Singapore Changi Airport Staff Canteen at Terminal 1

Singapore Changi Airport Staff Canteen at Terminal 1

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The NEW staff canteen at Terminal 1, Singapore Changi Airport is now open!

This canteen is quite hidden like the staff canteen at Terminal 2. Here, you can find local food at affordable prices, mostly below SGD 5. Some dishes are priced between SGD 5 to 10.

Some stalls that you can find are roasted pork, fish ball noodle, chicken rice, Japanese food, mixed rice, dessert and drink stall.

Here’s a video to show you how to find the hidden Canteen Staff at Terminal 1, Changi Airport, Singapore.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to Level 2, Departure Hall
  2. Find Row 13
  3. Go to the lift located at the end of Row 13
  4. Take the lift down to Basement 1
  5. There it is! You’ll see the staff canteen as soon as you come out from the lift.

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  1. Tan Chin hwa

    Hi I’m a staff from SIAEC this morning went to T1 stall 05 to buy three mee rebus packets and what food staff told that only 2 packets can be discount as a staff prize . In the end i bought 3 packets . 2 with staff price and 1 without staff price. Feel so weird after hearing and need to explain this for my colleagues. Pls advise.

    1. Eva

      Hi Chin Hwa,
      Sorry to hear about your experience. I’d like to inform you that I have no relationship with Changi Airport or the operator of the stall at the Staff Canteen T1 so I’m not able to advise anything or do anything. Personally, I believe that stall owners have their own rights to set the terms and conditions of their own promotion.

      Furthermore, I think life as a stall operator is not easy, so if there’s a way to ease their burden, I wouldn’t mind paying more. After all, it’s just a mee rebus which shouldn’t cost more than $10 per packet. Hope you don’t take it to your heart, I believe they’re just trying to make a living 🙂

  2. Lulu

    Hi Eva, thanks for the info. For years we have been enjoying staff canteen at terminal 2 and so glad now that there’s also one at terminal 1.

    1. Eva

      Hi Lulu! Yeah, I’m glad that Changi airport food is no longer expensive 😀 You can also try kopitiam at T3 and food emporium at T4!

  3. kresna

    Dear Eva…
    What time is the canteen staff open (Operating hours of canteen staff)? Because I will arrive at Terminal 1 at 02.00 Am…

    1. Eva

      Hi Kresna,
      I’m so sorry, I do not know what the operating hours are. But there are many restaurants that are open 24 hours a day at Changi Airport. The full detail can be found here:
      If you’re looking for cheap food and staff canteens are not open, I recommend that you go to Kopitiam at T3 Basement 2.

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