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SingapoRediscovers Vouchers: Which Attraction is Worth Spending Your $100 Tourism Voucher on?

SingapoRediscovers Vouchers: Which Attraction is Worth Spending Your $100 Tourism Voucher on?

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I’m pretty sure that right now, almost everyone in Singapore would’ve heard about SingapoRediscovers Vouchers (SRV), an initiative by the government to revive the tourism industry in Singapore.

Well, in case you are not sure how it works, you may refer to the SRV official page.

Basically, every Singaporean aged 18 and above will receive $100 tourism voucher (in the denomination of $10) that they can use to buy attraction tickets, pay for hotel staycation and go on local tours.

SRV is a digital voucher. To use it, you need to make booking through official representatives, namely: Klook, Globaltix, Changi Recommends, Traveloka and

In those official representative websites or even STB websites, there is no summary page where you can see all of the attraction in 1 page with the corresponding prices. So.. I decided to spend a couple of days compiling this list of attractions with their SRV prices and original prices.

My purpose for creating this is actually for me to easily see all of the attractions with the corresponding prices, so that I don’t have to open 40+ websites to check each price! I hope this will be useful for you to decide which attraction to spend your voucher on.

It’s funny to notice that for some attractions, their original prices are cheaper than SRV prices. But for others, their SRV prices are cheaper than original prices (see iFly).

Anyway, since the SRV is free, I don’t think you should choose the attraction by comparing their SRV prices vs Original prices. Instead, you should choose the attraction that should give you the most happiness with the least amount you’re comfortable spending.

To be honest, I’m not familiar with hotel staycations and local tours in Singapore, so I can’t recommend any hotel or tours for you. But… I DO know a thing or two about attractions 🙂 Therefore, I try to recommend some attractions that I think is a good choice, in the later part of this article.

List of all attractions that you can SingapoRediscovers Voucher for

Here are all of the 43 attractions that are approved by STB (as of 8 Dec). The list is sorted in alphabetical order.

Please note that the price changes from time to time. I try my best to input the latest price at the time of writing or at the time of update.

AIRZONEFrom S$21.25/paxS$25/pax
AJ Hackett Sentosa
(Read my Skybridge review)
▪ S$69/pax (bungy)
▪ S$86/pax (bungy+skybridge)
▪ S$69/pax (bungy)
▪ S$ 84 (bungy+skybridge)
ArtScience Museum▪ FutureWorld: S$16/adult; S$12/child
▪ Margins: S$6/pax
S$25 (adult); S$20(child)
▪ Planet or Plastic?:
S$16 (adult); S$12 (child)
▪ Bundles available
Asian Civilisations Museum▪ Permanent galleries: FREE for SC & SPR
▪ All Access: S$10/pax
▪ Permanent galleries: FREE for SC & SPR
▪ All Access: S$12/pax
BattleboxS$20/adult; S$10/childSame
Butterfly Park & Insect KingdomS$12/adult; S$10 per child/seniorS$14.40/pax
Changi Experience StudioS$24/adult; S$20 per child/seniorS$19/adult; S$13 per child/senior
Dolphin IslandUnkown▪ Discovery: S$90/pax
▪ Encounter: S$35/pax
Flight Experience Singapore▪ 30-min: S$ 149/pax
▪ 45-min: S$ 192/pax
▪ 60-min: S$ 234/pax
▪ 90-min: S$ 336/pax
▪ 30-min: S$ 175/pax
▪ 45-min: S$ 225pax
▪ 60-min: S$ 275/pax
▪ 90-min: S$ 395/pax
Gardens By The Bay▪ Flower Dome + Cloud Forest: S$20/adult, S$10/child
▪ Floral Fantasy: S$10/adult, S$5/child
Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure▪ Bike: S$10/pax/hr
▪ Segway Fun Ride: S$20/pax/session
▪ Bike+Segway: S$28/pax
▪ Bike: same
▪ Segway: same
▪ Bike+Segway: NA
HeadRock VR▪ 4 games OP: S$30/pax
▪ 6 games OP: S$50/pax
▪ 3 games P: S$30/pax
▪ 5 games P:S$50/pax
HydroDashS$20/hr/adult; S$15/hr/childS$18/hr/adult; S$13/hr/child
iFly Singapore▪ 1 dive: From S$56/pax
▪ 2 dives: From S$79/pax
▪ 1 dive: From S$89/pax
▪ 2 dives: From S$119/pax
Jewel Changi Airport Canopy Park Attractions
(Read my complete guide)
▪ Canopy Park: S$4.50/pax
▪ Canopy Bridge: S$7.20/pax
▪ Other attractions: From S$10.80/pax
Jurong Bird ParkS$28.80/adult; S$18.90/child; S$15/seniorS$25.60/adult; S$16.80/child; S$15/senior
Madame Tussauds SingaporeFrom S$18/adult; S$12/childFrom S$28/adult; S$18/child
Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation DeckS$23/adult; S$17/child; S$20/seniorS$26/adult; S$23/child; S$20/senior
Mega Adventure
(read my experience)
▪ MegaZip: S$50/pax
▪ MegaBounce: S$20/pax
▪ MegaZip: S$55/pax
▪ MegaBounce: S$20/pax
National Gallery SingaporeSupreme Court Tour:
S$15/adult; S$12/child & senior
National Orchid Gardens Walking Tour: From S$35/adult; S$12.50/childN.A.
Nerf Action XperienceFrom S$39/paxSame
Nestopia SingaporeS$10/hr for 1 adult + 1 childS$9 for 1 pax only
Night SafariS$45.90/adult; S$30.60/child; S$22/seniorS$35.70/adult; S$23.80/child; S$22/senior
Ola Beach Club▪ Single Kayak: S$22.50/pax
▪ Double Kayak: S$31.50/2pax
▪ SUP: S$31.50/pax
▪ Banana Boat: S$90/4pax
▪ Donut: S$45/2pax
▪ Single Kayak: S$25/pax
▪ Double Kayak: S$35/2pax
▪ SUP: S$35/pax
▪ Banana Boat: S$25/pax
▪ Donut: S$25/pax
Red Dot Design MuseumS$10/paxSame
River SafariS$32.40/adult; S$21.60/child; S$17/seniorS$28.80/adult; S$19.20/child; S$17/senior
Royal AlbatrossS$209/adult; S$102/childSame
S.E.A. AquariumS$35/adult; S$23/child & seniorS$32/adult; S$23/child & senior
Science Centre SingaporeS$30/adult; S$28/childSame
Sentosa 4D Adventureland3-in1: S$27.50/paxN.A.
Sentosa Fun Pass
(read things to do in Sentosa)
S$100 for 130 tokensS$120 for 130 tokens
Singapore Cable CarS$24.50/adult; S$10/childS$25/adult; S$10/child
Singapore Flyer▪ Flyer: S$33/adult; S$10/child & senior
▪ Time Capsule: S$15/adult; S$10/child & senior
▪ Combo: S$35/adult; S$10/child & senior
Singapore Musical Box Museum▪ Tour + Lunch: S$44 for 2pax
▪ Tour + Tea Set: from S$32 for 2pax
Singapore ZooS$35.10/adult; S$23.40/child; S$18/seniorS$31.20/adult; S$20.8/child; S$18/senior
Skyline Luge SentosaFrom S$24/paxSimilar
Snow CityFrom S$21/paxSimilar
The IntanS$60/adult; S$30/childS$64.20/adult; S$32.10/child
Time Capsulesee Singapore Flyer
Trick Eye Museum Singapore▪ Peak: S$20/adult; S$15/child & senior
▪ Off Peak: S$15/adult; S$10/child & senior
Universal Studios Singapore
(Read my guide and recommendation)
S$66/adult; S$48/child; S$43/seniorSame
Wild Wild Wet
(Read my guide)
▪ Peak: S$32/adult; S$24/child & senior
▪ Off Peak: S$24/adult; S$18/child & senior
Info is correct at the time of writing

OP: Off-Peak
P: Peak

Best Time to use SRV Vouchers

First of all, before we decide which attraction to spend the SRV on, it’s prudent to determine when to visit these attractions.

Some attractions have different prices for peak season and off-peak season. For some, the entire December is peak season, while the weekdays in January are considered off-peak season.

Then, some attractions consider weekends as peak, and weekdays (even December weekdays) as non-peak.

So, if you’re really particular about money and you’re quite flexible with timing, do consider visiting the attractions in January-May during weekdays. The SRV voucher is valid until 30 June 2021 anyway.

But, if you can’t visit on weekdays because you don’t have any annual leave to clear, it’s not the end of the world. Just visit whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s cheaper to pay out of pocket the difference of ticket price between peak and off-peak rather than intentionally take unpaid leave just to save a couple of bucks.

The Cheapest Attraction

We all love cheap, am I rite? Well, the good news is, there is an attraction that costs less than 5 bucks. Drumroll please…

Canopy Park admission ticket is only S$4.50/pax!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Canopy Park. When my mom and siblings come, I brought them there. When my in-laws come, I brought them there.

Every year, I visit Canopy Park at least once. I even wrote a huge guide for Canopy Park. I think it’s a decent attraction and worth every penny of S$4.50. If you haven’t visited it before, I recommend that you do.

The Most Expensive Attraction

Now, who’s the most expensive attraction? Drumroll again please…

Royal Albatross offers 2 experiences: Sunset Sail Dinner and City Lights Dinner. They’re priced at S$209/adult and S$102/child.

Disclaimer: I’ve not been on Royal Albatross because of their prices. But I’ve heard and read good reviews about them. I’m considering to do it one day, when there is a special occasion that I want to celebrate 🙂

Best Attraction for Adrenaline Junkies who Want to Take a Leap of Faith

There are people who love jumping out of everything: plane, cliff, building edge, etc. And there are people who don’t. If you love taking leap of faith, I recommend that you go for AJ Hackett‘s Bungy Jump, which costs S$75/pax. Your life will change.

Already done the Bungy Jump before? Then, another jumping activity you should try is iFly, which is an indoor skydiving simulator. It costs S$46 for 1 dive, and S$69 for 2 dives during off-peak season. During peak season, the price will be slightly more expensive.

Best Attraction for Aviation Geek

If you’re an aviation geek, I think you would love the flight simulator at Flight Experience Singapore. At S$149/pax for a 30-minute session, the experience is not cheap. But if you’re a die-heard aviation geek, I think it’s worth it to offset the experience with your $100 SRV voucher. You’ll end up paying less than a hundred, which is not bad.

Best Attraction for Water Activities Lovers

If you love being in the water and you love sport, you probably will love Ola Beach Club. Here, you can enjoy kayaking, test your balance at Stand Up Paddleboarding, scream your heart out riding Banana Boat or Donut.

However, if you prefer water theme park kind of thing, do consider Wild Wild Wet.

Best Attraction for Animal Lovers

Personally, I really enjoy my time at Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park (I love the penguins). If you haven’t been there, now is probably the time to do so.

Best Attraction for Those who Love a Bird’s Eye View

This is quite a difficult category! But, if I have to choose, then I’ll recommend Singapore Cable Car. The view you’ll get between Mount Faber and Sentosa is breathtaking, and I’m never tired of the cable car ride.

If you have taken the cable car, and you’re looking for alternatives, here are some: Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, Mega Adventure and Singapore Flyer.

Best Attraction for History Buff

I love National Gallery Singapore. Admission is free for local residents. However, you can use SRV to redeem the Supreme Court Tour.


Well, there is no one-size-fits-all best attraction to spend your tourism voucher on. As I said earlier, do consider the attraction that’ll give you the maximum happiness, regardless whether you have visited them before or not.

I am still undecided about which attraction I want to go to. I’m not rushing to use them because the expiry date is still 6 months away. If you’ve any suggestions, do let me know!

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