As a traveler at heart who loves to explore the world the way she wants to and document her travels in words, photos and videos, I have a list of tools that I’ve been using for years for my travel in Southeast Asia and beyond. I figured if these tools benefit me, they will benefit other people too.

Without further ado, here is the list of my favorite tools for trip planning, especially for travel in Southeast Asia.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you make any purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend tools that I trust and love. 



Agoda is my go-to website for accommodation in Southeast Asia. It has so many properties and their prices are often the cheapest compared to other sites.

Another thing I love about Agoda is that it’s possible to book for a stay starting on previous day. But why did I book for yesterday’s stay? Sometimes I got stuck in Johor Bahru and it’s past midnight and it’s too late to go back to Singapore and I really need to sleep. #truestory

I want to be honest, I use Booking when it’s cheaper than Agoda. I always compare prices between Booking & Agoda and I’ll go for the cheapest or the best value.

2 things I love about Booking: many properties allow free cancellation before certain dates (this is so useful when I found a good property but I had a serious FOMO about finding better properties later), and Booking shows final price after tax (unlike Agoda) so I don’t need to keep clicking to see the final price.


I use Airbnb when I travel to expensive countries like Australia where hotels & restaurants are really expensive. By staying in Airbnb, I get to cook my own meals. So, Airbnb allows me to money on lodging & means. Double wins!

I also use Airbnb when I’m looking for unconventional lodging, such as a room by the rice field in Bali.

If you’re new to Airbnb and would love to try it, click here to get free SGD 45 (or equivalent in your currency) for your booking.

Attraction Tickets, Tours, Transfers


I always complain about how expensive attractions in Singapore are, until I found Klook. Now, there’s really no reason to pay full price on the spot (unless you’re last-minute type of guy and online tix are sold-out).

Beside attractions, Klook also sells airport transfers, day tours, cooking classes and even sim card. How convenient.

Please remember, some bookings must be done at least a day before, so plan early!


Before booking certain attraction tickets, tours or transfers, I always compare prices between Klook and Voyagin.

Voyagin has lesser products, but sometimes it is cheaper and has things that Klook doesn’t have.

Moreover, Voyagin offers 5% discount for Singapore activities for Trevallog’s readers. Just use the code: trevallogsg

So, my advice is: compare prices and go for the cheapest or the best value 🙂

Land Transportation

Bus Online Ticket

I use Bus Online Ticket only for bus tickets from Singapore to Malaysia or within Malaysia. I don’t use this for trains.

Bus Online Ticket is similar to EasyBook but they’re not identical. Sometimes Bus Online Ticket may have cheaper price, or better bus operator for certain routes. So, it’s worth comparing.


I use EasyBook to book bus tickets from Singapore to Malaysia, as well as bus within Malaysia. Their bus operator partners are quite comprehensive, however I always compare it with Bus Online Ticket before booking.

EasyBook also sell train tickets (called Shuttle Tebrau) from Singapore to Johor Bahru, and it’s easier to book this train from EasyBook because the train operator (KTM) website is not that user-friendly.