I Ran the Gold Coast Airport Marathon!

I Ran the Gold Coast Airport Marathon!

Yeah, I did it! 42.195 km! Four weeks ago, on 2 July 2017!

I seldom talk about running on this blog, because, well, this is a travel blog. But I do have a burning passion for running. And I honestly can’t decide whether I have a bigger passion for travel or running. I love both of them dearly.

I’m very thankful to RunSociety for the opportunity to run the Gold Coast Airport Marathon this year, because I got to do 2 things I love most: travel and running! And this was the first time I ran a full marathon overseas, something I’ve been dreaming about for years.

To read about my experience, visit my pre-race activities and race report, as well as post-race runcation.

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2017 Review
Photo credit: Running Shots

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