Bangkok Central World, Pratunam Market, Meeting with Family

Bangkok Central World, Pratunam Market, Meeting with Family

On the last day of my solo trip, I decided to stroll further to Central World. I was greeted by crowd of decorations for the new year celebration. From Central World, it’s pretty easy to walk to Pratunam Market.

Central World Bangkok
Central World Bangkok
“Journey of Happiness”
Countdown to New Year 2013
Tiger Beer Camp
Prayer House in front of Central World
Traffic near Pratunam
Traffic near Pratunam
Human Traffic
Giving way to the car

In late afternoon, I went back to hostel, took my backpack and made my way to DMK airport via public train and bus, to meet my sisters, uncle and his family, as well as the tour group from Medan. From airport, we were transferred with bus to dinner and then to our hotel at Prince Palace.

Christmas tree in hotel
Hotel entrance
Prince Palace Parking Lot
Festive Desk
Missed a chance to drink at this bar! It closed too soon!
Bangkok Central World and Pratunam Market, Thailand
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Date visited: 27 Dec 2012

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