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The Complete Guide for Exploring Pulau Ubin, Singapore

The Complete Guide for Exploring Pulau Ubin, Singapore

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Off the beaten path? Check. Non-touristy? Without a doubt. Cheap? Yes, yes, yes.

Pulau Ubin is a small island (about 10sqm in size) located at the north east of Singapore. Even though it is part of Singapore, Pulau Ubin doesn’t look a tiny bit like Singapore! It is said that Pulau Ubin is a reflection of Singapore in the 1960s. 

In Malay, Pulau Ubin means Granite Island. Granite mining was once the major industry on Pulau Ubin.

Today, there are no more granite mines. Instead, you’ll find beautiful quarries, dense vegetation, wildlife and memories of the past.

There are still roughly 100 people living permanently on the island. The residents use diesel generators for electricity because the grid doesn’t reach the island (yet).

To go to Pulau Ubin, you need to take a 15-min bumboat ride from Changi Village. In this article, I will write the step-by-step guide explaining how to go to Pulau Ubin.

Some people go to Pulau Ubin for recreational activities like fishing, cycling or camping, some for school/corporate activities. Me? I go to Pulau Ubin to escape Singapore and to rekindle my love for nature.

You may have your own reasons to visit Pulau Ubin, that’s why you’re searching for Pulau Ubin and stumble upon this post, right?

Alright, since you’re here, let me provide you with guides and recommendations about what to do, how to go, and other essentials information.

If you’re planning to visit Pulau Ubin during Phase 3 reopening, take note of the following:
– camping is not allowed
– mask up all the time
– keep your group to less than 8 people
– bumboat now costs $4/pax instead of the usual $3/pax due to lesser number of passengers per boat

What to bring to Pulau Ubin

These are the important things you want to bring to Pulau Ubin


I capitalize the text because it’s super important!

Cash is king in Pulau Ubin because there’s no ATM and nobody accepts credit card, debit card, apple pay, whatsoever.

There are ATMs at Changi Village where you can withdraw money before going to Ubin.

2. Mosquito repellent

Even if you’re going there during the day, you won’t escape the mosquitoes. If you forget to bring, you can still buy it on the island but make sure you bring enough cash.

I forgot to bring the repellent one day and I didn’t have enough cash to buy one, so I ended up getting over 30 bites!

3. Sunblock

Most of the trails are quite covered by the forest canopy, however certain places are wide open, so you might want to protect your skin with sunblock. Again, if you forget, you can buy it on the island.

4. Raincoat or folded umbrella

In Singapore, you have to be prepared for both hot & rain weather every single day.

Furthermore, there are very few shelter or covered walkway in Ubin, so if rain comes when you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be extremely grateful that you have a raincoat or umbrella in your day bag, unless you don’t mind being showered by rain, that is.

Things you don’t need to bring to Pulau Ubin


You DON’T need a passport to go to Pulau Ubin from Singapore. Keep your passport at somewhere safe.

E-scooters or E-unicycles

These are not allowed to be used in Pulau Ubin.

Motorized bicycles

These are prohibited to be used on unpaved trails or off-road areas. You can use it only on the roads and up to maximum speed of 25km/hr.

Given that paved roads are quite limited on the island, it’s quite useless to bring the motorized bicycles, imho (in my honest opinion).


You can bring your own bicycles and pay additional fee to the bumboat operators, but you do not have to.

There are plenty of bicycle rental shops at the island.

A gallon of water

Forget the gallon, just bring 1.5L drinking water, and you can buy more water on the island.

The tap water is not potable, so you need to get mineral bottled water from the shops.

What to Wear

The weather in Pulau Ubin is similar to Singapore, it’s either intensely hot or it rains!

If you’re lucky, you may experience the rare cloudy weather in which the world feels like a perfectly beautiful place.

Anyways, what to wear depends on the activities you plan on doing in Pulau Ubin.

In general, wear light clothing.

Wear sport shoes if you plan to jog or cycle. Otherwise, slippers are fine.

Dresses and heels are suitable if you only plan to hang out around jetty or visit the temple.

How to go to Pulau Ubin

Step 1: Make your way to Changi Village

The easiest way to get to Changi Village is by taking taxi or ride-sharing. However, the cheapest way to get there is obviously by public transportation.

If you’re tech-savvy, just launch Google Maps, enter your starting point and ending point; the app will tell you the combination of MRT and bus to take.

If you’re not tech-savvy though, just take MRT to Tanah Merah MRT (green line). Exit the station from Exit B, then you’ll see a bus stop.

From the bus stop, take bus 2 until its final destination at Changi Village Terminal.

There are 28 stops along the way but it takes only about 30 mins if you go during off-peak period (not when people go to work or come back from work).

Step 2: Walk to Changi Point Ferry Terminal

As you alight from the bus, turn left towards a small road junction where there are signs pointing to the direction of Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Follow the sign and you’ll arrive at the terminal. The walk is approximately 5 mins long.

How to go to Pulau Ubin - 1. Turn left at Changi village market
As you get off from the bus at Changi Village Terminal, make a left turn
How to go to Pulau Ubin - 2. Follow the sign
Then, you’ll find this sign. Follow the sign.
How to go to Pulau Ubin - 3. Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Finally, you’ll arrive at Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Step 3: Queue for the bumboat/ferry

If you go on a weekend or Public Holiday, you may find a long queue at the ferry terminal. You have no choice but to join the queue.

If you visit on a weekday, there’s high chance that there’s no queue at all. Either way, just wait in line.

When you finally reach the front of the queue, the boat driver will ask you how many people there are in your group.

How to go to Pulau Ubin - 7. queue for the ferry
Join the queue for the ferry. This photo was taken during Public Holiday so the queue is long.

A boat will only leave when there are exactly 12 passengers (excluding the driver). They’re not allowed to carry more than 12 customers, so the drivers need to ask the size of your groups in order to fit exactly 12 people.

During peak period (weekend & PH), this is not a problem. But on weekdays, this could be a problem.

On weekdays, you may need to wait for some time until there are enough people for the boat to go.

If you’ve been waiting for a long time and there are only 10 people at the waiting area, the driver may ask around if everyone is fine with paying more to cover the 2 extra seats.

My recommendation is to say yes, because it’s only a small increase of fee rather than suffering the uncertainty waiting for the next 2 people to turn up.

The price for the boat is $3/person. Adult, children and elderly pay the same amount. If you’re bringing your own bicycle, you need to pay additional $2/bicycle. Pay on the boat.

The ferry to Pulau Ubin operates from 5.30am daily until approximately 9pm. There is no fixed departure timing because the ferry need to wait until there are 12 people before it leaves.

However, try to take the boat to Ubin before 5pm (unless you plan to camp overnight) because:

  • After 5pm, there are little to none passengers. A bumboat trip costs $36. If there are nobody else beside you, you need to pay the entire $36 in order for the boat to depart.
  • Coming back after 6pm from Ubin to Changi Village is quite tricky because bumboat drivers usually end work around 6pm.

    You need to make private arrangement with the driver to pick you if you plan to come back after 6pm. This means you need to pay entire $36 again to come back.
Pulau Ubin Ferry timing and price
Pulau Ubin Ferry timing and price
Pulau Ubin Ferry timing and price
Pulau Ubin Ferry operating hours
Pulau Ubin Ferry timing and price
Pulau Ubin Ferry price and conditions

PS: During Phase 2 re-opening, the price of the bumboat is now increased to $4 and the capacity of bumboat is 9 pax per boat to maintain safe interpersonal space.

Step 4: Ride the 15-min bumboat

Each bumboat has different design. Some have more sheltered seats while others have more open-air seats. I did not feel significant seasick while riding bumboat because I tried not to do heavy reading on my phone.

If you’re prone to seasickness, I suggest that you sit at the open-air seats (of course it’s first come, first served).

Most drivers will collect money in the middle of the journey, so prepare your case in advance so that the driver can go back to his steering job asap.

No drinks / food will be provided, it’s only 15-min ride anyway.

You don’t need to bring your own life jacket or vest because each bumboat carries sufficient life jacket for emergency use. During the ride, you do not need to wear the life jacket.

Pulau Ubin ferry
Getting into the ferry
 Pulau Ubin ferry
Pulau Ubin ferry
Pulau Ubin ferry
Interior of the boat
Pulau Ubin ferry
Interior of another boat. Different boat has different design.

Step 5: You have arrived!

Finally, you’ve arrived! There’s no admission fee or entrance fee for Pulau Ubin.

Once you’re out from the jetty, there’s a little cluster of shops where you can buy food/drinks, rent bicycles or even book a local taxi.

For ideas about things to do in Pulau Ubin, see the following section.

Pulau Ubin jetty
Pulau Ubin entrance

Pulau Ubin Map

The latest Pulau Ubin Map can be obtained from NParks website here. See the right sidebar, there’s a link to download the latest map.

Pulau Ubin Map
Pulau Ubin Map. You’ll find this all over the island.
Pulau Ubin Map
Pulau Ubin Map and directions are available all around the island

What to do and see in Pulau Ubin

House No. 1 (Chek Jawa)

This Tudor-style house built in 1930s and restored in 2005 is probably one of the most photogenic landmarks in Pulau Ubin.

House No. 1 currently serves as visitor center at Chek Jawa.

At the back of the house is the remarkable viewing Jetty where you can see Changi Village and get a glimpse of the uninhabited Pulau Sekudu (Frog Island).

House No. 1, Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin
House No. 1 at Chek Jawa
House No. 1, Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin
The entire House No. 1
House No. 1, Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin
Mandatary photo for keepsake
Chek Jawa Jetty
Chek Jawa Jetty behind House No. 1
Chek Jawa, Pulau Sekudu
Pulau Sekudu seen from Chek Jawa jetty

Jejawi Tower & Mangrove Boardwalk (Chek Jawa)

Jejawi Tower is a 20m-high tower located near Chek Jawa. It can be reached by walking along Mangrove Boardwalk.

Because the top of tower is higher than the tree canopy, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Chek Jawa Wetlands.

Jejawi Tower, Chek Jawa
Jejawi Tower at Chek Jawa
Jejawi Tower view, Chek Jawa
View from the top of Jejawi Tower
Jejawi Tower, Chek Jawa
This is how the top of Jejawi Tower looks like
Mangrove Boardwalk, Chek Jawa
The Mangrove Boardwalk at the bottom of Jejawi Tower

Chek Jawa Coastal Boardwalk

This beautiful boardwalk at the coast of Pulau Ubin was opened in 2007. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along this boardwalk and occasional plane spotting.

Chek Jawa Coastal Boardwalk
Chek Jawa Coastal Boardwalk
Chek Jawa Coastal Boardwalk
And, yeah, plane spotting is an activity here

Balai Quarry

Balai Quarry is one of the major quarries in Pulau Ubin. It’s located in the east of Pulau Ubin, making it the nearest quarry from Chek Jawa.

Balai Quarry
Balai Quarry
Balai Quarry
Balai Quarry (another angle)

Teck Seng’s Place

Teck Seng’s Place is a house owned by Mr Chew Teck Seng from 1970 to 2005. Mr Chew used to operate a provision shop that supplied he canteens around the various quarries located around Pulau Ubin.

In 2005, Mr Chew’s family moved to mainland Singapore and returned the house to the state.

Now, Teck Seng’s Place serves as a museum that showcases how a Chinese kampong house looks like in the 1970s.

Teck Seng’s Place is not open every day. Instead, it’s only open on the 2nd and 4th weekend of the month and public holidays, from 10am to 2pm.

Teck Seng's Place
Teck Seng’s Place descriptions
Teck Seng's Place
Teck Seng’s Place
Teck Seng's Place
Teck Seng’s Place – interior (dining room)
Teck Seng's Place
Teck Seng’s Place – interior (living room)

Ubin Fruit Orchard

Opened in 2016, Ubin Fruit Orchard is a one-hectare fruit tree arboretum where visitors can learn the various tropical trees that are commonly grown in villages of Pulau Ubin, such as rambutans and starfruit, as well as uncommon cultivated varieties of durian and mango.

Ubin Fruit Orchard is located on Jalan Ubin, near Teck Seng’s Place.

Ubin Fruit Orchard
Ubin Fruit Orchard (Photo: Ria Tan)

Sensory Trail

Sensory Trail is a 1.5km easy trail that starts from the Main Village and ends at opposite Teck Seng’s Place.

Along the trail are vegetables, spices and herbs that the villagers used to plant for their own consumption and important crops planted for the island’s economic in the 1970s, including papaya, rambutan, banana and breadfruit.

Sensory Trail Pond
Sensory Trail Pond

Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple

There are 2 Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong temples in Pulau Ubin. One is located near the Main Village, which consists of a small temple and a stage.

The stage is used to host festivals such as Tua Pek Kong’s birthday, Chinese New Year, Hungry Ghost and Mid-Autumn Festival.

The second one is located near Pekan Quarry.

Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple
Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple at Main Village
Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple
Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple near Pekan Quarry

Butterfly Hill

Located about 400m away from the Main Village, Butterfly Hill has over 50 butterfly-attracting plant species that attract 140 species of butterflies.

Butterfly species that are commonly spotted at Butterfly Hill are the Blue Glassy Tiger, Black Veined Tiger, Common Bluebottle, Cycad Blue as well as rare species like Common Jay and Dwarf Crow.

Ubin Butterfly Hills
Butterfly Hills (Photo: Robert Teo/NParks)

Pekan Quarry

Pekan Quarry is the nearest quarry from the Main Village. It is home to various animals, such as herons. I really love the reflections of the trees on the lake.

Pekan Quarry
Pekan Quarry

Ubin Quarry

Ubin Quarry is located in the western part of the island. There are 2 viewpoints for Ubin Quarry.

The first one is at the west of the quarry; a trail branches out from Jalan Endut Senin. From here, the view is pretty limited due to thick vegetation and the barrier.

The second one is from Puaka’s Hill, at the east of the quarry. This is the better viewpoints of Ubin Quarry but a hike is required. See the following point.

Ubin Quarry
Ubin Quarry – photo taken from Puaka’s Hill

Puaka’s Hill

No pain, no gain! If you aren’t willing to put up with the strenuous hike to the top of Puaka’s Hill, you won’t get to enjoy the breathtaking view of Ubin Quarry and Malaysia!

At 74m high, Puaka’s Hill is the highest point of the island. Safety barricades are installed along the edge of the cliff, so if you are short like me, it’s difficult to get a bird’s eye view of the quarry. Nevertheless, the view is really worth the hike.

Puaka's Hill
The hike at Puaka’s Hill is real
Puaka's Hill top view
The view at the top of Puaka’s Hill is Ubin Quarry
Puaka's Hill
I just have to take a photo here
Puaka's Hill
Actually, two photos because the sun ray and sky are awesome

Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple

Located near Ubin Quarry and Puaka’s Hill, the Wei Tuo Fa Gong temple is at least 80 years old.

Inside the temple decorated with prayer flags, there are multiple shrines dedicated to different gods, like Datuk Gong hillside spirits, Hindu gods and Buddha.

Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple
Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple (Photo: Voyage 31)

Na Du Gong Shrine

Na Du Gong Shrine is a small shrine located along Jalan Endut Senin near the entrance of Puaka’s Hill that is dedicated to Datuk Gong.

Ketam Quarry

Located at the west of Pulau Ubin, Ketam Quarry used to be called Aik Hwa Quarry, which was the last quarry closed in May 1999.

From 1964 to 1999, Aik Hwa Quarry was supplying about 30 to 40% of Singapore’s granite demand for construction works.

Now, Ketam Quarry is a tranquil reservoir.

Ketam Quarry
Ketam Quarry (Photo: Roots SG)

German Girl Shrine

German Girl Shrine is a shrine dedicated to an 18-year-old German girl who was believed to fell off a cliff to her death while trying to escape from the British military during the World War 1 in the 1910s.

Her body was discovered by plantation workers and then buried at the crest of the quarry’s hill.

German Girl Shrine
German Girl Shrine (Photo: NParks)


Hey, anglers, if you’re bored of fishing in Singapore, try fishing at Pulau Ubin. It’s said that you can find mangrove jack, stingray and leatherjacks here.

But, please remember that fishing is not allowed at the quarries 🙂

Fishing at Pulau Ubin
Fishing at Pulau Ubin (Photo: NParks)


I swear, camping in Pulau Ubin is so much fun than camping in Singapore.

Here are why: the campsite is not crowded (it’s possible that you’re the only one at a particular campsite) hence the camp will not be noisy, you may not have cellular networks, there’s no shower facilities on the island.

In other words, it feels like camping in the wild!

So, how to do camping in Pulau Ubin?

First, bring your own tents, sleeping bags, snacks and drinks. Then, make your way to your chosen campsite and set up your tent.

Don’t set up your tent too late, otherwise it will get dark before your tent is set.

If your group is more than 40 people, advance registration is necessary.

Here are the camping sites in Pulau Ubin:

1. Jelutong Campsite

Located near Main Village, Jelutong campsite is just 6 min walk from the jetty. This site is suitable for campers who love to be near civilization.

2. Mamam Campsite

Located at the north of the island, Mamam campsite is 2.3km away (about 28 mins walk) from the jetty.

Personally I’ve camped only at Mamam and I love it so much. I love waking up to the sea view (with Malaysia in the background).

3. Endut Senin Campsite

Located near Ubin Living Lab, Endut Senin campsite is 2.5km away (about 30 mins walk) from the jetty. No unobstructed sea view here, but beautiful pond and river.

If you love campfire, these 3 campsites have its own designated campfire pits so bring along lighters if you want to start a fire.

Pulau Ubin Camping
Our camping tent at Pulau Ubin’s Mamam campsite
Pulau Ubin Camping - Mamam
This is what we woke up to at Mamam
Pulau Ubin Camping
Another view at Mamam campsite
Pulau Ubin Camping
Jelutong campsite near Main Village


Kayaking amidst the mangroves is one of the items in my Singapore bucket list that I haven’t crossed yet (I will, one day!!).

If you’re interested to do kayaking in Pulau Ubin, you CAN’T just turn up and look for kayak provider. Instead, you need to book in advance. Slots are limited so it’s better to book early.

So, what to expect during kayaking in Pulau Ubin. Here are some ideas.

  • Kayak through the calm water among the mangroves
  • Spot wildlife, such as birds (kingfishers, eagles, hornbills, herons), otters, fish (pink dolphin if you’re lucky).
  • Enjoy beautiful view of Singapore’s wilderness that not many people had the chance to experience.
Pulau Ubin Kayaking
Kayaking at Pulau Ubin (Photo: Adrenaline Hunter)

Join NParks-Organised Tours

NParks, the National Parks Board of Singapore, organizes tours all the time. Some of them are free and some are paid.

Basically, there are 2 types of tours:

1. Walking tours (look under “Events” and you’ll find tours such as kampong tour, photography tour, bird-watching tour, etc)

2. Intertidal flat tours (conducted during low tide so you can see the marine life).

How to get around Pulau Ubin

1. On foot

Yes, you can literally explore the island on foot, either by jogging or walking. To be honest, if you plan to explore the island by walking, one day is not enough to soak in all the beauty.

2. Bicycle

It’s possible to explore the island in one-day if you’re planning to cycle your way. It’s the most popular choice among visitors and there are plenty of bicycle parking places around the island.

There are many models to choose from, the price depends on the model you choose. There are also double-seater bicycles.

Getting Around Pulau Ubin by Cycling - Pulau Ubin Bike Rental
Pulau Ubin Bike Rental

3. Pulau Ubin Taxi

You can hire a local taxi in Pulau Ubin (well it’s actually a van) to bring you around the island. A taxi van can accommodate 10 people.

Price changes all the time and depends on the journey, so it’s best to discuss with drivers first. You can use the taxi van for one-way trip, multiple-stop trip, or per-hour booking.

Getting Around Pulau Ubin by Taxi Van
Pulau Ubin Taxi (Credit: Geraldine Soh)

What to Eat and Drink in Pulau Ubin

Buying food and drinks from Pulau Ubin residents is one of the many ways to support the local. Do take note that the shops in Pulau Ubin close early, like 5pm or 6pm early.

Here are some food and drink shops in Pulau Ubin. PS: all the opening hours and opening days are not fixed and subjected to owner’s decision.

1. Melah Cafe / Pak Ali’s Coffeeshop / Encik Hassan’s shop

Located just beside jetty, this shop is the only Muslim shop on the island. They sell Malay dishes, such as nasi lemak, lontong, mee rebus, mee siam, etc. Opening hours: 6.30am to 3pm (weekends only).

2. Cheong Lian Yuen

On the way from jetty towards main village, you’ll see Cheong Lian Yuen on your right. It’s easy to miss out Cheong Lian Yuen because it’s surrounded by various bike rental shops.

This food establishment sells zi char dishes and seafood. Opening hours: 9am to 6pm (closed on Wed & Thu).

Food at Pulau Ubin - Cheong Lian Yuen

3. Sin Lam Huat

Located along the same row of shops with Cheong Lian Yuen, Sin Lam Huat sells seafood and traditional coffee and tea. Opening hours: 1.30pm to 5pm (approximate).

Food at Pulau Ubin - 3. Sin Lam Huat

4. Season Live Seafood

Season Live Seafood is an open-air restaurant with sea view facing the Ubin Jetty and mainland Singapore. They sell seafood and the usual Zi Char dishes.

Opening hours: 8.30am-5.30pm (weekdays), 8.30am-6pm (weekends), closed on Tuesdays except Public Holidays (If PH is on Tues, they will close on Wed).

Beside the restaurant, there’s also a small provision shop where you can buy snacks, bottled water, canned drinks and ice cream.

Food at Pulau Ubin - Season Live Seafood
Season Live Seafood
Food at Pulau Ubin - Season Live Seafood
Season Live Seafood
Food at Pulau Ubin - Season Live Seafood
Hor Fun from Season Live Seafood

5. Ah Ma’s Drink Stall

When you’re heading to Ubin Quarry from Main Village, you’ll definitely pass by Ah Ma’s Drink Stall that’s located near Jelutong Bridge.

Madam Ong and her daughter sell coconut and canned drinks on weekends and public holidays, from 9am to 5pm.

6. Warung Pak Ahmad (Pak Ahmad’s Drink Stall)

Pak Ahmad’s drink stall is easily noticeable due to the sheer number of potted plants and eye-striking colorful banners.

Pak Ahmad sells coconut and canned drinks but there’s no fixed opening time. I have never had the chance to drink at this stall because it was always closed when I visited.

This stall is located at the halfway road between main village and Chek Jawa.

Food at Pulau Ubin - Pak Ahmad's Drink Stall
Pak Ahmad’s Drink Stall

7. Chew Teck Seng Provision Shop

Located at the Main Village, Chew Teck Seng sells coconut with ice cream, ice kachang, snacks and canned drinks. It’s open from 8am to 12midnight and closed on Wed and Thu.

8. Yak Hong Provision Shop

Also located at the Main Village, Yak Hong sells snacks, coconut, canned drinks and stuffs like hats, mosquito repellent, etc. It’s open from 7.30am to 9.30pm and closed on Thu.

Food at Pulau Ubin - Yak Hong
Yak Hong Provision Shop

Pulau Ubin Unique Encounters

Here, I’m listing down encounters that I personally think unique, for your reading and viewing pleasure.

1. Wild Boar

We witnessed a group of wild boar crossing the road! They were literally running so fast, I was taken aback. It was a big group of boar.

Wild boar at pulau ubin singapore
Wild boar at pulau ubin

2. Giant Tree

There are lots of trees in Ubin and this one caught my eyes.

Giant tree at pulau ubin singapore
Giant tree at pulau ubin singapore

3. Mailbox

Want to send yourself a postcard? Lucky you, there’s mailbox near the jetty.

Mailbox at pulau ubin singapore

Other Information

There is NO resort in Pulau Ubin as of June 2019. In the past, there was one called Celestial Resort, however, it had awful reviews from customers. The resort is now closed.

There are public toilets all over the island, however, there is no public shower facilities. So, if you’re planning to camp, don’t bother to bring shower equipment.

NParks (National Parks Board) has a useful website about Pulau Ubin.

Every year, there is Friends of Ubin Network (FUN) organizes Pesta Ubin, an event that brings people to the island through the many activities and celebration. If you’re going to visit the island during mid of the year, check Pulau Ubin’s page to find if there’s any activities that you’d like to be a part of.

Pulau Ubin sunset
Enjoy Pulau Ubin sunset on your way back to Singapore
This post answers in detail how to go to Pulau Ubin, what to do and see in Pulau Ubin, how and where to camp overnight, what to bring, and other questions.
Pin this for your future reference!

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Linda Zeal

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Do you need to lock bikes up? I am presuming we just park the bikes to climb Puaka’s Hill? good detailed information, thank you


Wednesday 26th of May 2021

I think it's safer to lock it up


Thursday 29th of April 2021

Great article. I'm excited to visit.


Thursday 11th of February 2021

Thank you for the detailed information and itinerary guide. To confirm, no cellular network at the campsite? What about the other parts of Pulau Ubin? Thanks


Friday 12th of February 2021

Glad you find the post useful. From my experience, the cellular network was not strong at campsite, sometimes there's a faint signal, sometimes there's no signal. For other parts, signal was better than campsite.


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Hi Eva

Thank you so much for all the details and things to take note! Is is so so helpful. It is a wonderful journal and guide filled with pictures of Ubin's unique features. I have not visited the island and plan to do so. After reading what you have shared, it helps me to plan and prepare for my trip well. I am looking forward to my Ubin experience!


Saturday 6th of February 2021

Hope you have a good trip to Ubin!


Sunday 20th of December 2020

Hi there, great article. Thanks for the info, planning to go soon with my friends for a camping trip. Question, am i able to openly carry my camping knife (like leave it on my belt at all times) or do i have to keep it concealed in my bag?


Sunday 27th of December 2020

According to NParks, camping is currently not allowed due to the 'rona situation. Regarding knife, I'm not so sure, perhaps you can check with NParks.