Warung Souvlaki, Kuta, Bali

Final Night in Bali: Warung Souvlaki, Beachwalk Mall, TJ’s Mexican Restaurant, Souvenir’s Shopping

Suddenly, it was our final night in Bali. Time passed so fast when you’re on vacation! The rafting pickup car dropped us at Kuta. Our first destination was Warung Souvlaki, as my friend was craving the food from this particular warung. It was my first Greek food, I think. It was good. We ordered 2 dishes to share: Souvlaki Pita and Souvlaki Plate. They have pretty good review in TripAdvisor and even earn a Certificate of Excellence. The fact that my friend craved it tells you it is worth trying. Here’s the only photo of the food.

Warung Souvlaki, Kuta, Bali

Souvlaki Pita and Souvlaki Plate

From Warung Souvlaki, we walked for approximately 1.1 km to Beachwalk Mall, just to hang out. The mall has plenty of international apparel and restaurant brands and even a cinema. It also has a wide open-air rooftop garden with seats where we took plenty of selfies for our keepsake.

Beachwalk Mall, Kuta, Bali

Open-air rooftop of Beachwalk Mall

Beachwalk Mall, Kuta, Bali

Stage on the rooftop

By the way, Beachwalk Mall is also served by Kura Kura Bus, a public transport in the form of minibus or medium bus. If you do not rent a car and wish to take public transport around Kuta or other areas of Bali, you may consider Kura Kura Bus. More information can be found on their website. We didn’t try this bus during our trip, but would love to try in the future.

Afterwards, we headed to TJ’s Mexican Restaurant for another round of food. We had tacos and other foods whose names I can’t recall. Sorry about that. Most importantly, I had frozen margarita which I haven’t enjoyed for a long long time.

TJ's Mexican Restaurant, Kuta, Bali

Our food at TJ’s

From TJ’s, we went searching for another food but unfortunately it was either closed for the day or closed permanently. We spotted a mini market nearby, so we ended up doing a lot of souvenir shopping there. I stocked up on my Indomie and chips! Then we walked back to hotel carrying loads of souvenirs.

That’s how we ended our final night in Bali, just chilling and doing comfort things, such as eating, drinking, shopping, exploring places we’ve never been to before.

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