. The station was so huge and I was lost. There was not many people to ask direction to, only a female guard at ground floor. She pointed the direction to my hotel, FX Makkasan. I walked in the dark, on quiet roads with only few people (but with busy traffic). Eventually I reached the hotel at 9 plus. After checking in and resting, the clock showed 10pm and I lost my energy and adventurous spirit. I decided to buy cup noodles and snacks from 7-11 nearby and called it a day. It was indeed an adventurous day for me.

Standard Room in FX Hotel Makkasan (Now: Hotel Link Makkasan)
Double bed

Date visited: 20 Dec 2012

Hello world!

Hello World!

Welcome to my site. This is officially my first post. I’ve been writing my own travel diary in blogspot, but decided it’s time to get serious blogging about my travels. Hence, here’s my official travel blog site.

I’ll start off by doing a quick intro. I’m Eva, currently living and working full time in Singapore. Hence most of my travels would be revolving around Asia, especially Southeast Asia. I’m not a nomadic traveler, most of my trips span about 1 week. I will be sharing my trips in the coming days! Stay tuned!