Ita Thao Village, Sun Moon Lake-Taichung-Taipei, Ximending, Rao He Night Market

On the 5th day, we had a hearty breakfast. Our guest house owner bought us glutinous rice with soya milk. It was great and filled our tummy to the fullest. We then packed our stuffs and the owner’s friend drove us with our luggage to Shuishe. We stored our luggage for free at the information center. After that, we walked to the pier and boarded the ferry to Ita Thao. The ferry stopped at Xuanguang first, but we didn’t have time to explore this station.

From Ita Thao Pier, we walked to ropeway station. We followed the signage but got lost somehow. We found the station in the end and took the ropeway to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (some refers it to Ita Thao Village). After we arrived at the village, we took skyline to the Amusement Isle. Continue reading “Ita Thao Village, Sun Moon Lake-Taichung-Taipei, Ximending, Rao He Night Market”


Cingjing-Puli-Sun Moon Lake, Cycling around Sun Moon Lake

Our day 4 was spent half in Cingjing and half in Sun Moon Lake. Our hotel didn’t provide complimentary breakfast, hence we had chips, banana, and coffee that we brought and ate it in our hotel room. We then showered, packed our luggage and checked out, but we stored our luggage with the hotel. We waited for bus at the bus stop near our hotel, on the main road. Around 10.30am, Nantou bus from Puli passed by, we flagged, got on the bus, told the bus driver that we wanted to go to Little France, and paid the fare (which is cheaper compared to calling the pickup-service), but of course we had to stand because the bus was full. Then we ate our early lunch at a restaurant there. It was surprisingly not so expensive. Continue reading “Cingjing-Puli-Sun Moon Lake, Cycling around Sun Moon Lake”