Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers and Tourists

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers

Who can live and travel without data SIM card? I CAN’T. SIM card is my second priority when I arrive in a new country, after local currency. Having a local SIM card with data gives me confidence and assurance that I can survive in a new country even if I don’t speak the language. So, I always include tips about buying local SIM card in all of my airport guides.

When my family and friends visit me in Singapore, they’re always asking me to help them buy SIM cards. Choosing the best SIM card in Singapore is both easy and hard! Easy because there are only 3 major phone operators in Singapore, namely Singtel, M1 and StarHub. It’s hard because every operator offers so many different SIM cards with different features and validity, it’s so hard to choose what’s the most suitable card for you.

I’ve been there, I’ve had my share of headache when choosing a SIM card. In this post, I’ll do comparison and breakdown of each SIM card, then provide you with my recommendations! Let’s dive in!

1. Singtel

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers and Tourists-Singtel

Singtel shop

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers - Singtel

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers - Singtel

I would say that some great features of Singtel are: free Singtel WiFi at shopping malls and certain public places, generous data roam for $30 and $50 Tourist SIM (useful if you travel to Malaysia for a day or two), and the ability to share the SIM card over 2 devices with $50 Tourist SIM (they give 2 SIM cards). Also, it’s possible to extend hi!Tourist SIM Cards just by topping up with $3/day.

My Recommendation for Singtel cards:

Budget travellers: Choose $8 hi!SIM, then purchase 7-day 1.5GB data plan or 30-day 1GB data plan.

Heavy usage travellers: Choose $15 hi!Tourist SIM or $30 hi!Tourist SIM.

Long-term travellers: Choose $50 hi!SIM

Where to buy Singtel SIM Cards?

Normal Prepaid SIM (hi! SIM Cards):

  • Singapore Changi Airport (Terminal 1, 2 and 3): Travelex Currency Exchange Counters, Changi Recommends Counters. ($38, $50)
  • Singtel shops ($8, $15, $38, $20)
  • Singtel Exclusive Retailers ($8, $15)
  • Selected Authorised Singtel Prepaid Retailers ($8, $15, $38, $20)
  • Selected Cheers ($38)

Tourist SIM card (hi!Tourist SIM Cards):

  • Singapore Changi Airport (Terminal 1, 2 and 3): Travelex Currency Exchange Counters, Changi Recommends Counters.
  • Singtel shops
  • Singtel Exclusive Retailers
  • Selected Authorised Singtel Prepaid Retailers including Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, HarbourFront Ferry Terminal, Causeway Points, Sentosa FUN Shops
  • Selected 7-Eleven and Cheers

2. StarHub

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers and Tourists-StarHub

StarHub shop

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers - Starhub

*Free data roam can only be used in 17 countries in the Happy Roam destinations
** For $15 Happy Prepaid (2.2GB), free data comprises of 1.2GB first month; then 200MB/month for next 5 months. FREE WeChat App, Whatsapp Messenger and LINE App is valid for 180 days from activation date.

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers - Starhub

# Free overseas calls can be used in 19 countries in the IDD 018 destinations
*Data roam can only be used in 17 countries in the Happy Roam destinations
++ Top up options

The advantages of buying StarHub prepaid cards are:

  • Data plans for Happy Prepaid SIM are the cheapest among all providers
  • $12 Travel SIM gives 1GB data roam (great for travellers who visit other countries besides Singapore within 7 days)

The downside is that they have too many promotions, bonuses and different top-up prices. Some promotions last for a long time, others disappear after a while. It’s hard to make the right decision when trying to choose the best StarHub card or the best StarHub plans at any given time if the variables keep changing. To make it simple, I recommend that you ignore all the bonuses when trying to decide which card/plan is the best.

My Recommendation for StarHub cards:

Budget travellers: Choose $8 Happy Prepaid, then purchase a 3-day 1GB data plan or 30-day 1.2GB data plan.

Heavy usage travellers: Choose $12 Happy Travel Prepaid or $32 Happy Travel Prepaid.

Long-term travellers: Choose $50 Happy Prepaid.

Where to buy StarHub Cards?

3. M1

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers and Tourists-M1

M1 shop

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers - M1Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers - M1

The target users of M1’s Tourist SIM is very clear: $12 for shorter stay (7 days), $30 & $50 for longer stays (10 days & 14 days) with visit to other countries.

Basically, the basic features of M1 Tourist SIM are Similar to those of Singtel’s. However, M1 Tourist SIM offers data roam to 5 countries for $50 card (unlike Singtel who offers only 3 countries). The disadvantage of M1 Tourist SIM: top-up not available.

My Recommendation for M1 cards:

Budget travellers: Choose $5 M Card Prepaid SIM.

Heavy usage travellers: Choose any of M1 Tourist Long-term

term travellers: Choose $15 M Card Prepaid SIM.

Where to buy M1 Cards?

M1 Tourist SIM Card:

  • Pre-order $12 M1 Tourist SIM and collect from Changi Airport or city areas.
  • M1 Shops ($12/$30 Tourist SIM)
  • Changi Meet & Greet ($30/$50 Tourist SIM) at Changi Airport Terminal 1, 2, 3 & 4 Arrival Halls (Public Area)
  • Changi Recommends ($30/$50 Tourist SIM) at Changi Airport Terminal 4 Arrival Hall (Public Area)
  • Selected 7-Eleven and Cheers ($12 Tourist SIM)

M Card:

What’s required to purchase SIM card in Singapore?

You need to bring passports during registration of the SIM card.


Different people have different length of stay, data usage and other preferences. To simplify, here are my recommendations for different scenarios.

Short-term travellers:

Best card for up to 7 days of visit: Starhub $12 Happy Travel, M1 $12 Tourist SIM

Best card for up to 10 days of visit: M1 $30 Tourist SIM, Singtel $30 hi!Tourist SIM Cards, or Singtel $50 hi!Tourist SIM Cards (the latter if you want to share the usage amongst to 2 users)

Best card for up to 12 days of visit: Starhub $32 Happy Travel Prepaid

Best card for 14 days of visit: M1 $50 Tourist SIM

Internet SIM (for WiFi device or phone):

Best internet SIM for 5 days: StarHub $18 Internet SIM

Best internet SIM for 7 days: Singtel $20 hi! Data SIM

Best internet SIM for 15 days: StarHub $32 Internet SIM

Long-term travellers or residents:

Budget/low-usage users: M1 $5 M Card

Normal-usage users: StarHub $15 Happy Prepaid or M1 $15 M Card

High-usage users: Singtel $50 hi! SIM or StarHub $50 Happy Prepaid

Regarding coverage, personally I have used the service of all three operators, and what I can say is, each operator performs well at certain locations and bad at other locations. No operator is truly better than other operators. This is just my opinion 🙂

I hope I have provided you with enough information to make your decisions 🙂 If you have any questions, let me know in the comment.

Last updated: 8 July 2018

Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore

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61 Comments on “Best Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore for Travellers

  1. Im travelling to singapore for 4Nights,Malaysia 3Nights and bangkok 5Nights. Kindly suggest the best SIM card

    • Hi Savio, either Singtel or M1 can be used in Malaysia for data roaming, however, both can’t be used in Bangkok, so you’ll need to purchase local Thai SIM card when you’re in Bangkok!

    • haiiii which sim card you buy finally? and which plan?

  2. Hi.. can a hi!tourist singtel sim card work on huawei wifi portable or pocket wifi device? If not what kind of sim you may suggest that will work on that type of device. Tnx in advance

    • Hi Ryan, hi!Tourist SIM Card is available in normal SIM, MicroSIM and NanoSIM. If your Huawei pocket wifi can accept these sizes and it’s not locked, the sim card should be able to work on Huawei pocket wifi.

  3. Great psot. Thanks for the detail breakdown and I have the clear picture on which SIM plan I should go for. I just would like to know whether any retailer accepts credit card payment for SIM Purchase?

  4. Hi Eva, I’m travelling for 2 months to Singapore. If I plan to use data and call, which plan do you recommend?

    • Hi CC, it really depends on your needs and style. StarHub data plans are the cheapest among the three, but their rates for local call may not be the cheapest. You need to consider whether data or call is more important to you.

  5. Hi Eva,

    Thanks for your post!! These are the kinds of posts I definitely look for when traveling to different countries, so again, thanks for your detailed entry.

    This may seem somewhat odd, but I’m literally traveling to Singapore for one full day and a half, and I was wondering which SIM card you’d recommend? May seem like a silly question, but I am a heavy user of data and sometimes don’t use Wifi when it’s free since it could be slow at times so I resort to data/LTE.

    Any thoughts or recs is great.

    • Hi CJV, I’d recommend you get the $15 Singtel hi!Tourist, $15 Starhub Happy Prepaid, or $15 M1 Tourist SIM. These 3 cards would give you 15GB of data, which is more than enough for 1.5 days I guess! 🙂

  6. I will be short-term exchange student for about 5 months. Which one do you recommend to buy a sim?

    • Hi Win Tun, for long term usage, if you’re using at least 4GB a month, it’s better to get M1 because its 4GB monthly plan costs only $21 (cheapest among 3). If you’re using less than 4GB a month, it’s better to get Starhub’s monthly plan.

  7. Hi Eva,

    May i check which one to choose if in singapore for two weeks. Please advise, Thank You.

    • Hi cc, for 2 weeks usage, I think it’s wise to get normal sim card instead of tourist sim card. After buying normal sim card, you can purchase any of the weekly data plans that suits you!

  8. Hi Eva,
    thanks for your info. I will go traveling to Singapore 3 days, and Kuala Lumpur 4 days. Please recommend the best option and best value…

    Thank you very much

    • Hi Hengky, Singtel or M1 tourist SIM would be good for short-term travellers.

  9. For the starhub price plan table, the ** footnote for the $15 plan is missing. I checked with starhub and they advised that ** refers to “1.2GB from the first month and 200MB per month for the next 5 months. FREE WeChat App, Whatsapp Messenger and LINE App is valid for 180 days from activation date of your $15 Happy Prepaid SIM. The bundle includes unlimited use of text messaging on WeChat App, Whatsapp Messenger and LINE App.”

    • Hi Iris, you’re right! Thank you so much. I will update this post really soon as each operator offers new pricing and features now.

  10. Hi Eva! Thank you so much for this! Very detailed, thorough, and helpful information indeed!

  11. Hi Eva, for the StarHub Happy Travel prepaid which gives 100GB local data, does “local data” means it can be use for Whatsapp?

    • Hi Grace, local data means you can only use it when you’re in Singapore. Yes, you can use it for Whatsapp when you’re in Singapore, you can’t use the local data outside Singapore. Hope it helps!

  12. Hi all, there seems to be a conspiracy at the airport where all shops only sell the $30+ sims but one of the money exchange booths still sells the $15 sim

    • Hi Martin, if you’re planning to get $12 tourist sim, it’s easier to pre-order in advance and collect it at the airport upon arrival. The choices of sim cards are indeed limited at the airport.

  13. I will going to singapore 24 july – 29 july, malaysia (melaka & johor) 29 july – 2 agustus. After read your blog i prefer buy m card prepaid sim $15 get $15 credit, it’s get free local data 2gb (singapore) and i planning buy data roam plan for using in malaysia. After look i little confuse about this data roaming.. i look 2 data offer: $15 Roaming Pack 2GB Data + 10 mins Calls (valid 10 days) and Roam with your existing local data in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia and Taiwan at no additional cost, with montly $14 for 2gb.. what different between this 2 offer?

  14. and from johor i will be back to changi singapore 2 aug.. so full itinerary’s: singapore 24 july – 29 july, malaysia (melaka & johor) 29 july – 2 aug, singapore 2 aug.. btw if okay i buy this prepaid.. can i buy at changi after arrived? or i must pre order too?

  15. about roaming m1.. after read again.. it’s must buy Mobile Data and Data Roaming or just one of them? if buy both $15 Roaming Pack for 2GB Data + 10 mins Calls (valid 10 days) and Data Plans – 2GB for 30 day for $14? so all cost $15+$14 = $ 29.. like that? or just charge one of them?

    • Hi Jemmy,
      If you buy m card prepaid sim $15, you’ll get 2gb local data. This data you can’t use overseas.
      If you purchase data plan 30-day $14 you will get additional 2gb. This data you can use overseas in 5 countries but you need to activate data roaming first.
      If you buy $15 Roaming Pack, you’ll get another 2gb for roaming (not for local).
      If you want to use your local data for roaming, you need to purchase either roaming pack ($15 or $28) or data pack/data plans. After that, activate your data roaming.

      I suggest you buy either 30-day $14 or $15 Roaming Pack. Don’t need to purchase both.

  16. 1. if i buy 30-day $14 i get 2gb can use overseas but need to activate data roaming first. for activate data roaming need pay again or not? if not how to activate data roaming?
    2. or can i just buy $15 roaming pack for using in malaysia?
    3. i mean i buy m card prepaid sim $15 with credit $15, i get free 2gb local data for use in singapore, and buy $15 Roaming Pack with credit $15 and get 2gb roaming for use in malaysia.

  17. Hi Ms. Eva, this is a good help. Thanks for the blog. May I ask if i buy StarHub $12 Prepaid Travel, can I use this when I go to Johor Malaysia for 1 day? Thanks

  18. Hello, I will be visiting Singapore for 5 days and Indonesia for 4 days. Want to buy 2 sim cards (to share between 4 people). Primary required would be data to use for navigation purpose and apps.
    Which sim would be good to buy ?
    Day 1 – Day 5 : Singapore
    Day 6 : Depart from Singapore for Indonesia
    Day 6 – Day 8 : Indonesia
    Day 9 : Depart from Indonesia for home country (via Singapore).

    • Hi, I think you can consider Singtel $50 tourist sim. You can buy 2 cards for 4 person use. You can use it in Singapore and Indonesia.

  19. Hi Eva, thank you for the reply. I too had the $50 sim in mind but then did not want to spend that much. Basically it will be a good choice since we only need 2 sims between 2 sets of people (1 between parents and 1 between self+wife)… so for $50 will get that… But then was also trying to see if can get any combination at a lesser price else will go for $50. hotels will have free wifi and many outside places too so 1 GB to 2 GB of data should be fine in roam (Indonesia).

    • If you only need about 1GB in Indonesia, I think you can consider 4pcs of Starhub $12 tourist sim. In total, you’ll need to spend only $48, and each of you will have 1GB in Indonesia 🙂

  20. Hi, I would like to ask where we can get the starhub happy travel sim card or SingTel Hi travel simcard? I’m going to Singapore for 3 days 2 night. Other than airport, any other place near woodland or orchard perhaps? As I’m taking bus from Malaysia JB.

    • Hi, if you don’t come via Changi airport, you can try to visit any of Starhub shop, 7-eleven or cheers. I don’t think there’s any shop in Woodlands Checkpoint that sells sim card. Alternatively, you can consider M1’s $12 tourist sim and pick it up from Bugis/Raffles Place/Orchard (Paragon).

  21. Hi Eva

    When you say buy additional data with the $5 mcard or $8 starhub is that using the credit provided meaning total cost is still $5/8?

    I found from previous experience that it is difficult to get the low value card because they all try to sell the more expensive cards. Any clue where to best get them? Preferably at Changi so we can be contactable straight away. Otherwise was thinking of preordering one $12 sim then buy the rest in the city.


    • Hi Charles,
      Yes, you can buy additional data using the main credit stored in your card. Yes, the total cost is still $5/$8. You’re right, it’s quite difficult to get the starter SIM card at Changi Airport. The best place to find more SIM card choices is the telco shops itself. In the article above, you can find a sub-section about “where to buy xxx card?” Head to the link that says “M1 Shops”, “Starhub Shops”, or “Singtel Shops”.

  22. Great info, thank you! I had a question about the data usage. If I got the $15 hi! tourist sim card that comes with 100GB of data (valid for 7 days), is there a daily data usage cap? Like can I use up the 100GB data in 2-3 days or is there a max data cap per day so that 100GB is spread out over 7 days (14-15GB / day max).

    • Hi Dan,
      It isn’t mentioned anywhere in the website and T&C about per day limit, so I believe there is no limit to how much data you can use a day.

  23. Hi Eva! I’m planning on taking a cruise holiday from singapore, with transit in Malay and Thailand. From the blog you write with such detail above (thank you for that!) I understand that Singtel’s 15$ Hi! Tourist card doesnt come with 1GB data roam, but from what I read in this page, it comes with 1GB data roam, is it a new package they come out with or is it they don’t give the 1GB data roam? I need the data roam because it means I can buy only Singtel’s card and use it in Malaysia and Thailand right?
    Also, I am crossing from Batam to Singapore, can you suggest me should I get Starhub’s card or Singtel card, and where to buy from Harbour Front?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Sisca! Yes Singtel $15 hi!tourist sim now offers 1GB free dataroam to Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. So, you can just get this sim card and use it for roaming in Malaysia and Thailand. When you purchase this sim card, make sure the packaging indicates “1GB dataroam” because old stock would not have this 1GB dataroam offer, only new stock offers 1GB dataroam.
      Well, starhub is slightly cheaper than singtel. Singtel signal is quite reliable. You can buy singtel/starhub/m1 sim card from Vivocity, located just beside Harbourfront. Enjoy your cruise!

      • Hi Eva,
        My family and me (3 of us) will traveling to the beautiful Singapore and we will stay 8 days there. We’re all a heavy data users so can you please tell me which pre paid sim is the best for us , also we would like to call each other if we’re separated.
        Thank you very much

      • Hi Maria,
        You can get Singtel $15 tourist sim or Starhub $15 tourist sim, then at the end of 7 days, just do a top up to extend the validity. Both cards give 100GB local data and 500 mins local call.

  24. I am visiting Singapore currently (my 2nd day today as I write this post)…. I got a StarHub travel sim for $12 (7 days validity) with 100 GB local data and 1 GB data roam…. Getting good signal at all places till now – been to Gardens By The Bay, Jurong Bird Park, Little India and had pretty great 4G signal in the MRT from Little India to Boon Lay station (no disruptions anywhere)…. So people can go for StarHub as well instead of Singtel… Both seem competent and equally good.

    • Completed my 5-days trip of Singapore yesterday (though felt its insufficient time and missed many places) and came to Bali for 3-days. The StarHub network was excellent in all places and never did I face any slowness anywhere. Per my last post on 2nd day at Singapore I already mentioned few places I been to. For the next 3 days went to Sentosa island, Universal Studios (within Sentosa), Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Marina Bay Sands (57th Floor) but still had no issues with network. Even in a moving MRT underground, the 4G/LTE network was strong enough to do any work.

      • Well yeah… was surprised myself since I was having a signal even after 5 mins of taking off from Changi airport, it kept showing me 4G with just 1-bar and could still open google. Then suddenly it came to No Service which is understandable.

  25. Hi,
    My friend for the USA is coming for visiting for 14 days. We shall go to BKK for a week.
    Can you please recommend which SIM card is suitable for him?


    • Hi Larry, it really depends on his budget and how much data/talktime he needs. Generally, the tourist sim gives more than enough data for a week. When he goes to BKK, he can use Thai sim card or top up his SG sim card.

  26. Hi Eva,

    Many thanks for this very useful and informative post. I plan to come to Singapore on 3 occasions in the next 90 days.
    1. First is to take my connecting flight to New Zealand (6 Nov 2018), duration of stay around 11 hours layover
    2. When back from NZ (10 Dec 2018 – 14 Dec 2018), duration of stay 4 – 5 days, after which heading to Malaysia
    3. When back from Malaysia (11 Jan 2019 – 15 Jan 2019), duration of stay, again 4 – 5 days after which I head to
    my home country

    From your post, I figured out that i should get Singtel normal prepaid Hi! simcard $15 or Happy prepaid $15 because of their validity. (180 days) Then on the 2nd visit and 3rd visit I buy a data plan of 7 days each visit. On the first visit since its just 11 hours layover, I can just use the free local data provided in the sim

    The tourist sim cards validity from singtel and happy prepaid are just 7 days, so it’s not convenient if i need to get a new sim each time I enter singapore.

    As for data usage, I’m not that much of a heavy user. I can make 2Gb last over a week roughly.

    I’m not sure whether I have the correct understanding of how it is, and i would appreciate your kind advice.

    Also, should I go out of the airport to purchase the sim? since airport seems to sell only the more expensive ones.

    Appreciate your time and reply 🙂

    • Hi Gary,
      You’re right, the tourist sim cards are not meant for you. Yup, it’s better that you get the normal sim card that is valid for 120 days or 180 days. I have a couple of points:
      – on your first visit, are you going to come out of Changi Airport and visit other places? You have only 11 hours, I assume you need 1.5 hours to exit the gate, and you need to check in around 2.5 hours before your flight. So, you only have maximum 5 hours left. If you’re only staying in Changi airport, you can use the free wifi. There are many places to explore in Changi and I think 5 hours is barely enough.
      – if you really do want to get out of the airport on your first visit, you can try getting the sim card at any 7-11 or cheers outside airport. Yearh, the cards sold in Changi are mostly expensive ones.
      – If you need 2 GB in a week, do take note that the 7-day data plan gives only 1GB a week. So, you need to be extra careful in using the data.
      Hope I answered your questions!

      • Dear Eva,

        You have raised some very interesting points in your reply. Actually, not being very familiar with Changi Airport, I was unaware that they had a flight transfer facilities, which would allow me to stay in transit area at the Airside without passing through Immigration and without the need to collect my checked in luggage.

        My initial plan was to do that and leave my luggage at the left baggage (landside) after immigration and head to the city, since i would have a few hours before my connecting flight in the evening, and eventually check in again. Therefore, in this scenario, I would go out and get a sim card at 7-11 or sellers outside of the airport. And get the normal sim as per your suggestion.

        After reading about the flight transfer facilities, I plan to head to the Transfer Counter for my connecting flight (Air NZ) and ask them for boarding pass, and ask if my checked in luggage can be retrieved and transferred to my Air NZ flight. If it is possible, then I plan to stay in the Transit area and enjoy all the numerous facilities and areas of Changi, and then I would be using their free Wi-Fi. Therefore I will only get the sim card on my 2nd visit to Singapore on the 10 Dec 18. I will keep in mind your recommendations about the sim card. 🙂

        Once again, thank you very much for your post, your suggestions, and recommendations. Thanks to you I got more options, and the possibility to spend my hours at Changi transit areas.

        Best regards,

      • Hi Gary,
        I have no ideas about flight transfer, yeah the best option would be to ask at the transfer counter or email Air NZ 🙂 Hope you have a good trip in Singapore! You’ll love GBTB. Just my two cents, if you purchase the tix online, you’ll get it cheaper. Take care!

      • Hi Eva, Thanks for your latest suggestions in regards to the online tickets for GBTB. I’ll keep it in mind, and also your recommendations regarding sim cards. I’m excited to go to Singapore again, I love the place, and haven’t had a visit since 2009.

        Best regards,

  27. Hi Gary,

    Firstly sorry if I have missed anything in your first post. I am sure you must be having a Singapore visa already since you plan to stay / visit on your 2nd trip. As such if you are book in two different PNRs then you need to complete you immigration after arrival at Changi and then take a call whether to leave the airport or stay inside and explore. Though Singapore transport is really nice but still a mere 5 hours outside might do no good and it would be better to explore at leisure when you are staying. The only nearby place I can think off are the GBTB (not recommended in 5 hours) or atleast the Flyer and MBS.

    Once you arrive, you complete immigration, collect your luggage and book them at the baggage store counters (haven’t used it so can’t say where you will find them ; should be easy though) and then hop around withing Changi using the Sky Train from Terminal to Terminal. The Free Wi-Fi at Changi (using OTP) is for 3 hours only (that’s what it showed for me on the sign-in page). If you do not have a local sim or if your international sim cannot receive the OTP sms, then you can approach any of the help desks or self-service kiosks and get a password generated. Make sure to use the correct option to sign-in to the Wi-Fi network. It should show you how long it will be valid (3 hours or more) and I am sure you can renew it again with a new password post the 3 hours mark. I was there only for 2.5 – 3 hours layover so did not have to renew again.

    • Hi Som Kundu,

      First of all, thanks for your excellent suggestions and advice. Yes, in terms of visa, citizens of my country do not require a visa for Singapore and are given 30 days upon entry. You are absolutely right regarding the 2 different PNRs, as I found out after doing some reading that these transfer facilities and luggage transfer were an old service of Changi before 2016. Since some online forums keep saying that, informally, some full fledged airlines still provide luggage transfer service, I would head to Terminal 3 and try my luck at Air NZ counter. The worst outcome would be a “no” and I’ll just head down to immigration and collect my luggage.

      As you mentioned, I was planning to go to GBTB for a while. I’ll grab a sim card like Eva recommended, and maybe head back to airport to try and get an early check in and spend my time visiting the Airside part, using free Wi-Fi as you suggested.

      Once again, I really appreciate your helpful comments.
      thanks and regards,

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