How to travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru by Bus

How to travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru by Bus

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As someone who stays and works in Singapore, I am constantly looking for short getaways to neighboring countries. Since the nearest city from Singapore is Johor Bahru, Malaysia, I found myself frequently cross the border from Singapore to Johor Bahru.

There are many ways you could travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru, such as by public bus, by shuttle tebrau train, by taxi, by hired car or by driving. And nope, there is no flight between Johor Bahru Senai Airport and Singapore Changi Airport.

In this post, I’ll share with you about how to go from Singapore to Johor Bahru by public bus, as well as how to travel back from Johor Bahru to Singapore by bus.

How to pay for the bus fare?

Public bus fare can be paid using EZ-Link, ManjaLink (only Causeway buses) or by cash. If you pay bus fare by cash, please pay with exact money because no change will be given. After paying cash, you will then be given a ticket that you must keep throughout the journey until you reach your destination.

If you don’t have exact cash, for Causeway (CW) buses, you have the option to pay at the counters which are usually available at every starting point of CW buses’ routes. However, for other buses, there are no counters, hence no change will be given.

What is the travel duration?

The travel duration from Singapore to JB depends greatly on traffic condition. It could take 1 hour during off-peak (weekdays afternoon), but it could take as much as 4 hours during peak period (such as the eve of a long weekend or eve of a Public Holiday).

Most of the time, it takes me about 2 hours to cross the border in the evening or on the weekend. 

Since it’s difficult to estimate the exact travel duration, it’s better to allow more buffer for the journey, especially if you need to catch another bus or flight from Johor Bahru to other cities.

Understanding 2 Border Checkpoints

There are 2 Border Checkpoints between Singapore and Johor Bahru. The main and older one is SG Woodlands CIQ & JB CIQ; this is also commonly referred as “Causeway” or “First Link.”  The building name for JB checkpoint is “Sultan Iskandar.” For simplicity, I will use the terms Woodlands Checkpoint and JB Sentral Checkpoint.

The second and newer one is SG Tuas CIQ, and JB Second Link CIQ; this is commonly referred as “Second Link” or “Tuas.” The building name for JB Second Link checkpoint is “Sultan Abu Bakar.” For simplicity, I will use the term Tuas Checkpoint and JB Second Link Checkpoint.

Both checkpoints are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Which border and which bus you should choose? To answer this, you need to consider your final destination in JB.

If you are planning for shopping, cafe hopping, food hunting, mall hanging out, you may choose to go to JB Sentral Checkpoint via First Link. From JB Sentral Custom, you can literally walk to Johor Bahru City Square, Komtar JBCC, JB Sentral Bus Terminal, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, and Jalan Dhoby.

If you are planning to go to Larkin Terminal to take other buses to continue to other parts of Malaysia, you may choose either First Link or Second Link.

If you are going to other parts of JB that are near Second Link (such as Legoland, Johor Premium Outlet, Bukit Indah, Iskandar Puteri), you may choose Second Link.

Woodlands Checkpoint
Woodlands Checkpoint

Which Border has Less Traffic?

The traffic tends to be heavier at Woodlands, but during peak period such as Public Holiday, both borders are equally heavy.

Even though first link is usually more congested, it doesn’t mean that I will choose second link over first link all the time. What I usually do before crossing the border is checking the traffic cameras at both checkpoints and checking Google Maps for estimated traffic condition.

The traffic cameras are updated every minute so it’s pretty accurate. If you see a traffic jam, do investigate whether it’s traffic jam on car lanes or bus lanes. Sometimes, the car lanes may have heavy traffic but the bus lane is literally empty.

What traffic cameras can’t show you is the traffic condition at JB Checkpoint, because these cameras are installed by Singapore side, not Malaysia. So, if you see a clear bridge, don’t be too happy first. Instead, check the traffic condition at Google Maps, maybe there’s a traffic jam at Malaysia side.

How to check traffic condition in Google Maps? Choose “traffic” function in Google Maps. On mobile, it’s located at top right corner, under the search bar, within the drop-down menu. On desktop, it’s within the drop-down menu located at top left corner.

The traffic function will show you traffic condition in colors. Dark red means extremely heavy. But again, heavy traffic refers to car traffic, not bus traffic. There’s a lot of guestimate when trying to predict bus traffic.

Can you walk across the border of Singapore and Malaysia?

Some people do walk across the border between Woodlands Checkpoint and JB Sentral Checkpoint on rare occasions, such as when the traffic jam is too horrible and they are at risk of arriving late at their workplace. However, please do not walk because it is extremely dangerous; there is no pedestrian footpath and the vehicles don’t give way to pedestrian.

And, nobody walks across the border between Tuas Checkpoint and JB Second Link Checkpoint. Curious why? The distance between the two checkpoints is 5km! Similar to first link, there’s no pedestrian footpath and vehicles don’t give way to pedestrian. So, for safety reason, please wait patiently for the bus no matter how urgently you need to get to your destination.

List of Buses from Singapore to Johor Bahru

1. From Kranji MRT Station

At Kranji MRT Station, take exit C to the bus stop. Money changer with reasonable rates is available here, as well as a food court. On weekends, expect huge crowd so leave your house early.

Location of Kranji MRT on Google Maps:

Bus 170x, cw1 from kranji singapore to johor bahru
Boarding bay for bus 170x blue plate. Meanwhile, boarding bay for CW1 is further behind.

From Kranji MRT, there are 2 buses you can take:

1. SBS Bus 170X (formerly called SBS Bus 170 blue plate). 
Fare: S$ 1.43 by EZ-Link card; or S$ 2.10 by cash.
Operating Hour from Kranji: 5.40am to 11.30pm. 
Operating Hour from JB Sentral: 6.10am to 12 midnight.

SBS Bus 170X will bring you to Johor Bahru via Woodlands Checkpoint (First Link). The last station for Bus 170X is JB Sentral Bus Terminal, which is within walking distance from JB Sentral Checkpoint. So, usually after clearing the immigration at JB, nobody takes bus 170x anymore because people who are going to JB Sentral simply walk from the Checkpoint.

For information, there are 2 types of SBS Bus 170: red plate and blue plate. Blue plate (or 170X) leaves from Kranji and ends at JB Sentral Bus Terminal with only a few stops in between. Meanwhile, Red plate (bus 170) leaves from Queen Street Terminal (see point #3 below) and ends at Larkin Terminal with many bus stops in between (not recommended due to long journey).

2. Causeway Link Bus CW1. 
Fare: S$ 1.50 by cash; or by ManjaLink.
CW1 Route:
Route of ALL CW buses:
Operating Hour from Kranji:
6.30am to 11.30pm.
Operating Hour from JB Sentral Checkpoint: 4.10am to 10.40pm. 

Bus CW1 only have 4 stops: Kranji MRT Station, SG Woodlands Checkpoint, JB Sentral Checkpoint, and Larkin Terminal.

My personal favorite way to go to JB is to taking SBS Bus 170X from Kranji because I need to take MRT from my house to Kranji and I use EZ-Link. If I take an SBS/SMRT bus after alighting from MRT, it’s considered as transfer and I can get discounts if the transfer is done within 45 mins. To understand about the transfer, you may visit here.

However, I would choose CW1 when there is a long queue for 170X but there is little or no queue for CW1. 

2. From Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange (Walkable distance from Woodlands MRT Station)

From Woodlands MRT station, you need walk to Woodlands Bus Interchange (follow the signs to Bus Interchange) which is located just beside MRT Station.

Location of Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange on Google Maps:

Bus 950 from woodlands singapore to johor bahru
Boarding bay for bus 950 at Berth 9
Bus 950 from woodlands singapore to johor bahru
Bus 950 departs from Berth 9 at Woodlands Interchange

From Woodlands Bus Interchange, there’s 1 bus that you can take directly to Woodlands Checkpoints, which is the SMRT Bus 950. Here are the details:
Fare: S$ 1.47 by EZ-Link card; or S$ 2.30 by cash.
Operating Hour: 5.30am to 11.30pm.

SMRT Bus 950 will bring you to Johor Bahru via Woodlands Checkpoint (First Link). Then, it continues to JB Sentral Checkpoint and JB Sentral Bus Terminal to pick up passengers before coming back to Singapore. 

SBS bus 950 is my 2nd personal favorite (after 170X) because it is nearer to where I stay, and because I have options to take other buses if SMRT Bus 950 has long queue and I’m in a rush, especially during peak period (weekend or evening).

Wait, but you said there’s only 1 bus from Woodlands??

Yes there’s only 1 direct bus to the Checkpoint. BUT, there are a few other buses that go to Woodlands Train Checkpoints. From the Train Checkpoints, it is about 10 minutes walk to Woodlands Checkpoint. So, it’s a good alternative if you don’t mind a lot of walking.

Here are the buses that goes to Train Checkpoint:

  • Bus 856 (6 stops to Train Checkpoint). My recommended bus because it’s a short journey and it’s more frequent than 950.
  • Bus 903 (10 stops to Train Checkpoint). 
  • Bus 911 (6 stops to Train Checkpoint), but you need to take the one that goes to West Loop, not East. It’s quite confusing to figure out which is which, so it’s best to ask the driver if he goes to Train Checkpoint.
  • Bus 912 or 912B (11 stops to Train Checkpoint), but you need to take the one that goes to West Loop, not East. It’s quite confusing to figure out which is which, so it’s best to ask the driver if he goes to Train Checkpoint. Not recommended.

3. From Queen Street Terminal (Nearest MRT stations: Bugis and Rochor)

Queen Street Terminal is about 15 mins walk from Bugis and Rochor MRT stations. It is located at Queen Street, between Arab Street and Ban San Street.

From Bugis MRT, take exit A or B, walk along Victoria Street until you meet Arab Street, and turn left. From Rochor, take either exit A or B, walk towards Ophir Road, turn left to Rochor Canal Road, then turn right to Ban San Street.

Location of Queen Street Terminal on Google Maps:

There are 3 options of buses from Queen Street Terminal:

1. SBS Bus 170 (formerly called Bus 170 red plate).
Fare: S$ 1.94 by EZ-Link card; or S$ 2.60 by cash.
Operating Hour from Queen Street Terminal: 5.20am to 00.10am. 
Operating Hour from Larkin Terminal in JB: 5.20am to 00.30am. 

SBS Bus 170 leaves from Queen Street Terminal and ends at Larkin Terminal with so many bus stops in between, including Rochor Stn, Opp Little India Stn, Newton Stn, Stevens Stn, Botanic Garden Stn, Tan Kah Kee Stn, Sixth Avenue Stn, King Albert Park Stn, Hillview Stn, Opp Bukit Panjang Stn. I do not recommend bus 170 from Queen Street because it stops at too many locations that you are wasting too much time on the road.

2. Causeway Link Bus CW2.
Fare: S$ 3.00 by ManjaLink, S$ 3.30 by Ez-Link, S$ 3.50 by cash
CW2 Route:
Route of ALL CW buses:
Operating Hour from Queen Street Terminal: 6.30am to 11.45pm.
Operating Hour from JB Sentral Checkpoint: 4.00am to 11.00pm. 

Bus CW2 has only a total of 4 stops: Queen Street Terminal, Woodlands Checkpoint, JB Sentral Checkpoint and Larkin Terminal. Now, you can use EZ Link, Manjalink or cash for CW2 bus. If you use cash, remember to buy your cash token before queuing.

Tip for CW2: if you don’t mind standing on the bus for the entire journey (could take up to 1 hour plus in the evening or weekend), you can skip the long queue and go to the front of the queue. There, wait until the bus is almost full and nobody in the queue boards the bus anymore. Then board the bus.

Yep, most people in the long q will not board if there are no more seats, they don’t want to stand and would rather wait for the next bus, so this is your chance to take the bus without queuing (but you pay the price by having to stand the entire journey).

Do note that if you take CW2, once you got your passport stamp at Woodlands Checkpoint, you could board any CW buses to go to JB Sentral Checkpoint. Just show your ticket to any CW bus driver and they’ll let you in.

3. Singapore-Johore Express Bus / SJE (Fare: S$ 3.30 by cash).

Bus SJE route is exactly the same as CW2. Seats for SJE bus are more comfortable compared to CW2. As for frequency, it is hard to predict because there isn’t any app that you can use to check the departing schedule for bus SJE and CW.

If I were to choose between CW2 and SJE, I definitely prefer CW2 because at Woodlands Checkpoint, I can continue with any CW buses. With SJE, I have to wait for SJE.

Queen Street Terminal Singapore
Queen Street Terminal
Queen Street Terminal entrance
Queen Street Terminal
SBS Bus 170 red plate
SBS Bus 170 red plate going to Woodlands Checkpoint, but passing through many stops in between
Bus CW2 and SJE at Queen Street Terminal
Bus CW2 and SJE at Queen Street Terminal

4. From Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange (Walkable distance from Jurong East MRT Station)

From Jurong East MRT, take exit A, and follow the direction to Bus Interchange.

There is 1 bus that goes to JB via Woodlands Checkpoint which is SBS bus 160 (Fare: S$ 1.84 by EZ-Link Card; S$ 2.50 by cash), but there are 3 buses that go to JB via Tuas Second LinkCheckpoint: CW3 (Fare: S$ 4.00 by cash to Larkin), CW4 (Fare: S$ 4.00 + RM 4.20 by cash to Pontian Bus Terminal) and CW4S (Fare: S$ 4.00 + RM 4.80 by cash to Sutera Mall).

SBS Bus 160 ends at JB Sentral Terminal. I personally do not recommend you to take bus 160 because it passes through many stops before Woodlands Checkpoint. The full route and fare can be found at Meanwhile, CW buses do not have too many stops, but they only go to Second Link, not Woodlands.

Location on Google Maps:

Bus 160 from jurong east singapore to johor bahru
Boarding bay for bus 160

Bus CW3 ends at Larkin Terminal by passing through SG Tuas 2nd Link Checkpoint, Gelang Patah Bus Terminal, Taman Bukit Indah, Perling Mall, Taman Tasik). The full timetable can be found in CW website.

Bus CW4 ends at Pontian Bus Terminal by passing through SG Tuas 2nd Link Checkpoint and Gelang Patah Bus Terminal). The full timetable can be found in CW website.

Bus CW4S ends at Sutera Mall by passing through SG Tuas 2nd Link Checkpoint, Gelang Patah Bus Terminal, Lima Kedai, Taman Sri Orkid, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah). The full timetable can be found in CW website.

Bus cw3, cw4 from jurong east singapore to johor bahru
Boarding bay for bus CW3, CW4

5. From Newton Food Centre (Walkable distance from Newton MRT Station)

From Newton, you can take Causeway Link bus CW5  to Johor Bahru. This bus only has 3 stops: Newton Food Centre, SG Woodlands Checkpoint, JB Sentral Checkpoint. It is the best choice if you are staying/working near Newton/Orchard and going to JB Sentral only. 

Fare: S$ 3.50 by by cash
CW5 Route:
Route of ALL CW buses:
Operating Hour from Newton: 6.30am to 11.30pm.
Operating Hour from JB Sentral Checkpoint: 5.00am to 10.30pm. 

From Newton MRT, take exit B. It is about 10-minute walk from Newton MRT Station to CW5 Bus Stop. Getting there can be quite confusing because the traffic is quite heavy around Newton MRT and there isn’t pedestrian crossing.

Basically you have to find your way to Newton Food Centre, then walk across the open-air carpark. Then, you will find CW5 bus stop.

Location on Google Maps:

Bus cw5 from newton singapore to johor bahru
Bus stop for bus CW5

6. From Boon Lay MRT Station

From Boon Lay, you can take Causeway Link bus CW6 via Tuas 2nd Link. This bus has a few stops: Boon Lay, Tuas 2nd Link Checkpoints, Taman Bukit Indah, Giant Nusa Bestari, Taman Tasik, Larkin Terminal. 

Fare: S$ 4.50 by by cash
CW6 Route:
Route of ALL CW buses:
Operating Hour from Boon Lay: 7.30am to 10.40pm.
Operating Hour from TF Value Mart: 5.00am to 9.30pm (Mon-Fri) and 6am-9.10pm (Weekend, PH). 

From Boon Lay MRT, take exit B, walk straight until the main road (Boon Lay Way), then turn right, and you will see the bus stop. Refer photos below.

Location on Google Maps:

Bus cw6 from boon lay singapore to johor bahru
From Boon Lay MRT, take exit B and you will see this. Walk straight and then turn right.
Bus cw6 from boon lay singapore to johor bahru
After you turn right, you can see the bus station from which CW6 departs. Notice there’s a long queue.
Bus cw6 from boon lay singapore to johor bahru
This is the bus stop that CW6 departs from. There is a CW counter here as well if you’d like to ask for more information.

7. From Changi Airport (Terminal 2 and 4)

From Changi Airport, you can take Transtar Bus TS1 from Terminal 2 and Terminal 4. Fare: S$ 9.00 by EZ-Link; S$ 10.00 by cash (pay when you board the bus). The bus starts at Terminal 2, Terminal 4, several stops in between, and eventually ends at JB Sentral Checkpoint. The full routes, schedule and fares can be found at If you have questions when you’re on the ground, just approach the counter at Terminal 2, Level 1. Sometimes, timing or boarding bay may change, so it’s best to check with the counter.

Coach Bay at Terminal 2 Arrival Hall, Changi Airport
Follow directions to Coach Bay at Terminal 2, Level 1, Arrival Hall
Bus TS1 at Changi Airport Terminal 2 going to Johor Bahru (JB)
Bus TS1 departs from Terminal 2
Bus TS1 Counter at Terminal 2, Level 1, Arrival Hall
Bus TS1 Counter at Terminal 2, Level 1, Arrival Hall in case you have any questions

8. From Resort World Sentosa (Nearest MRT station: Harbourfront)

From Harbourfront Station, you can wak throgh “Boardwalk” to Resort World Sentosa, or take Sentosa Express Monorail from Level 3 of Vivocity and alight at Promenade Station.

At Resort World Sentosa, take the escalator down to Basement and follow direction to “Coach Bay.”

Here, you can take Transtar Bus TS8 from Basement Coach Bay. Fare: S$ 6.00 by EZ-Link; S$ 7.00 by cash. The bus ends at JB Sentral Checkpoint. The full routes, schedule and fares can be found at If you have any questions when you’re on the ground, just approach the counter at the Coach Bay. Sometimes, timing or boarding bay may change, so it’s best to check with the counter.

Location on Google Maps:

Escalator to coach bay for Bus TS8 from resort world sentosa singapore to johor bahru
Take this escalator down and you’ll find coach bay right away
Escalator to coach bay for Bus TS8 from resort world sentosa singapore to johor bahru
Otherwise, you can also take this escalator down and walk towards Coach Bay
Direction to coach bay for Bus TS8 from resort world sentosa singapore to johor bahru
This is the view near casino. Just follow the direction to Coach Bay.
Transtar counter for Bus TS8 from resort world sentosa singapore to johor bahru
At Coach Bay, you can see this Transtar counter where you can ask information about bus TS8 leaving to JB
Bus TS8 from resort world sentosa singapore to johor bahru
Bus TS8

Alternatively, you could consider another bus provider from 707 travel group. The counter for 707 is just nearby Transtar counter. The price is slightly cheaper than TS8 but the timing is not so frequent, and I am not sure whether this is a direct bus or with some stops in between.

Bus from 707 travel group, from resort world sentosa singapore to johor bahru
Bus to JB from 707 Travel Group

9. From Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange (Walkable distance from Yishun MRT Station)

From Yishun MRT station, take exit C. You will need to take the escalator in front of NTUC Fairprice down to the tunnel, then take escalator up to Northpoint Shopping Centre. Inside Northpoint, follow direction to the bus interchange.

At Yishun bus interchange, one can take bus AC7 to JB Sentral Checkpoint, passing through many stops in between. Fare: S$ 2.20 by EZ-Link Card; S$ 2.50 by cash. More information on the full routes can be found here and here.

Location on Google Maps:

Bus AC7 from yishun singapore to johor bahru
Bus AC7 leaves from Berth 8 at Yishun temporary bus interchange
Bus AC7 from yishun singapore to johor bahru
Berth 8 at Yishun, from which bus AC7 departs

10. From Marina Square (Walkable distance from Promenade MRT Station)

Bus TS3 brings you from Singapore CBD (Central Business District) to Johor Bahru CIQ via first link (Woodlands) and vice versa. It’s suitable for Johoreans who work in Singapore but stay in Johor Bahru, as well as tourists who stay at CBD or Chinatown but wants to visit Johor Bahru on a day trip. Take note that the bus only operates in the morning and evening.

To get to Pan Pacific Hotel, you can take MRT to Promenade and then walk for 450m. You can also board the bus from Downtown MRT Station, Clarke Quay and several other bus stops. You can find bus TS3 full route and schedule here. The price is SGD 6 by EZ-Link; and SGD 7 by cash. The exact fare is to be paid on board; no change will be given.

Location on Google Maps:

Bus TS3 - Singapore to Johor Bahru
Bus TS3 (Photo:

11. From The Star Vista (Walkable distance from Buona Vista MRT Station)

Bus TS6 is an alternative of bus CW3. Typically, residents who stay and work in the west part of Singapore would go to Jurong East (see point 4 above) and take bus CW3/CW4/CW4S to Johor Bahru via second link. Now, people who stay/work near Buona Vista MRT, One Nort MRT, Kent Ridge MRT, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Gul Circle MRT, Tuas West Road MRT, Tuas Link MRT can save time by taking TS6.

Bus TS6 terminates at Gelang Patah Bus Terminal, from which you can catch another bus or ride a Grab (sign up for Grab here and use my code β€œGRABTREVALLOG” to get discounts for your ride) to other parts of Johor Bahru. You can find bus TS6 full route and schedule here. The price is SGD 4.5 by EZ-Link; and SGD 5 by cash (similar price with CW3). The exact fare is to be paid on board; no change will be given.

Location on Google Maps:

Bus TS6 pick up point from Buona Vista
Photo: Transtar Travel
Bus TS6 - Singapore to Johor Bahru
Photo: Transtar Travel

12. From Tuas Link MRT Station

Tuas Link MRT station is the westernmost MRT station. It is really near Tuas Checkpoint, however, you can’t walk to Tuas Checkpoint from here. Instead, you need to take Causeway bus CW7. It costs $4 by cash, $3.8 by EZ-Link and $3.5 by Manjalink. When using EZ-Link do note that you need to tap on the card reader located at the counter, not inside the bus. Also, EZ-Link can only be used in Singapore, not in JB. If you’re using cash and Manjalink, you can do so inside the bus.

To go to the bus boarding point, take the Exit A at Tuas Link MRT Station.

Location on Google Maps:

Bus CW7 from Tuas Link Singapore to Johor Bahru

When to Tap In & Tap Out?

If you’re using EZ-Link, here’s the general rule about taking public bus in Singapore: You need to tap in every time you board a bus, and you need to tap out every time you alight from a bus. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your final destination or you’re doing a transfer of bus, you have to tap in and tap out every time you enter and exit the bus.

Here’s a step-by-step procedure:

  • Tap-in when you enter a bus from, for example, Kranji
  • Tap-out when you exit at SG Woodlands checkpoint
  • Get your passport stamped
  • Queue at bus station below the immigration
  • Tap-in when you enter the bus at Woodlands Checkpoint
  • Tap-out when you arrive at JB CIQ
  • Get your passport stamped
  • If you’re going to Larkin Terminal, go to bus station below immigration at JB CIQ. Wait for your bus. Tap in when you enter the bus. When you arrive at Larkin, tap out again.
  • If you’re going to JB Sentral or City Square, just walk and follow the direction

At Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint

When you arrive at SG Woodlands Checkpoint, go up the escalator, queue at the counters and get your passport stamped. Once you get out, go down the escalator, make a U-turn and you will find the queue for the bus. If you have taken SBS bus to Woodlands Checkpoint, you may board any SBS buses to go to JB Sentral Checkpoint. Likewise, if you have taken any CW bus to Woodlands Checkpoint, you may board any CW buses to go to JB Sentral Checkpoint. Just observe which bus comes first and go for it πŸ™‚

Bus 160, 170, cw1, cw2 from singapore woodlands checkpoint to johor bahru
Boarding bay for buses at SG Woodlands Checkpoints

At Johor Bahru Checkpoint

When you arrive at JB Sentral Checkpoint, make your way to the counter and get your passport stamped. No immigration card is required to be filled for entry into Malaysia. Once you are done with passport, get out from the counter area and walk straight. You will then have 2 choices: go to the bus stop at Basement and continue to other parts of JB with a bus; or walk to JB Sentral and enjoy your getaway. Just follow the signs along the way.

Bus 160, 170 from johor bahru checkpoint to larkin terminal or jb sentral terminal
Boarding bay for bus 160 and 170 at basement of JB Checkpoint
Bus SJE, CW from johor bahru checkpoint to larkin terminal or other part of JB
Boarding bay for bus SJE and CW at JB Checkpoint

At SG Tuas Checkpoint & JB Second Link Checkpoint

Crossing  border at Second Link is similar to that at Causeway. Once you get your passport stamped at Tuas Checkpoint, proceed to bus boarding area and board bus to go to JB Second Link Checkpoint. Once your passport is stamped at JB Second Link, proceed to bus boarding area and board the bus that will bring you to your next destination.

Travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru by Bus
Boarding bay for buses CW3, CW3L, CW3S, CW6, CW7, JPO2, SL1 (click photo to enlarge)
Travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru by Bus
Boarding bay for bus CW4, CW4S, CW4G, CW3L (click photo to enlarge)

How to Cross Border at Midnight When Public Buses Don’t Operate?

First of all, I don’t recommend crossing the border between 12 midnight to 5am when the public buses don’t operate because it’s just too risky. But if you really really have to do so, I recommend you take taxi/grab to the Woodlands Checkpoint (not Tuas). After your passport is stamped, go the the bus waiting area. Chances are, you’ll find Bus Pekerja or inter-city buses.

If there are many people waiting for bus, join the queue. Bus Pekerja usually charges around RM 1 to RM 2 for the short ride between the checkpoints. If there are not many people waiting for bus, approach the bus drivers and ask them whether they can allow you to join their bus to JB Checkpoint. Prepare cash in advance because these buses don’t accept EZ-Link or cards.

What if there are no bus at all? I hate to suggest this but you have 2 options: wait until there’s a bus or walk across the bridge (which is a terrible and dangerous idea).

Going to Singapore from JB Larkin Terminal

If you are going to Singapore from Larkin Terminal, you can board SBS Bus 170, SJE bus, CW1, CW2, CW3 to JB Checkpoint; and CW6 to JB Second Link. The fare for CW buses is significantly cheaper if you board in JB compared to SG. Check CW website for more info on the fare.

Since Larkin Terminal is undergoing renovation in 2017 and 2018, the platform for buses is not fix yet. One day, you can find SBS/CW buses in platform D, other days they’re are at other platforms. So, just look around or ask people!

Travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru by Bus
Temporary platform for CW buses (2017)
Travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru by Bus
Temporary platform for SBS and SJE buses (2017)

Going to Other Parts of Malaysia from JB Larkin Terminal

From Larkin Terminal, you can board other buses to go to other parts of Malaysia. You can buy the tickets from ticket counters that are located inside the building. DO NOT buy bus ticket from the men who approach you when you walk around Larkin, most of the time they are trying to sell you expensive tickets on buses that have many stopovers.

At the moment (Dec 2017), there are 2 ticket counter location at Larkin. The first one is the Centralised Ticket Counter. However, now this Centralised counter only sells ticket for CERTAIN bus only. You can find tickets for more buses when you go further inside the building. Follow the arrow that says “tiket kaunter.”

buy bus ticket from larkin station
Centralised ticket counter that only sells ticket for CERTAIN buses (Dec 2017)
buy bus ticket from larkin station
More ticket counter inside Larkin terminal (Dec 2017)

You can also buy bus ticket online from platforms such as or Some bus operators require you to check-in at bus counter to get your seat number. If you come from Singapore to Larkin, you can’t predict what time you arrive at Larkin due to traffic so it’s risky to buy online.

However, for PEAK period (Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, National Day, etc), bus tickets will be sold out early, so it’s better to buy online or buy in advance from the counter.

Last updated: 18 March 2019

Disclaimer: All information is correct as of the time of writing. Any subsequent changes might not be reflected here. 

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How to travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru by Bus

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      Hi Mei, unfortunately I have no information about this. If you have STP, you can try to use it for crossing border. If it’s rejected, you can pay by cash. Remember to bring exact change and keep the bus ticket until you arrive at your final destination.

  3. Ben

    Thanks a lot for sharing all the details. It’s very useful and much appreciated.

  4. Ho Kee Yan

    Eva, this post of yours on bussing between SG and MY is too good and informative to be real; as good as any PHD thesis! I drive with friends over and back, never by bus, and I thought I should give it a try, and I am so lucky to find your blog post which is so very informative. Thank you!

    1. Eva

      Hi Kee Yan, hahaha I’m really flattered! Thanks for the compliment! I first wrote this post for my own reference, so I’m glad it can help other people as well.

  5. Sev

    Your post is extremely precise but still, I have 3 questions:
    – Will it be crowded on sunday 10 th august to go from aljunied mrt to JB?if so, how can we avoid it?
    – Knowing that we are 4 with 2 suitcases, how do you recommend that we get to JB?
    – I understand reading your post that it should cost : mrt ticket plus bus ticket (we have no ez link cards) so around 4 dollars per person for the whole trip, is this correct?

    1. Eva

      Hi Sev, glad you find it useful. In my opinion, the borders are unlikely to be crowded on 10 Aug because most people are travelling out of Singapore on the 8th and coming back to Singapore on the 12th. If your suitcases are cabin-size, I think it’s ok to take public bus on 10 Aug. If you want convenience, the best way is to rent private cross-border taxi.

      Regarding the cost, I don’t know you are taking MRT from which station so I can’t advise the total cost. Since you don’t have EZ-Link, you need to purchase standard ticket at MRT station to take MRT. To take bus, just prepare enough cash (preferably small change), tell the driver you want to go to JB Checkpoint or Larkin, then they will tell you the price you need to pay. I think you might need to prepare around $6 per person just to be safe.

  6. Judy

    hi eva, your blog’s very useful.. but need your expert adivse.. planning to go to Iskandar Puteri next week.. Understand there’s a bus from Buona Vista, is that a good choice to travel on a Friday night? thanks for your time!

    1. Eva

      Hi Judy, yes bus TS6 would be a good choice to go to Iskandar Puteri. Traffic on Friday night is not great on both borders, so if you really have to travel on Friday night, it’s fine to take TS6.

  7. Daphne

    Hi Eva,

    I’m going to Taman Sentosa from Singapore. What is the best Public Transport?

    Should I take CW5 from Newton to SG CIQ then CW buses to JB CIQ. Then at JB bus station take CW or SBS bus to Lakrin and take cab to Taman Sentosa?

    How much do I need to pay the bus fare from JB to Lakrin? Is this the best way? How much will it cost me for a cab ride from Larkin to Taman Sentosa.

    Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Eva

      Hi Daphne,

      Just take any bus to SG CIQ at Woodlands. If you take SBS, then at SG CIQ you can take any SBS bus to JB CIQ. Same for CW bus. At JB CIQ, after getting your passport stamp, just walk to JB Sentral or City Square and get a cab or Grab to Taman Sentosa. It’s about 4 km only so I suggest that you not waste time taking another local bus.

      1. Daphne

        Thank you so much Eva.

  8. sumasree

    hi Eva, my friends are planning to leave SG this Friday at 4pm and said that we can reach JB by 5.30pm and if I leave from JB at 9.30pm…I can reach SG by 11pm….is this true?

    1. Eva

      Hi sumasree, when you say “leave SG” I’m not sure which part of SG you’re referring to. If you leave Kranji/Woodlands at 4pm, then yes you can reach JB at 5.30pm. If you leave from other parts of SG at 4pm, I doubt 1.5 hours is enough. For the second question, I presume leave JB means JB Sentral, then yes, you can leave JB Sentral at 9.30pm and arrive at SG woodlands at 11pm.

  9. Ningko

    Very detailed description! Really good information. Thank you

  10. Joke Jong

    Thanks for writing this very detailed blog post! And thank you for answering all of the questions that the visitors asked as well. You are making such a big positive impact and difference to many travelers! Please keep up the awesome and great work!

    1. Eva

      Thank you!

  11. Rin


    1. Eva

      Aw.. thanks!

  12. finie

    Good article. very helpful

  13. razia

    hi, how does it work when i need to return from jb to sin? i intend to take 950 from woodlands. thank you.

    1. Eva

      Hi, I assume you will make your own way to City Square when you are returning to SG. Just walk from City Square to JB CIQ. After clearing immigration, just go down to the bus station and take 950/170/160/CW whichever comes first or have the shortest q. Just remember that you can use EZ-Link/cash for 950/170/160 but CW only accepts cash/Manjalink.

  14. Nguyen Hoang Nam

    Hello Eva
    I really hope you can help me. We will go to Singapore on June 10 and return to Vietnam on June 15. Therefore, we want to spend a day (June 14) to visit JB.
    I have a few problems:
    Is it difficult or difficult to enter into Malaysia from Singapore and from JB back to Singapore? Especially back to Singapore from JB.
    We are very worried that we will not be able to return to Singapore after arriving in JB for 1 day. Because some information said that Immigration staff will check very carefully. (We bought flight tickets from Singapore to Vietnam and booked hotels from 10 to 15 June at Bugis)
    And, when I return to Singapore, do I need to re-enter the new Immigration form? Or you can use what I filled when I went from Vietnam to Singapore.

    1. Eva

      Hi Hoang Nam,
      I think it’s not difficult to come back to Singapore from JB, because you have proof that you need to take the flight from Singapore to Vietnam. Yes sometimes the immigration officer will do check on incoming visitors, but just show him the flight ticket. Yes you need a new immigration form. So, I suggest that you take extra forms from Changi airport when you arrive on 10th of June. No, you can’t use the old form to re-enter singapore because when you exit singapore to JB, you’re going to give up the old form. Hope it helps πŸ™‚

      1. Nguyen Hoang Nam

        many thanks for your help

  15. Tiger

    Hi, thanks for the very informative and detailed post! Just want to confirm: the fare payment for CW5 is only payable by cash? Are Ez-link and Manjalink both not accepted?

    1. Eva

      Hi Tiger, CW5 accepts ManjaLink too. As for EZ-Link, I have noticed that Causeway counter at Tuas Link MRT has a card reader that can deduct are from EZ-Link, so I think the counter at Newton may have similar card reader as well. You can prepare cash just in case they don’t accept EZ-Link πŸ™‚

  16. Petteri

    Thanks for this excellent info, it’s very nice. Still need to ask something πŸ™‚ Can you use Singapore touristpass with 170X bus from Kranji and from JB?

    1. Eva

      Yes you can πŸ™‚

  17. Hadi

    Hai eva…many thanks for your write here, this is the most clearly information i’ve got about how to go to JB with a public transportation..

    However, i hope you can answer my following question soon, because i need to go to jB right now…how to differentiate (physically) between SBS 170x and 170…acccording to your picture they are all have same figure..

    Thanks before

    1. Eva

      Hi Hadi, for 170X, the number “170X” will be displayed in the LED scrolling text in front of the bus, or it will be displayed on a blue plate.

  18. Bong

    Hi Guys, i am planning to go to JB on Monday and i already went to KL before via plane but on Monday i will go to JB for 1 week. My questions are:

    – Do i need to present any to Malaysian Immigration Officer? like
    where to stay in JB(how many days)
    do i need to present a return ticket?

    This is my first time to cross border to JB and I would also like to ask if the immigration from the border is strict with this?

    Thank you guys in advance.

    1. Eva

      Hi Bong, yeah if you’re unlucky, they’ll ask you about details of your visit. If you’re staying for a week, it’s better to have a proof of accommodation and onward travel plan. At the end of your 1 week stay in JB, if you’re going to Singapore or KL, I recommend that you have proof of hotel stay in Singapore or KL. It doesn’t have to be a ticket, because they know you can just take public bus from JB to Singapore or KL.

  19. okay

    Hi, can you advice where can I buy the KTM train ticket? Any time schedule for the train? I plan to take the train from Woodland to JB Sentral.

    1. Al

      Best way to do this is to go to Choose the train section, enter your dates, and it will tell you what is available and when/how much. You can book from there as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to book too far ahead (looks like ~ 1 month) of time.

    2. Sheena J.

      You need to book the ticket ahead of time.. 2 weeks or more should I say? Riding the bus is convenient, too. It also only takes 5 to 10minutes to reach JB CIQ.

      1. okay

        Ticket always sold out if go through online. I wonder if I can buy and is available at the ticket counter?

  20. Desak Armi

    Hi Eva,
    We have plan to go to Legoland Malaysia on Thursday, October 31, 2019. We will leaving from Aljunied MRT Geylang that morning, and countinue straight to Legoland. I have read that Tuas CIQ is closer to Legoland than Woodlands. We have 2 children (8 and 6 years old) and my 64 yo dad travel with us.
    Can you please give us suggestion, which bus will be the best for us? I’m thinking of taking CW3 bus from Jurong East and continue it with JPO2 from Malaysian CIQ directly to Legoland. Or you have better option for us to take?
    We hope we can arrive at the Legoland around 10/11 am.
    After finish play at the Legoland, at 5.30 pm we will take Grab to Senai Airport to catch our 8.15 pm flight to KL.
    Thank you!

    1. Eva

      Hi Desak Armi, yes, Jurong East is the best place for you to catch a bus to go to Legoland from Aljunied MRT/Geylang. You can take either CW3 or CW4, whichever comes first. Then, you alight at Tuas Checkpoint and get your passport stamped. Then take ANY CW buses to JB Second Link CIQ.

      After your passport is stamped with Malaysia’s stamp, then you can take CW7/CWL7or JPO2 to Legoland. Please note that JPO2 bus is very infrequent, they’re only operating at 8.30am, 11.30am, 2.30pm, 5.30pm from JB 2nd Link CIQ.

  21. Al

    Hi Eva,
    What a wonderful resource you have here – thanks so much. I hope you can give me some tips for a trip I’m planning in July. To save $$$ I’m arriving in Changi Terminal 2 and need to find a way to get to JB Senai Airport to grab a flight to KL (AirAsia). What do you think is the best way? So far, I was planning to use the Transtar to JB CIQ and then use the AA1 Senai Airport Shuttle to get there. Is this the best way? If I touch down in Changi @ 7pm on a Friday, how long do you think it would take to get to Senai? Should I just do a Grabtaxi when in JB? Or should I just give up on connecting @ Senai on the same night and just spend the night?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

    1. Eva

      Hi Al, thank you.
      To be honest, travelling from Singapore to JB on a Friday evening is a nightmare. Your plane will touch down at 7pm at Changi, so you’ll be able to come out from airport at around 7.30 to 8pm. If you take Transtar bus, the next bus is leaving from Changi at 9.15pm. From Changi to Woodlands, it takes 1 hour, so you’ll arrive at Woodlands at 10.15pm. To clear both SG & MY immigration on Friday evening, be prepared to spend at least 2 hour in total. In other words, I estimate you’ll clear the immigration around midnight. I’m not sure what time your flight at Senai is, I assume it to be around 11.15pm. So, I think it’s not possible to catch this flight from Senai.

      You can consider taking overnight bus from Golden Mile (Singapore) to KL. There are many buses leaving Golden Mile in the evening. If you are confident that your flight will not be delayed, you can book 10.30pm or 11pm bus. Hope it helps πŸ™‚

    2. Xina J.

      One of my friends who used Transtar from Changi to JB Sentral said that it takes an hour to get there. Note that when you arrive in Woodlands CIQ, there is quite a long queue to pass the immigration, 15 to 30min should I say. If you are lucky enough to get a train ticket from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral CIQ, that will only take 5 minutes. Otherwise, you’ll have to catch the same bus (I guess) and reach JB Sentral CIQ in 5 to 10min. There will be another queue to pass the JB Immigration and that’s another 15 to 30minutes. Then you’ll have to ride a bus again AA1 going to the Senai Airport and that would take 50minutes.

      On our end, what we did is from our nearest MRT, we hop off the train to Newton Circus MRT. Then had to walk to the car park where the Cause Way Link bus is. CW5 to be specific. You’ll pay for the ticket when you hop on the bus and the travel time is around 45 to 1hr to reach Woodlands CIQ, with no traffic. It gets busy once you read WL CIQ so you need to hop off and walk towards the immigration. Considering that there are a lot passing the immigration, it might take 15 to 30 minutes. Once done, you have to either ride the train if you have booked the ticket ahead of time or ride again the CauseWay Link bus CW1 or CW2 and just show your ticket to the driver. That’s another 5 to 10min ride before reaching JB Sentral. Pass the immigration again and allot 15 to 30min to do that. Ride the AA1 bus which would take 50min to reach Senai Airport.

      By the way, it takes 1 hour from KLIA 2 to KL Sentral via Grab Taxi. So if you arent staying in KL Sentral, then it would be a longer journey.

      I also suggest that you stay one night in SG and just go to Malaysia the next morning. Check the bus and MRT schedules whichever worked for you. Taxis would work too but it would be very costly.

      1. Al

        Thanks Eva and Xina for your generous help. Unfortunately, taking an 7hr bus ride after 20+ hours on planes is getting a hard pass from wifey and kids.

        Looking like I will take your advice, Xina, and stay a night in SG and then find a way to get to JB for the next day. Would you happen to know what the Grab taxi rates are in SG? I’m thinking of staying at one of the inns near Geylang so prob just taking a ride rather than MRT + walk.

        Thanks again!

        1. Sheena J.

          Yup! We had our infant too when we travelled to Malaysia. Our flight from Senai to KL is at 11.55AM. We left the hotel at Kallang at 6AM.

  22. Sheena J.

    Hello Eva,

    I hope you could help me. =) We will be visiting Singapore this Feb 19 and we are planning to go to Malaysia on the 24th. We are 3 adults with 1 infant. We will only bring one back pack each and a fold-able umbrella stroller for our little one. Now here’s the catch:

    We will be staying in 12 Lorong 10 Geylang Road and the nearest MRT is Kallang. Which station should we go? I am thinking Newton Circus, Woodlands or Kranji MRT, The fastest route as possible as we have a flight to catch in Senai Airport at 11:15AM on February 24th to visit Kuala Lumpur. How long would it take us to reach Woodlands CIQ, and which of the bus service is best to ride?

    a] Newton Circus Bus Station > Woodlands CIQ ?
    b] Woodlands Bus Station > Woodlands CIQ?
    c] Kranji Bus Station > Woodlands CIQ?

    Or do you think it would be best just to ride a taxi from Lorong 10 Geyland to Woodland CIQ and would reach the destination in 30min to 1hour?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Eva

      Hi Sheena,

      First of all, how will you go to Senai airport from JB Sentral? I presume you’re taking Causeway Link shuttle bus from JB Sentral. If so, you MUST catch the 8am bus in order to arrive at Senai Airport at 8.50am.

      In order to reach JB Sentral at 8am, I suggest that you leave your hotel latest by 5.30am because traffic in the morning is crazy, and it’s better to be early than to miss the flight due to unforeseen circumstances. I think the safest way is to take taxi from your hotel to Woodlands. Another option would be to take CW2 from Queen Street (but the first bus only departs at 6am, which I think is too late). The second best option is to stay at JB the night before your departure, if you haven’t booked your hotel at Geylang yet. Hope it helps πŸ™‚

  23. Radit

    Hi Eva,

    Thanks for your thorough guide here! So informative πŸ˜€

    I dont know if this question has been asked before or not. But i plan to take the 170x from JB to Singapore near this time, i am planning to use my nets flaspay card to take that bus. How is the procedure on taking that bus? Let say if i tap in my card from JB CIQ to Woodlands CIQ, do i need to tap out when i exit the bus and re tap in when i get in the bus from Woddlands to Kranji or i don’t need to tap out and also not tap in when changing the bus?


    1. Eva

      Hi Radit,

      Thank you! First of all, make sure your nets flashpay has EZ-Link logo and 16-digit CAN number. Using nets flashpay is similar to using ez-link. You need to tap your card everytime you enter & exit the bus. It doesn’t matter whether you will change bus or not, you still need to tap at every entry and exit. Hope it helps πŸ™‚

  24. sam

    hi there, dec 9th sunday planning to go JB city squarem booked the hotel, will it be crowded on sunday morning?, i thinking of train but only after 2 pm tickets available , which is fastest. plz advise

    1. Eva

      Hi Sam, it won’t be busy on Sunday morning as long as you travel before 8am πŸ™‚ bus can be fast if you travel early.

  25. okay

    Hi, I have a flight to catch from Senai airport at 9pm, (friday).
    Can you advice which checkpoint is faster. From woodland checkpoint or from tuas?
    I plan to take grab to woodland checkpoint directly instead of taking the bus. Will it be faster? Leaving from clementi MRT around 530pm.

    1. Eva

      Hi, leaving Singapore at 5.30pm is too late. I suggest you leave at 3pm if possible. It’s nearer to go to Senai from Woodlands.

  26. Juneci Wonderland

    HI Eva, thank you for the very informative guide on taking public transport. Mind if I ask why do you prefer Bus 170X over CW1? Planning my first trip back to KL in a couple of days. Was deciding between getting an on-the-spot ticket at JB Sentral Checkpoint or JB Larkin. What is your advise πŸ™‚

    1. Eva

      Hi Juneci, I prefer bus 170X over CW1 because I always take MRT (not cab or other methods) to Kranji, so when I transfer to bus, I will get discounted fare. With CW1, I need to pay a full fare. For bus to KL, I’d prefer taking the bus from Larkin rather than JB Sentral because there are more choices (more timings, more bus operators, more competitive rates) at Larkin.

  27. jemmy

    how if johor to changi airport?

    1. Eva

      Hi Jemmy, just board bus TS1 from JB CIQ after Malaysia’s immigration

  28. Zer Ping Tan

    Hi Eva,

    Need some advise from you. I’m leaving Singapore tonight 9pm from MBFC and need to be at JB Central asap, do you know what is the fastest way for me to be there ?

    1. Eva

      Hi Zer Ping Tan, perhaps bus TS3 from Marina Square.

  29. bjdgarcia

    Hi Eva. Very helpful blog post. Just wanted to ask if Causeway is accepting EZ Link Tourist Pass? More so, Causeway Link CW2 bus trip from Queen St Terminal to Larkin Bus Terminal, can we drop off at JB CIQ instead?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Eva

      Hi, you mean the STP (Singapore Tourist Pass)? No, Causeway doesn’t accept STP. Yes, you can take CW2 and alight at JB CIQ. After you pass the immigration, it’s not necessary to board CW2.

  30. Gemma

    Hi Eva.
    I found your convo here very informative. I got few questions myself
    We are visiting Singapore in June. We have medium luggages and we have senior companions(above 60 years old). Our flight will arrive at Friday (june 15) 5pm and go straight to Johor Bahru.

    What do you recommend as our means of tranportation?
    I am leaning towards using TS1, is this effective consodering that it is a peak time?
    Is TS1 bus included in the Singapore Tourist Pass?

    Hope you could help us. Thanks in advance.

    1. Eva

      Hi Gemma, yes bus TS1 is the most effective transport method considering that you travel with medium luggages and senior companions on a Friday evening (a very peak period). No, TS1 is not included in the Singapore Tourist Pass.

    1. Eva

      That’s a great idea πŸ™‚

  31. piggy21

    HI, This is very helpful. =) I’ll be traveling sometime in June… Part of my itinerary is coming from Malaysia to Singapore. Im planning to leave Malaysia around 11:00pm. Is it safe? and I want to know what’s the best line to take. Can I arrive in Singapore around 6am? Many thanks!!!

    1. Eva

      Hi, yes it’s absolutely safe to come into Singapore sometime around midnight. But you have to take note the last bus & train timing in Singapore. Last train from Kranji to Jurong East is 00:41, 11:09 to marina bay, 11:45 to Toa payoh, 00:34 to ang mo kio, etc. if u want to arrive in singapore at 6am, it means u leave malaysia at 5am? First bus 170 from larkin is 5:20am.

  32. syira


    its does help me a lot. And i have one question. Does you know how long it will take Bus from Queen Street to JB Sentral during Sunday’s evening? My flight from JB (Senai Airport) to Kl around 7.15 PM. What’s time i need to leave from Sg to JB? need your suggestion? Thanks.

    1. Eva

      Hi Syira,
      From Queen Street to Kranji it’s approx 45 mins during non-peak. From Kranji to Woodlands checkpoint to JB Central, it takes probably 1.5 hour. From JB Sentral to Senai, if you take public bus, you need 30 mins for travelling to bus terminal and waiting for bus, then 1 hour bus journey to airport. If I were you, I would depart Queen Street at 11am to be safe! And I’ll have lunch at JB πŸ™‚

  33. Teo

    Hi Eva,

    I am planning on passing this border on probably one of the worst days possible, this Friday 16 Feb.

    We are super flexible on time but we want to be there as soon as possible to avoid any jams. From what I see from your post we have 2 options:

    1. Take taxi/Uber/Grab to Woodlands Train Station, then walk through the train station building for 7-10 mins and you’ll arrive at SG checkpoint.

    2. Catch the first CW from Kranji MRT at 4.20AM.

    We would go for option 2 but we are a bit worried that the checkpoint will already be busy at that time. We are happy to pay for a Grab for peace of mind to Woodlands Train Station at like 3AM in the morning. Do the checkpoints operate 24h so this would not be a problem? Is this walk reasonable with a backpack? Is it possible to do it?

    I am waiting for your input before we make a final decision. Thanks so much for the help!

    1. Eva

      Hi Teo,
      You’re right, those 2 options are possible, but I would recommend that you take the second option, which is to take the first CW from Kranji. Personally I feel that the crowd will be much lesser on 16th than on 15th; majority of the crowd would have already crossed the border to celebrate Chinese New Year by 15th Feb. So I think there won’t be a major jam at the border, at early morning of 16th.

      The checkpoint is open 24 hours a day. I don’t recommend option 1 becos if you cross border at 3am, there won’t be any public transport that can bring you to JB custom. So you will need to walk across the bridge. It is possible to walk with a backpack. For me, I need 30 minutes to walk across the bridge. If your backpack is heavy, maybe you can consider to take option 2 instead. If you decide to walk, be careful with the traffic!

      Hope my comment helps πŸ™‚


      1. Teo


        It does help a lot indeed. I did not think about walking over the bridge. Doing that at night-time could be really dangerous indeed so it sounds risky.

        Do you know how long it would take to get across with the first CW? Or how long it takes from Kranji to the checkpoint? I am trying to estimate if we have any chance of being at JB Sentral at 6AM if we do take the first CW, which actually is at 4.30AM (not 4.20AM).


      2. Eva

        It depends greatly on whether bus CW will be late from Kranji, and what time CW will fetch passengers from Singapore checkpoint. We do not have these information on their website. I think there’s a high chance that you can arrive at JB Sentral at 6AM πŸ™‚

  34. Prajna

    Good stuff

  35. Resti

    I wonder, if I book a bus from JB to KL at 1 am, what time should I depart from Queen Street Terminal. I’ll be going on Chinese New Year, so I guess I’ll need more time to arrive at JB due to the traffic. Thank you very much.

    1. Eva

      Hi Resti, it depends whether you are able to use electronic clearance in both SG and JB custom. If you don’t, I would say be prepared to allow 4-6 hours for the whole border crossing journey πŸ™‚

  36. Vest

    With so many similar writing, still find yours the most straight-forward. Wondering will half-day leave at work on 22nd Dec helps my travel to MY without much jam. What do you think Ms.Eva?

    1. Eva

      Thanks Vest! I think the half-day leave on Friday, 22 Dec, will certainly help you avoid the terrible jam that will happen in the evening. I guess there will still be jam in the afternoon, but not as terrible as in the evening. Hope your border crossing journey will be smooth!

      1. Vest

        Thanks a lot Ms.Eva; halfday it is then!
        I wish you all the best =)

  37. jukoh

    Hi Eva
    Thanks for the informative blog. I’m planning a trip next month and this comes in handy.

    1. Eva

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  38. Kathy

    Hi, I have a few questions to ask! My destination is to go to Larkin Terminal. The most important thing for me is to reach there within the shortest time possible, with lesser stops in between too. I will be travelling with my partner, bringing along just 1 luggage.

    So would it be preferable if I travel to Larkin by taking either CW1 or 170X at Kranji MRT? OR if I take 950 from Woodlands Interchange? Which one would you recommend, to guarantee seats, shorter queue and also, shortest time to get to Larkin Bus Terminal? (Fyi, we have another bus to catch at Larkin that leads to KLIA2, departs at 10AM) It would be great if you can tell me what time should we board the bus to be on time.

    Another question:
    If I pay by Ezlink for the fare, does it mean that I need to pay AGAIN if I take a bus from SG/JB Checkpoint to get to Larkin? I understand that if I pay by cash, I assume that a bus ticket will be issued and I just show it to my driver? Therefore, there’s no need to pay for the fare again, right? I don’t really understand the process. It’s my first time taking public buses to JB.

    Hope you can explain it in detail as part of your response. Thank you in advance! πŸ™‚

    1. Eva

      Hello Kathy! The buses from Kranji (either 170X or CW1) have the fastest journey compared to all other buses. However, if you’re coming from the East of Singapore, of course it makes more sense to take CW2/SJE from Queen Street instead of taking MRT all the way to Kranji.

      It’s hard to guarantee seats because it depends on how many people have already queued before you. If you want a seat, you can always queue until you’re at the front, then stand there and wait for the next bus. Please note that if you bring a luggage, it’s quite hard to sit down during rush hour, because the leg room in the bus is very narrow, and other passengers need to stand on the aisles. So, maybe one of you can sit down, and the other person stands and hold on to the luggage. If it’s not peak hour, you can sit on 1 seat, and put the luggage on the floor of the other seat next to you; then, your partner need to sit elsewhere.

      To be safe, I always allow 2 hours travelling time from Singapore to Larkin. So, I suggest that the latest time you board the bus from Kranji is 8am. The earlier the better. We can never know the queue at immigration. You can grab a bread for breakfast at Kranji MRT if you don’t have time to eat breakfast.

      By the way, if you are really pressed for time, take taxi/Uber/Grab to Woodlands Train Station, then walk through the train station building for 7-10 mins and you’ll arrive at SG checkpoint.

      If you use EZ Link for 170X bus, you need to tap EVERY TIME you board and alight from the bus. Singapore bus has “transfer” policy, that means even though you keep changing bus, you’ll get discounted price because you are essentially making ONE trip, not multiple trip, to your destination. So, yes, you need to tap when you board & alight from the bus at kranji, SG immigration, JB immigration, and Larkin.

      For cash payment for CW, just tell the operator that you’re going to Larkin. After you pay, get the ticket from operator or machine inside the bus. The ticket will state your start point and final point. Keep the ticket, you need to show them again when you board the bus at immigration. You don’t need to pay again when you board the second time.

      If you take 170X and use EZ Link, please note that after clearing SG immigration, you can take either 160, 170, 170x or 950 to JB immigration. Then, after clearing JB immigration, take bus 170 to Larkin. Don’t take 160 because 160 goes to JB Sentral terminal.

      If you take CW1, after clearing SG immigration, you can take ANY CW buses to JB immigration. Then, after clearing JB immigration, you can only take CW1, CW2, to go to Larkin.

      Hope my answers are detailed enough πŸ™‚ Let me know again if you have more questions!

  39. Anchan170

    Two thumbs up.
    Really really informative blogs.
    Keep it up!!

  40. Krist

    Hello. Can you suggest me on what time should I cross the border from kranji to JB? I’m going to KL on 1st September and I know it’s a public holiday at Singapore. I’m taking mrt from changi at 6am to kranji, and it supposed reach kranji st. approx 60mins, which is already 7am and I have to wait for the bus. Is the JB customs gonna be heavily crowded at morning on public holiday? I’ve been queued 3 hours before at JB customs when crossing the border at the weekend. Thanks for your help.

    1. Eva

      Hi Krist, it’s hard to predict what will happen. But based on previous experience, long weekends are the worst period to travel between Singapore and Malaysia by land. Last year I spent almost 10.5 hours in the bus when I travelled on Christmas Eve from Singapore to Seremban (the same journey takes just 4 hours over on normal days).

      If you really have to cross the border on 1st Sept 2017, the earlier you do the better. Prepare some snacks and drinks in your bag in case you got stuck in traffic jam πŸ™‚ I have a feeling there will be traffic jam at immigration areas as well as on the road to KL.

      1. Krist

        So is it better to cross the night before? Since first mrt from Changi start at 5.59 am according to changi website, I can’t use any other cheap method. I had to arrive before 2pm at KL Sentral at 1st September. Thanks for your help.

    2. Eva

      Since you need to arrive at KL before 2pm, it’s better to cross the night before. If you cross in the morning, there’s a chance you’ll arrive in KL after 2pm. However do note that the buses from JB to KL may or may not operate overnight. What time will u arrive in changi? The night of 30 sept will see traffic jam too, because it’s the eve of long weekend.

      1. kristinusphilip

        Arrive changi at 10 pm, Is it possible if I take mrt then bus to Larkin? Also, should I book the bus ticket or just buy from the counter? I notice there’s a midnight bus that operate from JB to KL. Thanks

        1. Eva

          Your situation is quite tricky. You’ll probably need 1 hour to clear immigration and collect luggage. So you’ll take 11pm mrt to from changi airport to kranji. Last bus for 170x is at 12 midnight from kranji. U have to catch this bus, otherwise u need to take taxi to cross the border.

          Better options would be to fly from Singapore to KL, or take overnight bus from golden mile to KL.

          For public holiday, I highly recommend you to book in advance. Because if you book last minute bus ticket from counter, some ppl would try to charge you higher as they know you have no other options.

      2. Krist

        Hi Eva, just to inform, I tried my first plan and totally failed. Hahaha. I take 6am MRT from Changi to Kranji, as I Arrived at Kranji, crowd start piling up, I Q for 170x and the service is especially slow. Traffic is so jam, and the human too, I got out from malaysia ciq at 9.15, but already booked 9.30 bus from larkin to TBS. so i rushed to the bus, taking 170x and end up at larkin by 9.50. My bus is already gone. People offered me ticket to KL but with doubled price. Also, Larkin has changed, last time I was there in July 2016, and now the ticket offices has gone. So I end up ordering subway sandwiches as I travel back to Singapore, which is so fast and relaxing trip as the bus is empty and checkpoint is empty. Too bad I cant refund my scoot flight from KL to SG.

      3. Eva

        Hey Krist! Sigh, it’s so unfortunate that the immigration is so crowded in the morning. There are still bus counters at Larkin, but they’re hidden deep inside. you need to go inside the building and follow the arrows. Next time, come stay longer in singapore, so you have plenty of time if you need to cross the border πŸ˜€ Btw, thank you so much for telling me how your trip goes, I really appreciate it. I will add information about bus counter in Larkin terminal in this blog post πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  41. Hanis Amanina

    Hello, thank you so much for this post, it helps a lot to get rough idea how to cross the border.

    I will use EZ-link as my time to explore the city center is only from 7pm on the first day and I need to leave by 7pm on the second day. From my understanding, STP is not worth it for my situation, am I right?

    I read that in EZ-link, we need at least $3 to use the MRT and for bus – total fare from entering station to end station. I am planning to take the MRT from Bugis to Kranji, then bus 170 to Larkin. Do you think if I leave exactly $3 in my EZ-link card, will it be enough? I checked the fare from MRT Bugis –> MRT Kranji –> bus 170 to Larkin = the total cost (transit fare) is $1.96. Do I need to tap in and out every time I use the bus while passing the immigration? So far that I count, I need to drop off twice along the process there. If I need to tap in and out, do I need to pay extra or anything?

    I hope I described my questions properly. And I thank you in advanced for your help πŸ™‚

    1. Eva

      Hello Hanis, I’m glad that my post is useful to you πŸ™‚ Yes, STP is not worth it because on your first day you’ll only spend a little on transport. In my opinion, if you have $3 on your ez-link when you take MRT from Bugis, then continue with bus 170 to Kranji, it is alright. I have the experience of boarding a bus with ez-link credit less than $2 and it was fine. However, I had never tried using less than $2 ez-link card to board bus 170, but I think it should be ok. In case you didn’t know yet, the minimum top-up amount for ez-link card is $10.

      Yes, you need to tap in and out every time you enter a bus or alight from the bus. You won’t need to pay extra or anything because if you can tap in when you enter a bus, it means your ez-link credit will be enough for the whole journey until the bus’ final destination. Hope you have a great trip in Singapore πŸ™‚

      1. Monlay

        I’m Myanmar. When I go to Johor Bahru, is there any visa to entry?

    2. loy

      good question and answer is very helpful.


    Hello Eva,
    Thanks you very much for you advices.
    Best regards


    Is it difficult to travel with luggage and trolley in the bus?
    We are a family with 2 childrens. I try to find the best way to go to Melacca.
    My fear is, bus such as 707 or KLLL buses don’t wait customers at the checkpoint. So that why I would like to take public transport.
    thank you for your answers.

    1. Eva

      Hello, to be honest, yes it’s quite troublesome to travel with luggage and strollers on a public bus. The strollers need to be folded. I would recommend you to take bus 707 or KKKL bus directly from Singapore, because everyone has a seat and you can store your luggage and strollers at the storage area. Furthermore, they will wait for you at checkpoints. Based on my experience, they count the number of customers on board and will not leave until everyone has come back to the bus.
      If you take public buses listed in this article, there is a chance that it will be very crowded on the bus and you’ll have a hard time holding on to your luggage and strollers. So it’s best to take direct bus from Singapore if you’re traveling with children and luggage πŸ™‚

  44. acah

    hello, this article will help me alot on the day I will go to JB sentral, Thank you πŸ™‚
    I want to asks some questions:
    me and 3 friends will start our journey to JB (sentral or larkin) at 10 pm around MBS. which one is the best for us to ride the bus? from queen , jurong east or kranji ?

    after that we will continue to Malacca by bus too from JB. is it any bus available at midnight? maybe you know some information πŸ™‚

    thank you very much

    1. Eva

      Hi Acah, if you start your journey to JB at 10pm from MBS, I would recommend you to take bus CW2 or SJE from Queen Street Terminal, whichever departs first from the terminal. Because if you take MRT from MBS to Kranji, you’ll spend at least 40 minutes on MRT. Meanwhile, the journey from MBS to Queen Street takes around 15 minutes by bus (PS: u can take bus 133 from MBS Theatre bus stop to Bugis Station for 5 stops, then walk to Queen Street Terminal).

      Regarding bus from JB to Malacca, I’m not very sure. Most of the time I take bus from Larkin in the morning/afternoon. From I found that the last bus leaving JB to Malacca is at 8:15pm. Alternatively, If you want to take direct bus from Singapore to Malacca, you can take Starmart at 9pm from Boon Lay bus terminal.

      1. acah

        thank you for the explanation πŸ™‚
        I wonder is it better to use STP or Ezlink? as we have one day tour in singapore from morning until night. I think that STP will be better but it is really unlimited or 1 day for $10? and we don;t need to reload if the $10 is finished? and if STP is better , will it be better to buy the one day or two days?

      2. Eva

        Hi Acah, you’re welcome πŸ™‚
        Hmm, will you be using STP/Ezlink during the one day tour? If your tour includes transportation, then you only need to use the card at night. The STP will expire at the end of the day (midnight) so if you only use STP at night, it’s not worth it. However, if you use STP from morning until night, it is worth it.
        If you buy STP 1 day ($10), once the day ends, the balance of the card will be $0. So, if you want to continue using the card the next day, you need to reload.
        It depends on how many days you need to use the STP, in order to determine whether it’s better to buy 1 day or 2 day πŸ™‚

  45. Sabira ABDULLAH

    hi.. do you know if we can board the buses from Woodlands CIQ even if we didnt board them before hand to reach CIQ?

    1. Eva

      Hi Sabira, yes you can board the buses from Woodlands CIQ. Just make payment either with EZ Link or cash. If you’re using cash, tell the driver your final destination and the driver will advise you how much your fare is, then pay the exact fare because no change will be given; don’t forget to collect your receipt and keep it with you, as you need to show the driver every time you board the bus.

  46. Eva

    Thanks Patrick 😊

  47. patrick png

    Thanks very much for your sharing, the information is very clear and helpful, really appreciate it!
    from: Patrick Png

  48. Robert Chan

    Bus from Queen Station to Larkin did not wait for us to clear immigration today
    This is irresponsible
    And I paid S$3.30 for trip from Singapore to Larkin
    You have to pay another bus to bring you to Larkin
    I saw many people stranded ###
    We need to find a solution for the people

    1. Eva

      Hi Robert,
      I’m not sure you’re referring to which bus, I can only guess it’s either CW2 or SJE. From my own experience, these public buses do not wait for its passengers to clear immigration. Once I pass the immigration, I simply wait for the next bus. The buses keep coming throughout the day. For CW2 and SJE, you simply show your ticket to the bus driver and they’ll let you in; it doesn’t have to be the EXACT same bus that you took from Singapore to the immigration. Hope this helps.

  49. Gusti Bayu

    Very helpful. Thanks

    1. Eva

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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