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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Travel Guide

I first visited Hong Kong in 2010 with my family and my aunt’s family. That time, I didn’t get to explore much of HK because family trips are usually chaotic, especially since there were 10 of us! 

I went back in 2011 with my friend to truly explore HK. We filled our days with long lists of things to do. After that trip, I thought I had seen enough of HK and wasn’t eager to go back. I didn’t find the country special.

But, then, I figured I should give HK another chance. In 2016, I have become familiar with HK cuisine as well as HK’s new food trend. So, I went back with my sister to slowly explore HK and visit off-the-beaten-path places of interests. Most posts on my blog are based on this 2016 visit with my sister. 

Here are all the articles I have ever written about travel in Hong Kong.