Final Notes and Lessons from My Trip to India

On my second last day in Delhi, I decided to visit Gandhi Memorial Museum on my own. However, it was an unfortunate day for me. After coming out from Race Course station, I took the wrong turn and couldn’t find the museum after walking for long time under the hot sun. I was almost dehydrated when I walked back to metro station. Then I bought water and continued my journey based on the direction given by metro staff. At the museum, I tried to capture photos with my camera and realized that I left the battery in my hotel! Oh no, I was carrying the bulky camera under the sun for so long and now I couldn’t use it. So I just make use of my phone to capture a couple of photos. From the texts in the museum, I learned that Gandhi cared a lot for the poor and for India. Albert Einstein praised him too. I really admire him. Continue reading “Final Notes and Lessons from My Trip to India”


Farewell to Elena, Exploring Red Fort, Bahai Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, Akshardham, Great India Place

After our chaotic leg in Varanasi, we made our way back to Delhi again for one last time. From the airport, we weighed the pros and cons of taking prepaid cab and meter cab,  and eventually decided to take meter cab. We ended up paying Rs 760 taxi fare, plus Rs 80 parking fee, which I thought was expensive. I would suggest visitors to take prepaid cab instead. In Majnu ka Tilla, we checked-in into hotel, ate and hung around Majnu ka Tilla for the rest of the day.

On the next day, which is Elena’s last day in Delhi, we went to Rama Krishna Asharam Marg for last minute souvenirs shopping. We had lunch at Connaught Place before going back to our hotel. At night, after our dinner, Elena did her final packing and bid farewell to me. Tenzin sent her to airport.

The next morning, I woke up and felt lost. I didn’t have any plan for the day and I was all alone in Delhi. Continue reading “Farewell to Elena, Exploring Red Fort, Bahai Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, Akshardham, Great India Place”

Back in New Delhi, Visiting National Zoological Park

There was an argument between the driver and passengers of the bus that I rode from McLeod Ganj to New Delhi. They were arguing in Indian language, probably Hindi. We did not understand the language but we understand that the passengers were complaining that they had paid for deluxe bus, which comes with air conditioner, but there was no air conditioner. The driver said something like the air conditioner wasn’t working, then the passengers were demanding for refund. After few rounds of arguing and yelling, eventually the driver turned on the AC and continued driving. We were just like: Wow. This is definitely a really interesting encounter for me. As the bus drove on, we continued our sleep as well. Our bus arrived at Delhi at 6.30am, it only took 12 hours compared to our 13-hour journey from Delhi to McLeod Ganj.

The first thing we did after arriving at Majnu Ka Tilla is to check in Hotel Ga-Khyil, the same hotel that we stayed in during our first day in Delhi. After checking in, we felt extremely hungry, we asked the hotel receptionist how to go to the nearest McDonald’s. Continue reading “Back in New Delhi, Visiting National Zoological Park”

Things I Do in New Delhi in One Day

I had my breakfast in the room in Hotel Ga-Khyil, Majnu Ka Tilla, because there was no physical restaurant in the hotel, but there was a café which serves only cakes and drinks. It felt weird to me, but anyway I ordered through phone, egg fried rice (of which I only finish a quarter) and chocolate milkshake (I did finish this one). Continue reading “Things I Do in New Delhi in One Day”