7 Days Bali Trip Overview (15-21 June 2016) – Itinerary & Cost

Bali seems to be that destination that everyone wishes to visit at least once in their lives. It also has that magical pull that keeps everyone, who has visited before, coming back every now and then. I myself am visiting Bali for the third time now, my friend however is visiting Bali for the third time in a year! It’s kind of crazy to think of how popular Bali is among the world travelers, countless of blog posts have been written about Bali, some movies are filmed there. Before my first visit in 2008, I imagined… Read More


My kind of Retreat in Jakarta – Run/Trek in Sentul, Touch Animals in Taman Safari, Witness Friend’s Wedding, Food in PIK

Trail run, trekking at Sentul, Jakarta, Indonesia

I was excited to go to Jakarta over the weekend (Saturday-Monday) to attend my friend’s wedding as well as explore Jakarta and its outskirts. We have arranged detailed itinerary of how we spend our time in Jakarta. And I’m imagining that I would have lots of photos and info to write a blog post about Jakarta. However it turns out that I didn’t take that much photos as I was deeply immersed in hearty conversation, peaceful scenery, intense workout and hard laughs. At the end of the trip, I felt that this… Read More