Ayutthaya Temples, Bangkok, Chatuchak Weekend Market

We started our day with a bowl of boat noodle for breakfast along Naresuan Road. We rented bicycle for whole day from our hotel, and we were making our way to Wat Maha That when we spotted boat noodle stall. In Wat Maha That, we witnessed the famous Head of the Sandstone Buddha Image. From there, we continued to Wat Phra Ram and witnessed elephants on the way. After that, we went to Wat Phra Si Sanphet. It happens that 11th and 12th July are Thailand’s national public holiday, related to religious event, therefore all the temples admissions are free of charge in Ayutthaya. At the same time, all shops are prohibited from selling alcohol.

Boat noodle along Naresuan Road
Free admission for the day
The Head of the Sandstone Buddha Image in Wat Maha That
Buddha statue in Wat Maha That
Ruins in Wat Maha That
Elephant rides for tourists
Wat Phra Ram
Wat Phra Ram
Wat Phra Si Sanphet
Temple near Wat Phra Si Sanphet

After 3 temples visit, it was already noon. So we head back to hotel, and had some ice cream at Swensen’s near our hotel. We then took our bag and went to Chao Phram market to take minivan back to Bangkok. In Bangkok, honestly, I didn’t know where the minivan dropped us. There were no BTS or MRT nearby, there’s only chaotic roadside market. We were walking back and forth without aim. Finally, fortunately, we saw bus 29. We knew that bus 29 would go to Mo Chit BTS station, so we took the bus. It did bring us to Mo Chit BTS after almost like an hour of journey. The best thing is, it’s so cheap, about 6.50 baht.

From Mo Chit BTS, we walked to Chatuchak weekend market with our backpacks. It was really a great market. We did some shopping and had a lot of street snacks before eventually took MRT and BTS to our hotel at Imm Fusion (BTS: On Nut) that we booked from Agoda. At night, we did some groceries shopping at Tesco and had some massage at opposite of our hotel.

Fishball from Chatuchak Market, 4 pcs for 20 baht only
Visiting Ayutthaya temples, Thailand
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Date visited: 12 July 2014


Visiting Ayutthaya via Bangkok

So I’m back again in Bangkok after 2.5 years! This time, I’m travelling to Ayutthaya as well. Me and my travel partner will spend 4 days in total.

Our flight SIN-DMK

Our journey started early morning of Friday, 11 July 2014. Our flight was scheduled at 10.55 am from Singapore and we arrived at Bangkok Don Mueang Airport at 12.20 noon. We took the express bus A1 to Mo Chit BTS Station for THB 30/person. The price is quite steep compared to public bus, however taking this bus will give you assurance that you will arrive at Mo Chit BTS Station and that you won’t miss out the destination. If you are taking public bus, you need to be very aware of the stops in order not to miss Mo Chit BTS Station. Upon arriving at Mo Chit BTS, we asked the bus staff how to go to Mo Chit Bus Terminal. Little did we know that actually bus A1 also head to Mo Chit 2 Northern & Northeastern Bus Terminal. So the staff told us to just sit down and they’d bring us to bus terminal.

Bangkok Nothern & Northeastern Bus Terminal / Mo Chit 2

At bus terminal, we went to the information counter to ask which bus we can take to Ayutthaya. He said there’s no more bus at that time, there’s only minivan. We felt suspicious. So we asked around bus counters and everyone was telling us to take minivan. So we exited the building, went further inside and found the place where minivans are parked. We later found out that the minivans were heading to other cities, but it dropped us at one of the main roads in Ayutthaya. The bus staff “passed” us to an “illegal” taxi driver. We took his taxi after haggling. It turned out we were charged pretty steep price for a short distance. But it was the only choice we have because I had no idea where we were dropped at.

Fast forward, we checked in Ayothaya Hotel that we booked from Agoda. After checking in and taking rest, we set off to look for lunch. We walked along Pamaphrao Road towards west and found some street food. Our first food was wanton noodle, followed by beef noodle, and whatever street food that we found. After food, we decided to walk to Railway Station because read that bicycle rental is very cheap at that area. However from U-thong road, there were no bridge or whatsoever option to cross the river to the Railway station, hence we returned to hotel to rest. At night, we rented bicycle from our hotel and went to Bang Lan Night Market. We ate pretty much everything that we found interesting, including insects (which my travel partner found interesting!).

Wanton noodle stall along Pamaphrao Road
Our first food in Ayutthaya: wanton noodle
No way to cross the river to railway station
The road with canal
Roads in Ayutthaya
Roads in Ayutthaya
Fried insects from night market
Visiting Ayutthaya via Bangkok
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Date visited: 11 July 2014