Singapore Tourist Pass, EZ Link or Standard Ticket? Which One is Better?

Singapore Tourist Pass, EZ Link or Standard Ticket? Which One is Better?

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To take public transportation in Singapore, you need either cash or card.

Paying by cash is rather inconvenient because you need to give the exact amount, otherwise no change will be given. Majority people use cards, but which card is better?

There are 3 cards that travellers can use in Singapore: Singapore Tourist Pass, EZ Link and Standard Ticket. Each has its own pros and cons, and each is suited for different types of travellers.

In this post, I write about the details of each card, followed by situations when a certain card is more favourable than the other.

To learn about all the different types of transportation in Singapore, read my in-depth guide about getting around Singapore.

About Singapore Tourist Pass

Singapore Tourist Pass, EZ Link or Standard Ticket? Which One is Better?
Photo Credit: thesingaporetouristpass

The Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) is a card that gives you unlimited travel on Singapore’s MRT, LRT and basic bus services for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days depending on which pass you purchase.

Here are what you need to know about STP.

The STP costs S$10 for 1 day, S$16 for 2 days and S$20 for 3 days.

A deposit of S$10 is required when purchasing the pass. The deposit will be refunded when you return the card within 5 days after the day of purchase.

Eg: If you purchase the card on Monday, you need to return the card by Saturday to get the deposit back. In other words, if you buy the 3-day pass, you need to activate it latest by Wednesday.

If you decide to keep the card and not return it, the S$10 deposit will be forfeited, and you can continue to use the card as a normal EZ-Link card.

Kids below 0.9m height travel for free on trains and buses when accompanied by a fee-paying adult.

You can buy STP at TransitLink Ticket Office located at certain MRT stations: Ang Mo Kio, Bayfront, Bugis, Changi Airport, Chinatown, City Hall, Farrer Park, Harbourfront, Jurong East, Kranji, Lavender, Orchard, Raffles Place, Somerset, Tanjong Pagar, Woodlands. More details on opening hours here.

When purchasing STP, not all TransitLink Ticket Office accepts payment by cards. The selected TransitLink Ticket Offices that accept MasterCard and JCB payments are located at Bayfront, Bugis, Changi Airport, Chinatown, City Hall, Farrer Park, HarbourFront, Lavender, Orchard and Woodlands MRT Stations.

You can return STP to:

  • Any TransitLink Ticket Offices at MRT stations
  • SMRT Passenger Service Centres located at MRT stations at Changi Airport, Kranji, Lavender, Dhoby Ghaut and Marina South Pier.Unlimited rides applicable for: MRT, LRT and basic bus services.

Unlimited rides are not applicable for: Sentosa Express monorail, RWS8 bus, Express Services Bus, Fast Forward Bus, Night Owl bus (N bus), NightRider bus (NR bus), Chinatown Direct bus (CT bus) and other premium and niche bus services.

The pass starts when you use it for the first time. The 1-day pass ends when the last public transport has stopped operation (slightly past midnight). Eg: if you use the card for the first time at 6pm on Monday, the 1-day pass will expire on Monday’s night (when the last train and bus have stopped), the 2-day pass will expire on Tuesday’s night and the 3-day pass will expire on Wednesday’s night.

Now, STP offers various deals, from discounted attraction prices to discounted meals.

About Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS

Singapore Tourist Pass, EZ Link or Standard Ticket? Which One is Better?
Photo Credit: Jamie Travel Diary

The Singapore Tourist Pass Plus (STP+) is an extension from STP. On top of unlimited rides on trains and basic bus services, STP+ offers additional perks.

Here are STP+ facts you should know.

The cost of STP+ depends on where you buy it from. At the moment, it’s sold at Changi Recommends. You can buy it online and collect at the airport, or directly buy from Changi Recommends’ counter. You can’t collect it from MRT Station.

There isn’t any S$10 deposit required, unlike the usual STP. So, at the end of 3 days, you can keep the card or discard it. You don’t need to return it, unlike STP.

There’s only 1 option, which is the 3-day STP+ that costs S$38. Thus, if you’re only visiting Singapore for 1 or 2 days, this card may not be the right card for you.

STP+ will give you the following perks:

  • Complimentary walking tour
  • Complimentary $10 Hooters Dining voucher
  • Complimentary Limited Edition Post Card Set worth $8
  • Various discounts

Should you get Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS or just the normal STP? Is STP+ actually worth it?

In my opinion, STP+ is worth it only if you’re interested to join the free walking tour and dine at Hooters.

If you’re the type of traveler who loves to DIY your travel and would avoid tours as much as possible, or if you’re a budget traveler or slow traveler, you can skip STP+.

About EZ-Link

Singapore Tourist Pass, EZ Link or Standard Ticket? Which One is Better?
Photo Credit: SuperAdrianMe

EZ-Link card is the most commonly used travel card by residents and returning visitors. In the beginning, you store a certain value inside the card. Your card’s value will be deducted only when you use it.

The price of an EZ-Link depends on where you buy it from.

If you buy from TransitLink Ticket Offices, Concession Card Replacement Offices and Passenger Service Centres located at all MRT stations, it costs S$12 which consists of S$7 value + S$5 non-refundable deposit.

If you buy from 7-Eleven, it costs S$10 which consists of S$5 value + S$5 non-refundable deposit.

You need to maintain a minimum $3 balance in your EZ-Link in order to be able to board MRT and buses. When your balance falls below $3, you need to top up to continue using it.

Minimum top-up amount is $10. You can top up with Cash as well as Debit/Credit card.

IMPORTANT: with the initial credit of $7, you can only take public transport for about 3 times (assuming $1.5/ride), then your credit will be below $3 (you need to maintain at least $3 in your EZ-Link). You have to top-up before you can use the card again. The minimum top up is $10. Therefore, your total cost becomes $12 + 10 = $22. So, if you come for only 3 days or less, I will not recommend you to use EZ-Link.

If you’re only coming for 3 days or less, you’ll be better off getting STP (only $20 for 3 days).

To get refund of the unused portion of your EZ-Link, you can return it to any Passenger Service Centre at MRT stations, Ticket Office at MRT stations, Ticket Office at bus interchanges. However, you can’t get back the S$5 non-refundable deposit.

EZ-Link can be used at MRT, LRT and most public buses. Furthermore, you can also use EZ-Link for SMRT & TransCab taxis, F&B outlets, and many places you can’t even imagine.

Here’s the full list of places where payment by EZ-Link is accepted. For simplicity, just look for EZ-Link logo at the shop where you’re going to make payment. If there’s EZ-Link Logo, it means you can use EZ-Link to pay.

EZ-Link is valid for 5 years from the date of encoding. At the end of 5 years, you can exchange the card at Ticket Office.

EZ-Link cards can be reloaded (topped up) at all General Ticketing Machines at all MRT Stations, certain bus interchanges, 7-Eleven, ATMs, and other places. Here’s the complete list of places where you can top up your EZ-Link.

You can store a maximum value of S$500 in the EZ-Link.

You can download EZ-Link app to check your current remaining balance, transaction history, as well as to earn points that you can use to redeem freebies or discounted items!

EZ-Link for children

Children under 7 years old can travel for free. If  they are below 0.9m in height, they do not need any card. However, if they are above 0.9m, they need a special card called Child Concession Card. If children are below 7 years old but don’t have these card, they need to pay for the adult fare.

Child Concession Card details

The Child Concession Card can be used for MRT, LRT, basic bus services and express bus services (express buses are those with “e” behind the service number, such as Bus 174e). Do take note that it can’t be used for Premium buses (these buses usually serve residents going to work during peak hours) and Night Riders (these buses only operate in the evening during weekend, such as NR1, NR2, etc).

To apply for Child Concession Card, bring your child’s passport to any TransitLink Ticket Offices.

More information about Child Concession Card can be found here.

About NETS FlashPay

NETS FlashPay
Photo Credit: NETS FlashPay

If you haven’t heard about NETS FlashPay, it’s basically similar to EZ-Link. They cost the same, $12 for the first purchase ($5 non-refundable and $7 refundable). It can be used for public transportation, taxi as well as F&B, retail shops, etc.

You can top up via app (with debit/credit card) or by other offline means such as the General Ticketing Machine (GTM) located in every MRT stations, 7-Eleven, etc.

So, is there any difference with EZ-Link at all? Yes there is. The company that issue them are different. EZ-Link was started by Authority while NETS was started by a group of banks in Singapore.

Another difference is the merchants that accept EZ-Link are different from the retail merchants that accept NETS FlashPay. Personally, I feel that I see more NETS FlashPay logo in the shopping malls than EZ-Link logo.

So, why even bother to get NETS FlashPay? Well, if you like the idea of carrying not much cash (notes & coins) around, or you like to be able to collect it from your country’s airport or sent to your home (see below), then you can consider NETS FP.

Where to get NETS FlashPay?

  • Pre-order online and collect at Singapore’s Clarke Quay (check the operating hour), Malaysia’s KLIA, Thailand’s BKK Airport, or mailed to your home in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam or Taiwan.
  • TransitLink Ticket Office. Note: A lot of MRT stations have a TransitLink Ticket Office, but NOT ALL MRT stations have TransitLink. Changi Airport MRT station does have TransitLink Ticket Office.
  • Convenience stores, such as: 7-Eleven, Buzz Pods, Cheers, FairPrice Xpress, Star Mart at all Caltex Petrol Stations
  • Travelex Moneychangers at Changi Airport.

About Standard Ticket

Singapore Tourist Pass, EZ Link or Standard Ticket? Which One is Better?
Photo Credit: Transitlink

A standard ticket is a single-journey ticket. Most people use this because they don’t like to commit to STP or EZ-Link, or they forget to bring their own EZ-Link card when they go out.

A Standard Ticket can be used for MRT & LRT only, not bus.

A Standard Ticket costs the single journey fare + S$0.10 deposit. That means, each time you want to take a train, you need to top up the Standard Ticket.

Standard Ticket can be re-used up to 6 times within 30 days.

On your third trip, the 10-cent deposit will offset your trip fare. Continue using it until the 6th time, and you’ll get a 10-cent discount on your 6th time.

It can be purchased from any General Ticketing Machine at all MRT/LRT stations.

After you pay for a trip, you need to travel on that day. It can’t be used on other days.

If you don’t use the trip that you’ve paid, you can request for the refund within 3 days from the date of purchase from Passenger Service Centre in any MRT station.

If you travel further than what you have paid, you need to approach the Passenger Service Centre to top-up the fare difference before you are allowed to exit at your new destination.

The fare is considerably higher than EZ-Link’s fare.

When should you buy Singapore Tourist Pass?

You want to visit a lot of places.

You don’t need the cab, you’re comfortable with using public transport.

You don’t know when you will visit Singapore again.

Buy 1-day STP if you use public transport more than 7 times a day.

Buy 2-day STP if you use public transport more than 6 times a day.

Buy 3-day STP if you use public transport more than 5 times a day.

When should you buy EZ Link?

You use public transport less than 5 times a day.

You visit Singapore for more than 3 days.

You are a budget traveler and you don’t mind walking or cycling to save money.

You travel slowly. In a day, you might be visiting less than 3 attractions.

You come to Singapore often and you’d like to keep the EZ link card so you don’t have to purchase again when you come next time.

When NOT to buy STP & EZ-Link, and just buy a Standard Ticket for the train and use cash for the bus?

You use public transport less than 3 times a day.

You have a local friend who can drive and bring you around Singapore for free.

You use taxi more frequently than public transportation.

You’re on a transit, or you are in Singapore for a short period of time.

You’re not doing too much sightseeing.

You don’t have any plan to come back to Singapore in the near future.

How to find out the fares?

The easiest way to calculate the public transportation fare is by using the calculator provided by MyTransport.SG.

For your info, if you use EZ Link and you make a transfer from train to bus, bus to train, or bus to bus, within 45 minutes, you will pay for discounted fare due to the new “distance fare scheme.” You don’t need to do anything, it’s automatically adjusted by your EZ Link.

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Singapore Tourist Pass, EZ Link or Standard Ticket? Which One is Better?
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First published: 31 Mar 2018. Last updated: 19 Aug 2019

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  1. Rahul

    Hi Eva,
    Really a wonderful and honest blog. Wanted your expert opinion. I would be visiting Singapore for 4 days (arrival & departure excluded) on a business trip and travelling solo in first week of February.
    – Can you suggest a prepaid SIM with IDD calling and 4G data and where to collect. Assume that arrival at Changi would be around 10:45 PM
    – Car/Taxi (name) from Airport to Clark Quay and associate approx. cost
    – Places nearby Clarke Quay for 3 days assuming i would be free after 6 PM. I am not a club/party person.
    – Suggestion for Sentosa island visit (1 full day)
    – Souvenir/must have gift (Singapore special) for my wife and kids (8 year old boy and 3 year girl).

    1. Eva

      Hi Rahul,
      – I suggest that you get the 7-day Starhub or M1 Tourist SIM. You can pre-order and collect at the airport. Read my guide here:
      – Here are the info about car/taxi/bus to get you from airport to city:
      – Chinatown, Buddha Relic Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, Fort Canning Park
      – Read my Sentosa guide here:
      – You can find them at Chinatown Pagoda street
      You also can join Trevallog Community on Facebook to ask trip planning questions and get faster reply than commenting on my blog 🙂

  2. Rose

    Hi Eva! Thanks for this blog, very informative 😊
    But still I need your advise. We’ll visit SG this coming April for 5 days & 4 nights. I’m planning on getting the EZ link card for our first two days since we will just use it for 3 times per day. Then we’ll get a 3day STP for our next 3 days. Would that be okay? I mean, can I get both cards already at Changi Airport? Also, my son is only 2 years old but he is already 92cm in height do I have to buy him a separate card?
    Thank you and hoping for your reply 😊

    1. Eva

      Hi Rose,
      Yes you can do that, get EZ-Link for the first 2 days and then STP for the next 3 days. Yes you can get both at Changi Airport. According to the rules, if children is below 7 years old but taller than 90cm, they need to have a separate card called Child Concession Card. To get the card, you need to apply at TransitLink Office (available at Changi Airport MRT Station) and present your child’s passport.

      If I may make a suggestion, I think you use EZ-Link for the entire 5 days. The reason is because when you purchase EZ-Link, you pay $12 and get $7 credit (with $5 non refundable deposit). With this $7, you can only travel for 3 or 4 times before the balance falls below $3. It’s likely that on your second day, your balance falls below $3, and you can’t use the card anymore so you have to top up with minimum $10. At the end of your second day, you’ll probably still have about $7 balance because you only use the card for 3 times. So, if you’re not coming back to Singapore anytime soon, these will be forfeited. If you plan to come back to Singapore soon, then it’s fine to use STP and keep the EZ-Link card and the remaining balance. It’s up to you to decide!

  3. Ana Marie Katrina Felisilda

    Hi. My entire stay in Singapore will be a total of 9 days but within the 9 days period I will be going to Indonesia and Malaysia for just a day or 2. Since after 3 days STP will expire can I get a new STP every 3 days?

    1. Eva

      Hi Ana,
      Yes, you can buy as many STPs as you want, just remember to return it within 5 days of purchasing in order to get back the $10 deposit.

  4. Willy

    Hi Eva,

    Thanks a lot for this detailed & well guided blog. Just want to ask about walking tour if I buy a STP+ card. The “walking tour” is City or inside the airport?

    Best regards,

    1. Eva

      Hi Willy,
      It is the walking tour in the city.

  5. Shinta Dewi

    Hai Eva,
    I’m gg to travel to Singapore with 8 family members from 22-27 Dec.
    We are planning to spend a day at Sentosa, a half day at zoo..which card is more suitable for us?

    1. Eva

      Hi Shinta Dewi,
      Since you’re coming for more than 3 days, I think EZ-link would be the best choice. Otherwise, if you have the budget, it’s more convenient to take taxis because 8 people fit 2 taxis just nice.

  6. Luqman

    Hi Eva.. first of all thanks for the info given,on my case where I’ll be staying in Singapore more then 10days plus there will be often public transport use. Pls advise what kind of pass shall suit me. Thanks Eva🙂

    1. Eva

      Hi Luqman,
      I suggest that you use EZ-Link 🙂 Have a good trip to Singapore!

  7. Liisa

    Hi Eva! Thank you for an excellent summary of the cards. Now I know which I need. 🙂 My flights ETA is 21:15… Is there any chance of getting the EZ-link card at that time? And also is it even available in T1?

    1. Eva

      Hi Liisa, yes it’s possible to get EZ-Link card from the ticket machine located at MRT station. The MRT will close at about midnight. The last train from Airport to city is at 11.10pm while the last train to Tanah Merah MRT is at 12 midnight. No, from T1, you need to take Skytrain to T2 or T3 in order to get to MRT station 🙂

  8. Will

    Hi, can a tourist sign up for SimplyGo program to use foreign issue master or Visa card? Do we have to register two cards for two travelers or can we use one credit card for train and bus? Thank you.

    1. Eva

      I have no idea whether foreign-issued cards can be used. I tried to use an Indonesia-issued contactless card but wasn’t successful. You can give it a try and let me know if it works 🙂 If you want to use the same card for 2 person, you can do so by adding the card to your Google Pay and your friend/family’s Google Pay (if you’re both using Android phone). If you tap the card directly on the reader, you can’t use it for 2 person. For Apple Pay, I’m not sure.

  9. Milena

    It was verry usefull! Thank you very much 🙂

    1. Eva

      Glad you find it useful 🙂

  10. David

    Hi Eva
    Thanks for this blog, very informative. Just wanted to ask your advice.
    My wife and i are in Singapore for 5 days in Sept. We are staying near Tajong Pagar station and would like to visit Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the bay, Orchard rd, Little India, Chinatown, National art gallery and a couple other places. We are also going to the Grand Prix so we need to go to and from the track
    Which system would you suggest for us?


    1. Eva

      Hi David, since you’re in Singapore for more than 3 days, I presume you probably are not rushing from one place to another, so I suggest that you get EZ-Link or Nets Flashpay.
      I’m not sure about your schedule on the 1st and last day. If you’re not traveling anywhere on your 1st and last day except between airport & hotel, probably you can get Standard ticket for 1st and last day, then get 3-day STP for 2nd to 4th day.

  11. mrinaljhainal

    Hi Eva, Thanks for very informative blog. I wanted a piece of quick suggestion from you. I will be travelling to Singapore for 4 days with travel itinerary for Sentosa Island, Universal Studio, Gardens by the Bay, Bugis Street. I will staying near Little India. Given that Tourist pass is given maximum for 3 days, Which card would be more suitable & cost efficient for me, EZ link card or Tourist Pass (3+1 day pass) ?

    1. Eva

      Hi, it really depends on how many trips you will be making throughout the entire 4 days. As mentioned in my post, if you use less than 5 times a day, it’s better that you get EZ-Link. If more than 5 times a day, you can get 3+1day STP.

  12. chanyin2009

    Hi Eva, I love your blog, very helpful. I hope you can give me a tip of advise . will going to SG this october and planning to stay for 3 days , 1st day tour will be merlion, esplanade, helix bridge, mariba sands , gardens by the bay and cable car, 2nd day will be universal studio and sentosa. So which card is good for us.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Eva

      Hi Chan, since you’re not taking a lot of public transport, I think a standard card is suitable for you.

    1. Eva

      Hi L.K
      Single trip fares means either 1 bus trip or 1 mrt trip. There’s no continuation within 45 mins of alighting from a bus/mrt. Standard ticket means using the paper ticket instead of EZ-Link or STP. Yes, Standard tickets are more expensive than EZ-Link. Hope it’s clear 🙂

  13. dabasish

    This writeen is very helpful for who are visit sinagpore in first time, Thanks writer for this Awesome written.

  14. Zel

    Hi Eva, your blog is very informative. I am still on the fence regarding purchase of tickets. I am going there with my family on June 24-28. Arriving 7pm on the 24th and Leaving 6pm on the 28th.

    My planned itinerary is staying in the hotel on the 24th to rest 1 day Marina Bay, GBB, Singapore River, 1 day for Sentosa / Art Science / Night Safari, 1 day for USS and Orchard at night, and last day stroll through Chinatown, Little India, Arab Street, Souvenir Shopping.

    I don’t think this will require a lot of transportation but I hope to hear your thoughts since I am planning for everyone. Thank you very much!

    1. Eva

      Hi Zel, I’m not sure how big your family is, and whether you’re travelling with kids. If you’re a family of 4 (including 2 young kids), I think it might be more convenient for you to take taxi or Grab. Also, 4 persons fit a cab nicely. If your family is more than 4 persons, you may need to take a 6-seater Grab.

      I notice your schedule is quite packed, especially on the 3rd day where you plan to visit Sentosa, Art Science and Night Safari. I suggest that you visit Art Science on the same day you visit Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay.

      If your family members are mobile and don’t mind taking public transportation, I think EZ-Link is the best option.

  15. Nilo Nuqui

    hi i just have a question. im coming in to singapore with my family, wife and 12 yr old kid.
    i want to find out if i can purchase a STP via VISA credit card? you mentioned only mastercard and jcb.

    1. Eva

      Hi, if you buy from Changi Airport Terminal 2 & 3, STP kiosk, you can pay by visa.

  16. Francis

    I have learned on Singapore more from your website than the sum of all the other websites. Thank you very much. I am most grateful. Please note than your sentence above “Personally, I feel that I see NETS FlashPay logo in the shopping malls than EZ-Link logo.” is missing the keyword “less” or “more”. Is ez-link widely accepted at Food Centres?

    1. Eva

      Hi Francis, Thank you so much for pointing it out to me! I have totally overlooked that part. It should be “more.” EZ-Link is accepted at food centres however not all stalls will accept it.

  17. Princess Joeyce Besana Cortes

    Hello! Your blog is very informative.

    We are going to SG this July. I will be with my parents on the trip. My question is do we have ro buy ez-link cards individually or can we just share the single card and just top it up with more value? I hope you can help me with this. Thank you. More power.

    1. Eva

      Hi! Yes, you need one card for each person 🙂 No sharing is allowed. Happy trip planning!

  18. Nupur

    Hi Eva,
    I have a query looking forward for your help. I m traveling with my parents both are 65 plus. We are planning to take the STP for 3days. Day 1 universal, cable car n wings of time day2 sea aquarium, luge n skyride, day 3 gardens by the bay, merlion …
    Does STP also give a complimentary half day city tour?…
    Besides using STP for travel would like to avail discounts on the tickets of these attractions. Is that possible n how do I buy discounted tickets?
    I also intend buying the park hopper card
    Q what is the validity period of the card?
    Q does it include food?
    Q is the Amazon rainforest boat cruise included in the pass fee?
    Thank you so much

    1. Eva

      Hi Nupur,
      No, STP doesn’t give complimentary tour, only STP Plus does. Yup, STP+ also gives discounted tickets, you can read more in my article, in STP+ section as well as Changi Recommends website. Are you referring to Park Hopper for WRS? You can refer here for details. It’s valid for 7 days. There are many types of park hopper. If your tix includes river safari, then you can get complimentary reservoir cruise.

      1. Nupur patel

        Thank you so much Eva. I wish to buy STP for 3 days will I get discount on Sentosa attractions..
        Q1 what all attractions will give discounts on tickets..
        Q2 also as my parents are senior citizens will they have a different and cheaper entry tickets..
        Q3 are wheel chairs available at universal, aquarium, Jurong bird park n zoo
        Thank you so much

        1. Eva

          Hi Nupur,
          1. Pls refer to Changi Recommend website to know the details. From what I know, it’s only merchandise discounts, not ticket discounts
          2. No
          3. Yes they are available for rent

  19. Ridzuan

    Hi Eva, I have a question, I will be coming to Singapore in April for 3D2N, the 1st and 2nd day will be fulled with activities, but for the 3rd day, only from my hotel to Changi Airport, do you suggest I take 2 days STP with standard ticket or how? By the way, how to buy standard ticket if I from Lavender to Chang Airport, glad you will help answer my question, thanks in advance

    1. Eva

      Hi Ridzuan, if you’re not planning to come back to Singapore in the foreseeable future, yeah 2-day STP plus standard ticket would be the best way. To buy standard ticket from Lavender, just go to Lavender MRT, there are ticketing machines near the scan card gate. Just choose your destination (which is Changi Airport), then pay by cash. Change will be given, so it’s ok if you pay with bigger notes.

      1. Ridzuan

        Thanks a lot Eva 😁😁

  20. inesa

    We’re coming for 5 nights and won’t take too many trips a day. What card do I get if it’s a return journey (2 trips)? Does distance matter?
    And what if we take 3 trips a day?
    Assuming a trip is whenever I get on the train until I get off. Also assuming exchanges don’t count as separate trips.

    1. Eva

      Hi inesa, you mean 2 trips per day or for the whole trip? For your case, it’s not worth buying STP because you don’t travel much. If you’re travelling 2 trips for the whole trip, then it’s better to get standard ticket. But if it’s 2 days per day, I recommend you to get EZ-Link. For 3 trips per day, I also recommend EZ-Link. Yes, distance matter in calculating the fare, but not so much in choosing which card to use.

  21. Mary

    last month i went to SG. and i would like to go there back this August.. can i use Ez Link that i bought last month for my next travel?

    1. Eva

      Yes, it’s valid for 5 years from the date of encoding.

  22. Maria Lovely Penton

    Hi Eva 🙂

    We’ll be in sg next week 🙂 Is it possible to use only 1 STP for two people?Is it okay to tap it twice?hihi thanks for your advice 🙂

    1. Eva

      Hi Maria,

      Unfortunately you can’t use 1 STP for 2 people 🙂 Each person must have his/her own card. Hope you have a good trip next week!

  23. Helena

    Hi Eva,
    thank you so much or your detail information.

    so, children below 7 years old can enjoy free travel using MRT and bus? I read that although it is free, children need Child Concession Card. Where can I get it?

    and I need your suggestion about my itinerary.
    I will stay in Little India (near City Square Mall)
    1st day – Merlion Park
    2nd day – Singapore Zoo
    3rd day – back to Changi airport
    should I buy ez link or STP?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Eva

      Hi Helena,

      You may refer to this rule about child fare. If your child is below 0.9m in height, there’s no need to apply for Child Concession Card. You can apply at any TransitLink Ticket Offices.

      To answer your second question, it depends whether you visit other places in addition to those you mentioned, whether you plan to come back to Singapore again in the future. A general rule I often recommend to others is that if you visit Singapore for 3 days or less, it’s usually better to buy STP. But if you really only visit 1 place a day (means 2 rides a day), it’s better to just use Standard ticket.

      Km org Indo jg ya? Salam kenal ya 🙂

      1. helenamantra

        Hi Eva,
        iya. Eh kamu Indo juga, tho.
        so, lebih baik STP saja ya untuk dewasa. Anak saya tingginya udah 90 cm lebih so minta Child Concession Card. Gitu ya?

        1. Eva

          Iya 🙂

      2. Helena

        Hi Eva,
        keluar T4 saya langsung ke Changi Recommends karena letaknya strategis banget. Di sana tidak menjual STP, hanya EZ Link S$10 dan STP+ S$38 non-refundable. Ternyata simple, kalau tetap mau beli STP ya ke ticketing office di MRT Station. Antreannya bisa panjang lho untuk ini.

        1. Eva

          oh.. ok noted, tq infonya 🙂

  24. Sandeep

    Thanks for such informative blog. I have few queries, could you please clarify on it –
    1. Singtel launched a new $18 hi!Tourist EZ-Link SIM Card which is a 2-in-1 Tourist SIM and EZ-Link travel card. Will it be available at Changi Airport T3?

    2. Since this card validity is 7 Days and my stay in Singapore is for 9 days, is it possible to extend the expiry of this card with for additional 2 days?

    1. Eva

      Hi Sandeep,
      1. Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t advise. This is a fairly new card so there’s not much info about this. I suggest that you try to visit Travelex Currency Exchange or Changi Recommends at Terminal 3 and ask them.
      2. Technically, you can extend Singtel Tourist SIM by topping up ($3 will gives you additional 1 day).

  25. mary

    i will go to singapore with my sister for 3 days. can we share Ez-link?

    1. Eva

      Hi Mary, it’s not possible to share EZ-Link.

      1. Mary

        so we have to buy 2 for both of us..

  26. Marcos Mendonca

    Awesome, thank you for the detailed info, it helped quite a bit.

  27. cathy

    Hi Eva,

    Thanks for a well-informed blog. I would like to know if you can use VISA (besides MASTER) to pay for the STP.

  28. Dipak

    Hi, Eva

    I am coming to Singapore for 3 days tour with my wife and 4 year old Kid, so my question, do i need to buy 2 STP one is for my wife and one is for me? Or I can buy one STP and use for me and my Wife. Another question , I will would use the MTR 3 times in day, so I calculate the total MTR cost me 25-30 Singapore Doller for 3 days for me and my wife, so in this which card should I prefer, or shall i buy standard ticket ? Please suggest. Thank you very much

    1. Eva

      Hi Dipak, first of all, you and your wife can’t share a card. Each of you needs to have a card on your own. Since you’re only visiting for 3 days, I suggest that you get STP. If you’re using standard ticket, each trip would cost at least $2 (std tix is quite expensive), so 9 trips will cost at least $18. A 3-day STP costs $20 and gives you unlimited MRT and bus rides, so I think you’re better off getting 2 nos of STP.

  29. Julia

    Hi Eva! Your blog is very informative, and you totally hit the points that are important. I just have a question. I am a returning tourist who have already bought a STP last May 2018. I will be visiting SG again this coming October and i’m just wondering if I can still use my existing STP and load it up for 3-day unlimited STP?

    I will be staying for 5 days. Arriving at Saturday night and leaving at Wednesday noon. So my plan is to avail 3-day unlimited STP that I will use from Sun-Tue, and at the same time buy an EZ-Link card for my Sat and Wed commute.

    Hope you can help me experience the best of SG!

    1. Eva

      Hi Julia,
      That’s a really good question! I have never come across this case. To my best understanding, once the STP is expired, it turns into a normal EZ-Link. That means you can’t top up with a 3-day pass. My advice is to top up the card with $10 and use it for Saturday and Wednesday; then purchase a new STP 3-day pass for Sun-Tue but make sure you return it you go home and collect the deposit 🙂

      If you’re not a heavy user, just use your own card as a normal EZ-Link card.

  30. Amit

    hello Eva I read somewhere that EZlink card charges (travel charges) are lower than the STP travel charges is it true?

    1. Eva

      Hi Amit, EZ-link charges per trip, while STP charges per day. So, they can’t be compared directly.

  31. ima

    hi,,,iam so glad to find this blog, as i have planning to visit SG at this Sept,i have some problem to manage my itinerary,,,i hove you mind to answer my question.
    it’s about 3-day stp card, if i buy the card at sunday night, and i’ll use the card start at monday morning, does it mean that the card will valid until wednesday night?
    thanks before
    (excuse my poor english)

    1. Eva

      Hi Ima, yes, if you start using it on Monday, it will be valid til Wednesday night.

  32. Lovely

    Hi Eva,

    Ive been reading your blogs and i really love it… very detailed…

    Me and my pregnant friend are actually planning to visit SG this August 4 to 8 and KL August 9.

    I really need your help so I can finish my own itinerary. August 5 (Universal Studios $ Sentosa), August 6 (Marina Bay Sands, Merlion, Gardens by the bay, singapore river, cavenagh bridge, and more) August 7 city tour, go to Legoland and KL.

    – Which card should I use (EZ link or tourist pass)?

    1. Eva

      Hi Lovely, thank you for your kind words! According to your itinerary, your activities are condensed into places that are located near to each other. Thus, I suggest that you use EZ Link instead of tourist pass 🙂

      1. Lovely

        Thank you Eva, I will purchase the EZ link then… My itinerary is not yet finish… hahhhhahaha

  33. Payal


    Loving your blogs, gaining lot of insights

    I have a 9 year old daughter. Does she also need EZ link card and will it be full fares for her too in all public transport options.

    Thanks for your reply in advance,


  34. Lily

    We’ll arrive by Royal Caribbean cruiseship on 6 Sept at 8 am at Marina South Cruiseport. Our flight for Canada is at 6.30 am on 8 Sept. So we will be in Singapore from 6 Sept until nighttime of 7 Sept, as will be staying at the airport for the night of 7 Sept.Our one night hotel is at Bugis. We will be very obliged if you can kindly advise us what kind of tourist pass we should get as we would like to explore Singapore as much as possible for the 2 days.
    1. It seems we cannot get the 2 day tourist pass at the Marina South MTR. So do we pay cash at MTR to get to Bugis, then get the 2 day tourist pass when we get to Bugis? How much cash do we need and does the machine accept cash? or is there a better way? far is the cruiseport to Marina South MTR? is it walking distance?is there a free shuttle to the MTR?

    3.can that 2 day tourist pass allow us to go to airport?

    4. the 2 day tourist pass is $16 each ($26 with a refundable deposit of $10 that we get back from airport before 9 pm on 7 Sept)


    1. Eva

      Hi Lily,
      If you’re going to explore as much places as possible, the STP is the best card for you.
      1. Yes, you need to purchase Standard Ticket (1 way travel) to take MRT from Marina South Pier to Bugis. It can be purchased from the machine, the counter doesn’t sell it. I suggest before you purchase the Standard ticket, you can check with the counter whether they sell STP (in case they have changed the rule and now sell at Marina South Pier). The price should be about $2 per trip per person. Yes they accept cash, and they can give the return as well.
      2. The Marina South Pier MRT station is within walking distance from the cruise port. I don’t think there’s a shuttle bus.
      3. Yes the 2-day pass allows you to take MRT to airport as well.
      4. Yes, you can get back the $10 deposit at Changi Airpor’s Transit Link office (opening hour is 8am to 9pm), or Passenger Service Centre (operating hours is the same as MRT operating hour (about 6am-12 midnight).

      Hope it helps! Hope you have a good trip in Singapore!

  35. Dimi

    Hello, we will arrive in Singapore on August for 5 days. We are a family of 4 ( 2 adults and 2 children 10 and 15). We want to visit and explore as much as the time will permit. I need your advice … Except the days that we will be in the same place all day long (Sentosa) (Gardens by the Bay) it is better to buy 4 STP or 4 Ezlink or to use Grab or Taxi?
    Thank you in advance for your answer !

    1. Eva

      Hi Dimi. Since you allocate 2 days for Sentosa and Gardens by the bay, you now have 3 days to explore the rest of Singapore. Because you want to visit as much as you can, I think you can consider STP, especially if you think you will take public transport more than 5x a day. However, if you don’t think you will take public transport more than 5x a day, because the places you will visit are located near each other (within walking distance), and you have more budget, grab/taxi is a good option. But please note that grab/taxi in Singapore can get expensive during peak hour due to additional surcharge or high demand. EZ-Link is only a good option if you will come back to Singapore again within 5 years because it expires after 5 years.

  36. Arwin Tapican

    Hello, i’m Arwin from the Philippines,your blog is very informative.. i’ll be visiting singapore for the first time next month,i have a questions to ask ,hope you can enlighten my curious mind…
    I read on some blog that when you get the STP card ,when it expires it will return to a regular EZ link card,true?(btw….i’ll be there for 3 days)my question ,if true..if i get the 1day STP card and use the expired STP card the following days as an EZ link card and then return it before i leave,will i still get my $10 deposit back?hope you can help …thank you

    1. Eva

      Hi Arwin, thank you. It’s true that the STP will be ezlink after it expires. I have actually written in the third point of STP: “If you decide to keep the card and not return it, the S$10 deposit will be forfeited, and you can continue to use the card as a normal EZ-Link card.” Hope it helps, let me know if you need more clarification 🙂

      1. Trace

        Hi Eva, thanks for this helpful article. Another variation of this question. So STP has refundable deposit of S$10 when you return the card. EZ-link has non-refundable deposit of S$5 and you must keep the card, and EZ-link will let you cash out whatever is remaining on the card (not including the S$5 deposit). Let’s say I buy STP card, use it until it expires (after 1, 2, or 3 days), and then it converts to EZ-link, and I top up with S$20. Then I use about $15, leaving $5. So when I return the card, do I get $10 refundable deposit + $5 cash back for the unused portion of my top up? Thanks.

        1. Eva

          Hi Trace, you won’t receive the $10 refundable deposit because the deposit will be refunded if you return the card within 5 days after the day of purchase. Regarding the $5 unused value, I checked with EZ-Link hotline, they said they will refund the unused value. You can check with the staff too when you purchase the STP, just to be sure 🙂

      2. Trace

        Yes let’s say i return the stp card within the 5 days. Will i get both the $10 back AND the $5 thats remaining on the card?

        1. Eva

          Hi Tracy, according to EZ Link hotline, yes you can get $10 deposit plus unused EZ Link value.

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