Amarapura, Mingun, Sagaing, U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

It was one ambitious day of squeezing so many places in a day. We had breakfast at hotel, and checked out at 8.30am. Our first stop of the day was longyi workshop in Amarapura. All these times, I never understand how weaving machine works. Upon observation in this workshop, I finally got some basic idea how the machine works and how the pattern is formed. Weaving is a hard work. (more…)

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Mandalay Sightseeing: Maha Muni, Royal Palace, Golden Palace Monastery, Largest Book, Mandalay Hill

It was the worse overnight bus we took in Myanmar. My friend almost vomit, and I was cursing about the loud yell every time the bus stop at any drop off point. We arrived in Mandalay bus station at 2am. Upon arriving, there are many shouting in local language, I’m not sure if it’s some arguments, or they are just trying to get attention of bus passengers. And it was very dark and dirty at the bus station.

What makes the whole thing worst is our terrible driver. He was not there when we arrived, we called him and the phone was off. Eventually we called our travel agent in Yangon, and he made some calls, and told us to wait a while. So we sat down in a rundown coffee shop until he showed up at 2.45am. Then we went to hotel to check in and rest til morning. (more…)

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