We’re Getting Married!

We’re Getting Married!

It has been quiet around here lately. Well, it’s because we’re getting married!

The past few months has been busy for us. Remember how I prefer to DIY my travel and avoid group tour packages? We’re using the same principle to plan our wedding. We decided to DIY everything and not signing up for any bridal packages. Our only reason: to cut cost. We have been comparing studio prices and felt uncomfortable paying above S$ 1000 for wedding packages. We are too thrifty, aren’t we? Actually, we just don’t have high stacks of dollars laying around.

Once my wedding is over, I’m going to write some pieces about wedding. If you are a thrifty bride-to-be, stay tuned for tips on saving wedding cost and planning your own wedding without getting bridal packages. In the meantime, happy new year!

Trevallog getting married

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