Maximise Your Visit to Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Maximise Your Visit to Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Woohoo I finally visited another theme park in Singapore.

This post is about Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa. If you have never heard of the park, it’s understandable. It’s less popular than its sisters, Universal Studios Singapore and SEA Aquarium. But it’s totally different from USS or the aquarium. So, what is Adventure Cove again? Well, it’s a water theme park with slides, rides, and so many more exciting stuff. I can’t wait to write all about them! Let’s start!

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

What’s Adventure Cove price?

One-day ticket costs SGD 38 (Adults); SGD 30 (Child age 4-12 and Seniors 60 y.o. and above). Meanwhile, Singapore residents enjoy cheaper ticket at SGD 32 (Adults), SGD 24 (Child age 4-12 and Seniors 60 y.o. and above).

If you’re not Singapore residents, you can get Adventure Cove discounted ticket here with instant confirmation when you book online.

A season pass for 6-month costs SGD 68 (Adults), SGD 58 (Child age 4-12 and Seniors 60 y.o. and above). An annual pass for 12-month costs SGD 98 (Adults), SGD 68 (Child age 4-12 and Seniors 60 y.o. and above).

Adventure Express costs SGD 10 and allows you to enjoy priority queue for TWO attractions only: Rainbow Reef and Riptide Rocket. Rainbow Reef is a pool full of colourful fish where you can snorkel for 1 round (PS: We love it). Riptide Rocket is a ride where 2 people sit in an 8-figure-shaped float and slide down. Should you buy it? Yes if you like these two rides so much and have spare cash. If you’re an explorer who’d like to explore every ride or you’re not someone who likes to repeat rides, you don’t need Adventure Express.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

How to get to Adventure Cove?

Adventure Cove is located in Sentosa, nearby Universal Studios. There are 3 main ways to go to Adventure Cove from Harbourfront MRT station.

  1. Take Sentosa Express (it’s a monorail) for $4 from Vivo City Level 3. Get down at Waterfront Station and walk a short distance to Adventure Cove.
  2. Take RWS8 bus from Vivo City bus stop (bus stop no 14141) for $2, alight at Resort World Sentosa, and walk to Adventure Cove.
  3. My favourite method is to walk. At Vivo City Level 1, follow the signage to Sentosa Boardwalk. Then, walk along the boardwalk until you arrive at Sentosa gate, pay $1 entrance fee (currently it’s free until further notice), and follow signage to Adventure Cove. If you walk fast, you probably need to spend about 10-15 mins in total. Leisure walker may need 30 minutes in total.

What are the opening hours?

Adventure Cove is open from 10am to 6pm daily.

Adventure Cove Map

Adventure Cove Waterpar Map English
Click to enlarge (Source: RWS)

What to wear

You are required to wear appropriate swimwear or cloth as specified in the dress code below. T-shirt and shorts are allowed πŸ™‚

Loose items will not be allowed on the rides, so, leave your jewellery, watch and accessories in the lockers.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Dress Code
Source: RWS

What to bring

Other than swimwear, I recommend that you bring:

  • Waterproof camera
  • Waterproof housing for phone or camera
  • Cash or card for locker rental
  • Water bottle
  • Towel, soap, shampoo
  • Waterproof sunscreen

What NOT to bring

  • Goggles (I brought these but didn’t use them at all)
  • Floats (available for free at the waterpark)
  • Life jackets (available for free t the waterpark)
  • Snorkel equipment (available for free at the waterpark)
  • Outside food and drinks (it’s not allowed)
Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - life jacket
Life jacket is provided for free


If you’re like me who expect to find a free locker in Adventure Cove, I’m sorry you’ll be disappointed. There are no free lockers in Adventure Cove. You definitely need to pay for lockers unless your family members is ready to take care of your belongings for you.

The small locker (360mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) costs SGD 10 for the entire day. Meanwhile, the large locker (910mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) costs SGD 20. Payment can be done by cash or card. For me, the small locker is enough for 2 people.

You can open and close the lockers as many times as you wish. There isn’t a key that you need to wear on your wrist. Instead, you lock the locker with a digital password. At the end of the day, about 6.15-6.30 pm, the staffs clear everything inside the locker, so, make sure you withdraw your stuff by then.

There are 2 locations where you can find lockers. You’ll find the first one after you pass the entrance, it’s on your left near toilet and shower. The second one is located in front of Bluewater Bay, the pool that releases wave at certain intervals.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Locker
The small locker is good enough for a medium bag


Cabana is a private “pavilion” where you and your friends can hang out together. Here are what you get:

  • $10 Food & Beverage voucher
  • 2 towels
  • A personal locker

Prices vary from SGD 68 to 128, depending on the location and season. The three locations to choose from are: Bluwater Bay, Adventure River (Gardens) and Seahorse Hideaway.

It’s limited and available on the first-come-first-served basis. To book, you can approach Guest Service Counter inside the park near the entrance, or book online. Once booked, it can be used for the whole day.

Tips to maximise your visit

1. Purchase tickets in advance. To save time, purchase these things in advance: admission ticket, Adventure Express (to skip the queues), cabana rental (private resting place). I was shocked when I saw the ticket queue when I visited Adventure Cove, luckily I had purchased online.

2. There are 3 attractions inside Adventure Cove that requires a separate ticket. They are Dolphin Island, Ray Bay and Shark Encounter. These attractions allow you to be near the marine creatures and it’s likely that you won’t forget the experience.

3. Know that there are 3 shower locations in the park. The toilets are located at: just after the entrance, near Bluwater Bay and near Bay Restaurant. If one toilet is full, try other toilets before deciding to queue!

4. Know that there are 2 locker locations in the park. See above to find out more about lockers.

5. Know what rides are available, and which of them are worth your time. See my recommendations below!

List of Adventure Cove rides

1. Adventure River (Recommended). In simple words, this is a lazy river. Basically, all you need to do is just grab a float, sit on it, and let the current of the river brings you around. The most interesting part of this ride has to be the one where you pass through an underwater tunnel!

2. Wet Maze. This ride is pretty hidden because it’s located above the cave. There was no queue when we arrived at this place, so we jumped right into the action. Basically, there are 2 parts. The first one is a maze where you will be splashed with water. After successfully escaping the maze, you can proceed to the second part, which is a 4-course rope obstacle. You definitely need a good balance, a hefty amount of confidence, and zero fear of height. PS: This is actually a kid-friendly attraction, so if you’re an adult, you should be fine taking this challenge πŸ™‚

3. Big Bucket Treehouse. This is probably every kid’s paradise. There are kids slides and buckets of water!

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Big Bucket Treehouse, slides for kids

4&5. Whirlpool Washout & Spiral Washout. Both Whirpool and Spiral Washout are located on the same platform. You need to carry 8-shaped float up to the platform via staircase. Whirpool is more popular and has a longer queue than Spiral when we visited. Before riding them, I had the impression that Spiral is scarier judging from the length of the queues. The truth is, they are both not as scary as they look!!

6. Bluwater Bay. It’s a giant wave pool where waves are released every 15 minutes, so wear your life vest or use the float at all times! Oh, the bay is also a great place to sunbathe, catch up with your books or sleep!

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Bluwater Bay, wave pool

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Bluwater bay, wave pool

7&8. Tidal Twister & Pipeline Plunge (Recommended). Both Tidal Twister and Pipeline Plunge are located on the same platform. You need to carry either a single float or an 8-shaped float up to the platform. Pipeline Plunge is a ride in the dark at high speed, while Tidal Twister is a slightly more relaxed ride compared to the former.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Pipeline Plunge and Tidal Twister

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Tidal Twister and Pipeline Plunge

9. Riptide Rocket (Highly Recommended). Riptide Rocket is more of a rollercoaster and less of a rocket (to me, a rocket shoots up against the gravity!). To ride this, simply join the line and get into the 8-shaped float when you arrive at the front of the line. You don’t need to carry the 8-shaped float, instead, just sit on it and you’ll be transported up with the travellator. And, get ready to have a hell of a good time!

10. Dueling Racer. If you fancy going down a slide face down, this ride is for you! Bring a blue mat and race down together with your friend. There are 2 lanes so both of you can slide down at the same time and see who reaches the bottom first. PS: Not my cup of tea, though.

11. Seahorse Hideaway. This is a shallow pool with fountains, made for toddlers.

12. Rainbow Reef (Highly Recommended). For my hubby and I, Rainbow Reef is the highlight of Adventure Cove. It’s what makes Adventure Cove unique. What is it? It’s a very big pool filled with clear water, beautiful corals and so thousands of fish including baby shark! You can snorkel in the clockwise direction at your own pace! Mask, life vest, and snorkel equipment are provided free of charge. This is the first thing you have to try at Adventure Cove!

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Rainbow Reef Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Rainbow Reef - Starfish Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Rainbow Reef Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Rainbow Reef Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Rainbow Reef - Baby Shark Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Rainbow Reef Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Rainbow Reef

13. Splashworks. Here is where you can find many challenging water obstacles such as cliff jump, balancing beam, tightrope walk, rope wall, and even rock climbing over water! Don’t beat yourself if you can’t complete certain obstacles, cos they are indeed tough!

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore - Splashworks balancing beam

What to eat

Since outside food is not allowed, you probably need to fuel up at one of the three eating places in Adventure Cove.

1. The Bay Restaurant. It’s the only restaurant in the theme park where you can sit down to enjoy hearty meals. Located just beside Rainbow Reef, this restaurant offers both Asian and Western food.

2. Hot Dogs & Drinks. Here, you can get quick bites such as burgers, hotdogs, Banger & Mash and drinks for on-the-go consumption.

3. Riverside Snacks. This food truck sells light meals, including pizza, nasi briyani, nachos and drinks.

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  1. Hi Eva! I love your blog… please keep up the good work. I needed some advice… if I had to choose one water park… which is a better option: Adventure Cove or Wild wild wet… im with a toddler of 1.5 yrs & myself cannot do many thrill rides due to back pain. Please do reply.


    1. Hi Rohit, thanks for your compliment! I would think that Wild Wild Wet has more kid-friendly attractions/rides, however the lazy river is more beautiful in Adventure Cove. WWW is located at the east, so if you stay at the central of Singapore, you may need to travel quite far, while Adventure Cove is located in Sentosa. Adventure Cove is more touristy (thus more beautiful) and WWW is more local-oriented (thus cheaper). Let me know if you have more questions, I’ll be glad to share my knowledge/opinion πŸ™‚

  2. this is a great help

    1. Glad you find it useful!

  3. Hi Eva
    Looking to take my 8 and 10 year old to Adventure Cove but I wondering if we need to spend more than one day there? They are pretty competent swimmers and they’ll give anything a go. I have a feeling we won’t be able to get them off Tidal Twister and Pipeline Plunge and the Riptide Rocket looks pretty fun too!

    1. Hi Natasha. Personally, one day was not enough for me because I went there during Christmas eve! So there were a lot of waiting in line, especially the Rainbow Reef. We couldn’t cover every rides in Adventure Cove. If you are going there during off-peak (not school holiday or weekend), I think 1 day will be enough. If you’re really short of time, I guess your children can prioritize the adventurous rides and let go of other easy rides. Yes Tidal Twister, Pipeline Plunge and the Riptide Rocket are really fun!

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