Christmas and Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai

We started our Christmas day with magnificent view from the camp site. Clouds in front of our eyes and beautiful sunrise. It’s beyond magical.

Woke up to this view : Magical!
Sea of mountains
Morning glory

We then drove down for lunch at a local noodle shop. Afterwards we drove to an elephant camp.

Watching elephant feeding from up close
Elephant show
Baby elephant =D
Elephants soccer match
Elephant’s Got Talent
Drawing Mountain
And drawing is almost done!
Art transaction
Poster boy

Then we drove to train station of Chiang Mai. I said goodbye to my friends and took the overnight train back to Bangkok, while they drove back to Bangkok.

Chiang Mai Train Station
Purple trains
Place to catch some dinner
Snacks stall
Seat by day. It will be turned into lower berth by night.
Wonderful sunset during the train journey
Elephant camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Date visited: 25 December 2012

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