Varanasi: Banaras University, Shree Vishwanath Temple, Durga Mandir, Bharat Mata Mandir, Walking Along Ghats and Ganges River, Boat Tour

Varanasi was a chaotic leg of our trip, full of unexpected incidents and difficult people. Firstly, our train from Agra to Varanasi arrived 7 hours late at Varanasi. The original arrival time was 10am, but it arrived at 5pm. There goes 1 day of our total 2 days in Varanasi. Secondly, we didn’t choose prepaid rickshaw (cost Rs 75 in 2011), but choose independent rickshaw instead to save Rs 5, he offered us Rs 70. We told him we wanted to find accommodation in Assi Ghat, and he brought us to MKP Guesthouse (we… Read More