List of Attractions in Universal Studios Singapore and My Recommendations

There so many rides, shows, and street performance in Universal Studios Singapore. And there are so little time to explore the park.

If you want to know how to maximize your visit to USS, read my guides here.

One of my tips is to decide what attractions to visit prior to arriving at the park. By doing advance research, you can decide which one to prioritise and which one to let go.

Here is the full list of attractions in Universal Studios Singapore (USS). I indicate my favorites as well.


1. New York: Lights, Camera, Action! (Recommended) – a production showing special effects of hurricane, you may get wet if you stand at first row in the middle!

Lights Camera Action at Universal Studios Singapore

Lights Camera Action

2. New York: Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase [For kids] – basically you sit in a carrier and go through a tunnel.

Spaghetti Space Chase at Universal Studios Singapore

Spaghetti Space Chase

3. Sci Fi: TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle – 3D rides as if you are in a Transformer robot, it may cause dizziness and severe motion sickness.

Transformer at Universal Studios Singapore


4. Sci Fi: Accelerator – spinning ride.

5. Sci Fi: Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON (Recommended) – Human is the red roller coaster, while Cylon is the blue one. Both are high speed and equally popular, so do try both. Loose items are not allowed on the rides.

Battlestar Galactica Cylon at Universal Studios Singapore


Battlestar Galactica HUMAN at Universal Studios Singapore


Battlestar Galactica HUMAN & CYLON at Universal Studios Singapore


6. Ancient Egypt: Revenge of the Mummy (Recommended) – indoor high speed roller coaster in total darkness.

Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Singapore

Revenge of the Mummy

7. Ancient Egypt: Treasure Hunters [For Kids] – sit in a car and drive around a pool/lake.

Treasure Hunter at Universal Studios Singapore

Treasure Hunter

8. The Lost World: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (Recommended) – river rafting with high current and a slide. You will get wet from this ride, you can choose to bring your belongings on boat or keep them in lockers, but the lockers at Rapids Adventure are not free so if you want to save money, keep your stuff at Mummy’s lockers.

Rapids Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore

Rapids Adventure (photo by: RWSblog)

9. The Lost World: Canopy Flyer (Recommended) – medium to high speed overhanging flying vehicle.

10. The Lost World: Dino-Soarin’ [For Kids] – usual go round flying vehicle.

11. The Lost World: Amber Rock Climb – wall climbing with USS staff being the belayer.

Amber Rock Climbing at Universal Studios Singapore

Amber Rock Climbing

12. Far Far Away: Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey – sit in a crate, which travels up and down at medium to high speed.

Puss in the Boots at Universal Studios Singapore

Puss in the Boots

13. Far Far Away: Shrek 4-D Adventure (Recommended) – 4D show of Shrek’s adventure.

14. Far Far Away: Magic Potion Spin [For Kids] – children’s ferris wheel.

15. Far Far Away: Enchanted Airways (Recommended) – high speed roller coaster but smaller compared to Human & Cylon.

Enchanted Airways at Universal Studios Singapore

Enchanted Airways

16. Madagascar: King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round [For Kids] – a carousel.

17. Madagascar: A Crate Adventure – sit in a boat and go through tunnel.


1. Hollywood: Sesame Street Show (Recommended) – a musical show by Sesame Street characters.

Sesame Street Show at Universal Studios Singapore

Sesame Street Show

Sesame Street Show (When I Grow Up) at Universal Studios Singapore

Sesame Street Show (When I Grow Up)

2. The Lost World: WaterWorld – a play based on blockbuster film, “Waterworld”.

3. Far Far Away: Donkey Live (Recommended) – a comedy show of Donkey’s live performance, it is an interactive show where Donkey respond to the actual conversation with MC and visitor.

Street Performance:

1. Hollywood: Mel’s Dinettes – singing & dancing performance by waitresses of Mel’s Diners.

2. Hollywood: The Cruisers – singing & dancing performance by boyband at the stage near Mel’s Diner

The Cruisers at Universal Studios Singapore

The Cruisers

3. New York: The Rockafellas – breakdance performance at the corner near New York Library.

Rockafellas at Universal Studios Singapore


4. New York: Sesame Street Stage Shows – singing & dancing performance by Sesame Street characters near Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor.

5. Far Far Away: The Dance For The Magic Beans – dancing performance by Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws.

6. Madagascar: Madagascar Boogie! – dancing performance by Madagascar’s characters.

Special Events:

1. Hollywood Dream Parade

Madagascar -Hollywood Dream Parade at Universal Studios Singapore


Shrek - Hollywood Dream Parade at Universal Studios Singapore


Mummy - Hollywood Dream Parade at Universal Studios Singapore


2. Lake Hollywood Spectacular

Lake Hollywood Spectacular at Universal Studios Singapore

Lake Hollywood Spectacular (photo by: RWSblog)

3. And many other special events that varies over the year, you need to check USS website for latest information.

Buying the ticket

The official price of USS ticket is SGD 79. However, you can get cheaper tickets if you buy online. A one-day ticket is available at the discounted price of SGD 75 (additional 5% if you use my code “trevallogsg“). The admission ticket doesn’t need to be printed, you can use the electronic ticket for entry.

Attractions, rides, shows in Universal Studios Singapore

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  1. Is there any free rides available in the entry ticket. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Eva, nice article – great information.
    I’ll be visiting next month. Can you please advise updated prices (if they’ve changed) and if your code still applies.


    • Hi Phil, there’s no change of prices. Yes, the code still applies 🙂

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