Exploring Samosir Island

Day 2 of our trip is dedicated to spending time on Samosir island. After breakfast, we went to Tomok village with our bus. The roads in Samosir island are narrow with electricity cables hanging low at certain locations. Our bus was like a Godzilla in a small city at times. Our driver drove extra carefully in order not to damage electricity cables, hit any properties or roaming animals. It was about 2-3 km drive from our hotel in Tuk Tuk to Tomok. Continue reading “Exploring Samosir Island”

From Medan to Samosir Island (Lake Toba) via Siantar and Parapat

The first leg of our Lake Toba & Berastagi journey started with a bus ride from Medan to Parapat. Parapat is a town from which travellers catch a ferry to go to Samosir island. The bus arrived at our hotel in Medan on time, at 8.30 am. Soon, we made our way to Parapat via Siantar. The duration from Medan to Parapat for a non-stop trip is approximately 4 hours. However, most people, including us, would stop at Siantar for souvenir shopping and lunch, thus extending the journey by 1-2 hours.

Our first stop in Siantar was Paten, it was a shop selling homemade local snacks. We got to try the samples before buying. Most of the snack cost IDR 25,000 per pack. Continue reading “From Medan to Samosir Island (Lake Toba) via Siantar and Parapat”

4D3N Itinerary Lake Toba & Berastagi (North Sumatera, Indonesia) Trip with My Extended Family

Now that my holiday blues have worn off, I’m ready to write about my trip to Lake Toba and Berastagi! After 6 months of sitting still, I finally got the chance to fly out of this tiny red dot of Singapore. This time, I went home for my wedding dinner reception! Since I am from Indonesia and my hubby is from Malaysia, we are having 2 wedding parties at each other’s hometowns. Indonesia’s wedding was in January, and Malaysia’s one is coming up soon in February.

Since my hubby’s family members are coming over all the way from Malaysia to attend the wedding, and my relatives are coming over from other Indonesia cities, we decided to organise a trip to Lake Toba and Berastagi after the wedding, to introduce the beauty of North Sumatera. Continue reading “4D3N Itinerary Lake Toba & Berastagi (North Sumatera, Indonesia) Trip with My Extended Family”

Post-Holiday Blues

Have you ever experienced coming back from a vacation feeling depressed? I have. Since 2005. And it’s still happening in 2017.

I have just returned from my hometown three days ago. My energy has been very low since my return to Singapore. I didn’t have much appetite nor enthusiasm. My mind kept on playing flashbacks of events that occurred during my time in my hometown. I felt tired most of the time. And I felt lonely in my rented apartment room when I was unpacking, doing housekeeping and clearing my emails. Continue reading “Post-Holiday Blues”

How I Lost 7 Kg in 4 Months with Slow Carb Diet, and 6 More Kg Without Diet

Travel makes you either gain weight or lose weight rapidly. I have experienced both cases. In 2008 I went to Mexico for my university’s summer exchange program for a month, I ate food at regular times every day at school, I ate so much fast food, and I stuffed myself with tequilas and coronas. But I lost weight at the end of the trip. Part of me wanted to believe that the stress of living abroad and eating food that was not Asian’s staple have caused me to lose weight.

In 2011, I went to India for, a very challenging country, for a month. I fell sick due to food poisoning. As a result, I had limited choices of food that I can consume safely. In the end, I came home slimmer than I was before the trip.

Other than those 2 extreme cases above, my other trips have seen me bringing home extra kilogrammes in the form of body fat, after the trip. Continue reading “How I Lost 7 Kg in 4 Months with Slow Carb Diet, and 6 More Kg Without Diet”

Mangrove and Wildlife at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve – Migratory Bird Trail @ Kranji Countryside, Singapore

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is known for its rich biodiversity. The park itself is quite huge, with a total size of 202 hectares. It is too huge for us to explore in a day, so we are going to split it into a few visits. For our first visit, we explored the Migratory Bird Trail. Between September and March is the migratory season for the birds. The mudflats at Sungei Buloh serve as a place for waders to feed and roost. We spotted birds on the mudflats, along with other animals throughout the trail. The length of the trail is 1.95 km, it took us 1.5 hours to complete the loop while walking slowly and stopping occasionally to snap photos. You can find park information and the walking routes at here. Continue reading “Mangrove and Wildlife at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve – Migratory Bird Trail @ Kranji Countryside, Singapore”

Watch Goats Milking, Drink Goat Milk, Feed and Pet the Goats at Hay Dairies Goat Farm @ Kranji Countryside, Singapore

I was born and raised in a city. I ended up moving to an even bigger city in my late teens. So, anything related to farm excites me! I first visited Hay Dairies in my university time, around 10 years ago. I don’t remember much about it. I decided, now is the time to revisit this goat farm. This time, I’m going with my boyfriend, and it’s his first time visiting Hay Dairies.

What can you expect to do in Hay Dairies? Well, basically I’ve listed them all in the title above! Now, let’s dive into the details, shall we? Continue reading “Watch Goats Milking, Drink Goat Milk, Feed and Pet the Goats at Hay Dairies Goat Farm @ Kranji Countryside, Singapore”

My Love For Reading

I still remember vaguely how my love affair with reading started. I was in Primary School. My family (my parents, my younger sister and I) went out for a dinner at a roadside night market. As we waited for our food to come, a magazine seller came to our table holding a stack of magazines and comics. He shoved a few children magazines to our faces. My parents ask us whether we were interested in any. I told them, I think I want the Donald Duck magazine. My parents paid for it. The seller handed me the magazine. I felt joyful. That was the first magazine I’ve ever read. That was a critical moment in my life. If that seller didn’t come to our table that night, I am not sure if I would develop a love for reading growing up. Continue reading “My Love For Reading”

Singapore Skyline’s View From ION Sky Orchard

So, I am currently in a skyline craze. I found another place to see Singapore Skyline! This time, it’s from the 55th floor of ION (a shopping mall located at Orchard Road). The observation deck is called ION Sky. Admission is free, but they are open only from 3pm – 6pm, so don’t go there too early. Before you go, you should check here to see if ION Sky is open for public or closed for private events. I can’t wait to show you some photos! Continue reading “Singapore Skyline’s View From ION Sky Orchard”