Last Day in McLeod Ganj

The day has finally come. The day we left a small town that has touched our heart and soul in so many ways. We have been a part of a wonderful community in McLeod Ganj. We volunteered, we made friends, we listened to and shared stories, we learned what we like to do, we tasted freedom, we were surrounded by snow capped mountains, we saw Dalai Lama, we had the time of our lives. But all things come and go. We had to move on.

We had final breakfast in Carpe Diem. Elena went for her last conversation class with Sangmo, while I finished up my packing and souvenirs shopping. We had final lunch at Jimmy’s together with Rabsel. We told Rabsel of our plan after McLeod Ganj. I also told him that I would spend a week alone in New Delhi after Elena fly back home; I asked him if he knows anyone in town that can accompany me because I’m rather scared to explore New Delhi on my own. Continue reading “Last Day in McLeod Ganj”


Visit to Sangmo’s House, Exploring Dharamkot and Bhagsu Waterfall

On a fine Saturday, I was introduced by Elena to her conversation buddy, Sangmo. Sangmo is a Tibetan nun who is eager to learn English. Elena converses with Sangmo daily, except Sunday. The three of us had lunch at Nick’s. Then we walked to Sangmo’s house. Her house was a simple 1 room house, with a few modern electrical appliances like rice cooker and stove. No fridge, no TV, no fan though. I was so humbled by how simplicity can bring so much happiness in one’s life. She’s the happy-go-lucky type of woman. I promised to send her postcards when I’m back in Singapore. Continue reading “Visit to Sangmo’s House, Exploring Dharamkot and Bhagsu Waterfall”

The Routine, The Circling of Namgyal Monastery, The Plan for Traveling to Other Part of India

By the eighth day in McLeod Ganj, we have pretty much come to a routine. Most of the time, we eat breakfast at Snow Lion. After breakfast, I would go to Tushita Meditation Centre for daily guided meditation, and Elena would have 1-to-1 conversation with a nun (assigned by LHA). We would then meet for lunch. After which, I would continue with my daily volunteering for computer class at LHA, while Elena does her own thing. In the late afternoon and night, we would find some activity to do, or simply just rest. It felt great to have a routine! Continue reading “The Routine, The Circling of Namgyal Monastery, The Plan for Traveling to Other Part of India”

Daily Meditation at Tushita Meditation Centre, Sick Second Time

Two days after my visit to Tibetan Delek Hospital and consuming the medicine, I felt better and stronger. I decided I’m ready to take on more activities. I’ve been hearing from people that there is free daily meditation class in the morning. Thus, after breakfast, I set off to Tushita Meditation Centre. Continue reading “Daily Meditation at Tushita Meditation Centre, Sick Second Time”

Dalai Lama’s Teaching, Tour Around Dharamsala, Falling Sick

We were pretty lucky. We were in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, when Dalai Lama was scheduled to be teaching there. We were not aware initially and we learned about it from people that we met. If you are interested to attend Dalai Lama’s teaching, check his schedule from his official website. Continue reading “Dalai Lama’s Teaching, Tour Around Dharamsala, Falling Sick”

First time in McLeod Ganj, Volunteering in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, with LHA Charitable Trust for Tibetan Exile Community

After 13 hours of bumpy bus ride, we arrived in McLeod Ganj at 7.30 am. The volunteer coordinator from LHA Charitable Trust, Rabsel, picked us up from the bus stand and walked us to a guesthouse called Pawan House. Pawan House is managed by a Kashmir man, he told me that I’m the first Indonesian to stay there, I feel honored! Rabsel then let us settle down and said he’d meet us the next day in the morning.

After checking in the guesthouse and unpacking our stuffs in the room (we each have our own room!), Elena and I went wandering around McLeod Ganj. First, we had our late breakfast at Carpe Diem. We then spent our day exploring the main street, Main Temple (Kalachakra Temple), Tibet Museum, and Office of Dalai Lama; and followed by lunch at One Two Cafe. At night, we had massage at Ladies’ Venture Hotel for 450 Rs. Continue reading “First time in McLeod Ganj, Volunteering in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, with LHA Charitable Trust for Tibetan Exile Community”