4-Year Blog Anniversary

Trevallog - Four Years of Blogging

“Be not afraid of going slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.” It felt like just a couple of months ago that I wrote my third blog anniversary post, and now it’s August again! Time really flies. A lot of things have happened to my blog and my personal life during the past year. Some are good things and some are not. Since this post is about the blog anniversary, I’ll write about the blogging part. If my 3-Year Blog Anniversary was about feeling amazed that my blog could actually help people,… Read More

3 Year Blog Anniversary

Trevallog three years blog anniversary

“You are now the proud owner of trevallog­.com!” said WordPress to me when I decided to push the button. I’ve kind of lost count how many years I’ve been blogging. But I always remember that I started this blog in the summer, many years ago. Then, I decided to look through my old posts and realized that I’ve been blogging for THREE years! Oh, my. Those years surely passed by so quickly! Today marks three years trevallog.com is around on the Internet. I’ve never written about the blog’s first and second anniversary because… Read More