Geek’s Alert – Civil Engineering Practices in Hong Kong

Geek’s Alert! This nerdy post comes from my own observation of civil engineering practices in Hong Kong during my visit to this metropolitan city in May 2016. I wouldn’t lie that I’m ecstatic to observe and write about interesting practices in HK. In case you wonder, I am a civil engineer, graduated and worked in Singapore. My fascination to the industry is mainly directed towards the construction methods and infrastructures. In the last job I held, my projects were mostly infrastructure ones, especially roads and drains. So I used to pay much attention to road and drain elements, as well as construction methods to minimize obstructions to the public. For each items below, I will compare HK & SG practices. Are you ready? Here we go! Continue reading “Geek’s Alert – Civil Engineering Practices in Hong Kong”


5 Easily Accessible Michelin Street Foods To Try in Hong Kong

In the late of 2015, Hong Kong Michelin Guide released their 2016 Guides, which includes a list of 23 Street Food stalls recommendation, in addition to the usual Michelin Star restaurants. The appearance of Street Food section is the first time in history. The full list may be found here.

I have compiled a list of 5 easily accessible Michelin’s Street Food stalls in Hong Kong. I have personally visited these 5 stalls in my latest trip to Hong Kong and found them pretty delectable, affordable and accessible. Continue reading “5 Easily Accessible Michelin Street Foods To Try in Hong Kong”

Hong Kong: Garden of Stars Instead of Avenue of Stars, Australia Dairy Co, Departure from Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong movies are no stranger in our family. During our childhood, my grandparents and parents love to watch HK movies on TV, VCDs, DVDs, cable, you name it. Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, Donnie Yen are some movie stars that we adore. My sister has seen photos from my mother’s previous trip to Hong Kong and was intrigued with Avenue of Stars. On our second day in HK, we went to the place that was supposed to be Avenue of Stars, but the place was closed for construction. We later found out from the internet that it is closed for renovation and targeted to be open in 2018. Fortunately, they were wise enough to display a small portion of the collections at Garden of Stars. So it became our mission to visit Garden of Stars. On the 5th day, we visited in the evening but couldn’t get satisfactory photos due to low lighting. Hence, on our last day, the 6th day, we were determined go back again to Garden of Stars. Continue reading “Hong Kong: Garden of Stars Instead of Avenue of Stars, Australia Dairy Co, Departure from Hong Kong International Airport”

Hong Kong: Kadoorie Farm, McDonald’s Next, Food Hunting, Garden of Stars

The end of our HK trip has been fast approaching. On our second last day, we wanted to eat a lot, especially our must-eat food. We took MTR to Jordan to visit the infamous Australian Dairy Co breakfast. But what we saw made us step back a little. The queue was insane. We were pretty hungry so we decided to come back another time. Nearby, there is Block 18 Doggie’s Noodle, one of the Michelin-starred street food. We gave it a try. The shop was empty, we were the only customer at that time. The middle-aged lady couldn’t speak too much English and she didn’t have English menu. So what she did was giving us the Chinese menu and told us the English name of the dish. Based on the name alone, we couldn’t figure out what the ingredients were, but we just tried our luck and ordered Doggie Noodle, siew mai (top left on menu) and fire ball (2nd row, right side of menu). Doggie noodle looked very simple, but after we put chili in, we loved it. For siew mai, I didn’t taste any meat, it was made of flour. For fire ball, it was more like fish ball. I was impressed when I saw many photos of actors and actresses who have visited the store. Continue reading “Hong Kong: Kadoorie Farm, McDonald’s Next, Food Hunting, Garden of Stars”

Hong Kong: The Peak by Bus, Peak Circle Walk, Bubba Gump, Dorsett Tsuen Wan

Lin Heung Tea House (160-164 Wellington Street, Central) is one of the more popular and must-visit dimsum places in Hong Kong. Fortunately for us, it is about 1.2 km away from our hotel at Best Western Harbour View , so we decided to walk instead of taking public transport. The restaurant is one of the oldest establishment in HK, it is always crowded. We waited to be seated, but the staff signaled to us to choose our own seat. So we chose one of the round table, which was a sharing table. The staff then served us tea, water for cleaning utensils, and gave us order paper. I have learned that in HK style dimsum restaurant, you must bring the order paper to the carts and choose your own dimsum. So even though I do not speak Cantonese, it was easy to get the food that I wanted. The downside for me was, I couldn’t my find my favorite dimsums, which are siew mai and har gao. I saw a waitress delivered these items directly to customers, not through the carts, perhaps I should have asked the waitress about it, but I didn’t. Instead, we settled for other dimsum items, such as fried dumpling and rice noodle roll. I felt that the price was quite expensive and I was not too satisfied with my experience.

Our next destination was The Peak. My sister and I have both been there 6 years ago. In June 2010, we went there with our parents, another sibling, aunt’s family, and cousins. In the past, we took Peak Tram from Peak Tram Lower Terminus to The Peak Tower; then we visited The Sky Terrace 428 for amazing view of Hong Kong skyline. But this time, we wanted something different. We didn’t want to take peak tram or visit sky terrace. I was so glad to find that it is possible to stray away from the mainstream. How did we do it? Continue reading “Hong Kong: The Peak by Bus, Peak Circle Walk, Bubba Gump, Dorsett Tsuen Wan”

Hong Kong: Lamma Island, Flower Market, Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, Ladies’ Market, Temple Street Night Market

I am a huge fan of local eating places, where you can get the nation’s local cuisines, at a fraction of price compared to cafes or high-end restaurants. In Singapore, cheap local cuisines can be found at hawker centers. In Indonesia, it can be a warung, or simply rumah makan (means: eating place). In Hong Kong, cha chaan teng fits the description, at least for me. So one of my food quests in HK is: to eat at many popular cha chaan tengs. My other food quests involve Michelin-starred street foods, cat cafe, and McDonald’s Next; all of which I will write about in my HK posts.

Capital Cafe is just a short walk (about 500m) from Wan Chai MTR, making it very accessible to visit for a breakfast. To find exact location, you may type “Capital Cafe” or ” 華星冰室 Capital Café” in Google Maps. Following recommendation from ChinChaiJiak, we ordered scrambled egg with black truffle and toasted french bun. To be honest, my sister and I love their toasted french bun. The condensed milk is a perfect addition to the toasted bun. As someone who is very picky with bread and bun, I’m surprised that I like this. However, the scrambled egg with black truffle is just not a match for our tongue. PS, they have English menu, just ask about it if you can’t read Chinese like me. Continue reading “Hong Kong: Lamma Island, Flower Market, Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, Ladies’ Market, Temple Street Night Market”

Hong Kong: Lantau Island The Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Wisdom Path; Tai O, Symphony of Lights

When you are in Hong Kong, eating dimsum is highly recommended, if not compulsory. I have read from Miss TamChiak about a dimsum place called Saam Hui Yaat, which is just a few blocks from my hotel at Best Western Harbour View Hotel in Sai Ying Pun. We kicked off our first morning in HK with breakfast at this place. I don’t speak Cantonese so I basically used body language 🙂 We were greeted and seated by an old man, he gave us 2 tea bowls, a kettle of tea for drinking, and a bowl of warm water for washing utensils. Once settled, I walked to the counter and pointed to the food that I wanted. Then the old man at the counter heated them up and served us not long after. Four plates of dimsum later, we were pretty full. Continue reading “Hong Kong: Lantau Island The Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Wisdom Path; Tai O, Symphony of Lights”

Hong Kong: Airport to Hotel, Check in Best Western Harbour View Hotel, Dinner McDonald’s

Our first day in Hong Kong was quite short because we landed in the evening, and we spent some time in the airport running some errands such as getting sim card, buying octopus card, and finding the bus stop for S1 bus. I have compiled the guides on things to do upon your arrival at HK airport to make your arrival smooth.

Based on Google Maps, the best way to travel from airport to my hotel at Best Western Harbour View Hotel in Sai Ying Pun is by taking direct bus A10, which cost $48. However, I felt that it’s expensive for me.

Google Maps second suggestion is:
1. Take S1 bus from airport to Tung Chung MTR (cost $3.50)
2. Take MTR from Tung Chung to Hong Kong (cost $21.90)
3. Take bus from Queen Victoria Street to Centre Street (cost $5.70)
Total cost is $31.10. I followed this route, which I regret later after I learn that when you take a bus in HK, you will pay the full fare until the end of bus route. Continue reading “Hong Kong: Airport to Hotel, Check in Best Western Harbour View Hotel, Dinner McDonald’s”

7 Essential Guides to Arriving in Hong Kong International Airport

If you are a first timer arriving in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong International Airport, and you haven’t done any research prior to arriving, it could be daunting. Therefore, based on my visit to HK in May 2016, I put up 7 essential guides to make your first day smooth. Continue reading “7 Essential Guides to Arriving in Hong Kong International Airport”

6 Days Hong Kong Trip Overview (10-15 May 2016) – Itinerary & Cost

My visit to Hong Kong in May 2016 was the third time for me. In June 2010, my aunt’s family, my cousin, my parents, my siblings and I went to Macau and Hong Kong but we didn’t visit so many places. We visited only 2 places in Hong Kong: The Peak and Disneyland. My aunt led the way and we just followed along. The ambitious me felt like I didn’t taste the real Hong Kong. Therefore, 8 months later, in Feb 2011, I went to HK for my second visit with my friend. My second visit was jam-packed with those must-visit places in HK and Macau.

I thought that I had enough of HK, and that the high density population and high living expenses are inhumane. But somehow, 5 years later, HK is calling out to me. I want to be honest, I am lured by its food culture and extensive trails. I have tasted certain HK food chain here in Singapore and I’m hooked (hello Jenny Bakery, Tim Ho Wan). I’m starting to feel that I need to visit this special region again to validate my previous assumption that the city is indeed inhumane. This time, I’m going with my sister. Continue reading “6 Days Hong Kong Trip Overview (10-15 May 2016) – Itinerary & Cost”